Marjorie Taylor Greene Goes on Berserk Impeach Everybody Rant and Challenges Biden to a Debate

The Chairperson of the Republican’s House Crackpot Caucus, Marjorie Taylor Greene, is demonstrating again how critical she is to the Loony Fringe contingent of the GOP. And since she has no committee assignments or other pressing duties in Congress, she is free to spend all of her time on the wingnut web TV circuit promulgating hate and lies.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene, QAnon

On Saturday morning Greene was a guest on Steve Bannon’s webcast. Bannon, who was recently convicted on two counts of contempt of Congress, invited Greene on to discuss what she regards as the top priorities of the Republican Party should it manage to take the majority in the midterm election. And what are those priorities? Well, According to Greene, “Joe Biden and his family will be a top target. And so will the CDC, the FBI, the Department of Justice, Department of Education, Homeland Security, and many other federal government entities.”

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That’s right. The GOP intends to abandon their obviously phony rhetoric about inflation, crime, and immigration, in order to pursue an entirely baseless path of persecution and vengeance. Because pathological hatred is the defining characteristic of Donald Trump’s Republican Confederates. And Greene was happy to reiterate that position on Bannon’s aptly named “War Room.” Greene raged that…

“That’s how we’re going to impeach Joe Biden. That’s how we’re going to impeach Merrick Garland. That’s how we’re going to impeach Secretary Mayorkas. And I’m going to continue to call for it and push for it cause that’s what the American people want. The polling is there, Steve. It is there.”

Never mind that Greene has no rational reasons for impeaching anyone. She proved that when she filed her articles of impeachment for President Biden on the first day of his presidency. The entire bill was about Hunter Biden, and it was so preposterous that it got only one GOP cosponsor.

Perhaps Greene is upset that Biden neglects his presidential duty to tweet all day and night, and to post dozens of flattering videos of himself (as established by her messiah, Trump).

Biden himself addressed the GOP’s inbred malice saying that “I’m already being told, if they win back the House and Senate, they’re going to impeach me. I don’t know what the hell they’ll impeach me for.” Neither do they. But despite her lack of coherent cause, Greene won’t be deterred from her malicious mission. She also told Bannon that…

“If Joe Biden wants to talk to me about why I want to impeach him, or why he’s going to be impeached, why America wants him impeached, then I’d be happy to have that discussion with him on a debate stage. And I challenge him to that debate. Because I would love to bring forward the evidence, and I’d like to see him try to defend himself. He’s guilty and he’s going to be impeached.”

First of all, Biden shouldn’t and wouldn’t lower himself to debate “Empty Greene.” More to the point, twice now Greene has said that the American people want Biden to be impeached. Although she doesn’t bother to reveal where she got the deranged notion. For the record, a recent University of Massachusetts Amherst Poll found that only 34% of respondents agree with her. That’s the baked in GOP/QAnon faction of the electorate. It’s made up of 68% of Republicans and Trump voters. So there are even 32% of them who don’t think Biden should be impeached.

Greene is actually being helpful in a backhanded manner. She is illustrating superbly why it is so important that Democrats turn out to vote and that Republicans are turned out of office. The GOP is wholly fixated on revenge. They couldn’t care less about the well being of the nation or the people. In fact, they have pledged to sabotage the national (and international) economy. And if they prevail in the midterms, Greene has telegraphed precisely what that would mean for the future…

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6 thoughts on “Marjorie Taylor Greene Goes on Berserk Impeach Everybody Rant and Challenges Biden to a Debate

  1. Oh, dear God, would somebody wrap rope around insane Marjorie and throw her into the river. ANY river.

  2. Marjorie B*T*CH Traitor GOON is going to have Biden impeached??? Impeached for what?? There is nothing there for grounds for impeachment. Biden is guilty??? Guilty of what??? ( Guilty of trying to help out working people?) My question is, why is kind of behavior being tolerated here in the USA??? Anywhere else, in Democratic ruled nations these actions would result in prison time. The GQP is a domestic terrorist organization and this deranged psychopath Marjorie Traitor GOON would be dealt with harshly. Her mouth is a cesspool spouting endless lies and conspiracies.

  3. May that god of desperate human imaginations deliver this rat that has crawled from the sewers of the Republican Party exactly what she deserves […]

  4. Kevin McCarthy has made the statement that he would put MTG back on committees (that she was taken off of due to all her conspiracy theory bullshit). Hopefully Markus Flowers gets elected, and Kevin McCarthy doesn’t get elected because of his remark.

  5. Why was Marjorie Taylor Greene in Ohio last night beefing up JD Vance and Trump? I consider all 3 of them insults to my home state of Ohio. And Greene is supposed to represent a district in Georgia. I guess she can’t help blowing off her, as you say, John. Cesspool mouth. There ought to be a law (that she would break, just like all the rest).

    • Those 3 are huge insults to Ohio, the worst of the worst. And MTG represents the district one county north of where i live. She is an insult and a huge embarrassment to Georgia for concerned citizens like myself and all Dem voters here and maybe a tiny percentage of sane Rethugs, but the ignorant, gun toting rednecks in that district love that crazy goon. The Representative for my district is almost as bad his name is Drew Ferguson. I have had few run ins with him via emails and i hate him too. Him and MTG are sorry excuses to be in our congress.

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