The Best Reasons to Never Vote for a Republican – By Joe Biden, Matt Gaetz, and Marjorie Taylor Green

Not so long ago, the Republican Party had members who could be perceived as patriotic and willing to join Democrats in order to advance the interests of the American people. It wasn’t always an easy alliance, but it was one that produced incremental progress in an environment of cooperation. That was all BT (Before Trump).

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Joe Biden, Donald Trump

In the era of Trump the GOP has devolved into a cult that worships their Dear Leader above all else. Legislation, policy, commitment to the needs of the people, and even respect for the law, have all been scrapped in favor of fawning sheepishly over an ignoramous with aspirations of authoritarian tyranny. In today’s Republican Party you either suck up to Trump or get cast out as a lying “RINO” who never had what it takes.

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The putrefaction of a once potent political party hasn’t gone unnoticed by the American people. And that includes President Biden, who posted a merciless meme that featured the GOP’s rising scars articulating their atrocious agenda for the future should they regain power. It begins appropriately with Trump spawn Eric declaring ominously that the GOP “is no longer the Republican Party. It’s the Trump Party”

It isn’t surprising that Republicans are the best messengers for their dystopian perspective of what a GOP future would look like. They aren’t the least bit shy about articulating just how abominable they are. A Fox News host recently criticized the sentence Steve Bannon received as “tyranny and total bullshit.” Then immediately insisted that it was what Republicans needed to do. She was affirmatively advocating the “tyranny and bullshit” agenda.

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Another honest spokesperson for the vileness of the GOP is Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. On Friday she appeared on a Trumpian video pod to layout what she regarded as the GOP’s plan if they manage to get a majority in the House. She said that…

“We are going to be leading a revolution in Congress. And that is to put a referendum on the Democrat Party. A referendum through investigation and accountability. Joe Biden and his family will be a top target. And so will the CDC, the FBI, the Department of Justice, Department of Education, Homeland Security, and many other federal government entities that have abused power and done so much damage to our country. And it’s time to start, starting in January of 2023.”

So Greene’s priorities are to engage in endless investigations and persecutions of Biden, his family, and other Democrats, based on nothing but her QAnon/Wingnut hallucinations. There was nothing in that rant that was remotely associated with any of the priorities of the American people. And Greene isn’t just a House backbencher. She is a member that GOP minority leader, Kevin McCarthy, has said would have a place in leadership. What’s more, Greene has speculated about herself becoming the GOP leader, and how she would rule.

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These Trumpy Republicans are currently in the ascendance in the party. And we can rest assured that they mean what they say. And for that reason we need to make sure that voters are aware of what the GOP has in store. They are literally aiming to cause palpable harm to the nation. And they aren’t afraid to say so. Which makes them the best spokespersons for why people must vote for Democrats up and down the ballot this November 8.

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9 thoughts on “The Best Reasons to Never Vote for a Republican – By Joe Biden, Matt Gaetz, and Marjorie Taylor Green

  1. Would someone PLEASE stick a huge elephant turd in the crazy bi*ch’s mouth to shut her damn filthy mouth? I am so tired of her shit show i could puke. She thinks she is all high and mighty, but Marjorie Traitor Goon is nothing. I don’t see how her ex-husband stood her sorry ass for 27 years, i couldn’t stood 27 seconds of this ranting, raving nasty adulterous bi**ch sl*t. She is an insult to the entire United States.

    • So Marjorie Taylor Greene thinks she can tear into pieces the Congress, the Judicial branch, government ,agencies, the law, any government official she believes is against her love, orange blob Trump. And who is she? By the mistake of a district in Georgia, we have to put up with this very mentally ill person so involved in the conspiracy theories mentioned in this blog. The AT (after Trump) Republican party has caused me to lose a great a great deal of respect for the Republican senators. But Kevin McCarthy, considering MTG for some leadership position in Congress? I hope all of the Republican Congress are losing their minds like these two and this is very apparent to people filling out their midterm ballots.

      • I do agree very much with you…i heard a statement on a TV show a long time ago, (i think it was ”Gilligan’s Island”) that they were going to let Gilligan be in charge while the Skipper was absent, and when the Skipper heard that he said, ” Leaving Gilligan in charge is like leaving a lit match in charge of dynamite” The same statement would apply to having Marjorie Traitor Goon in charge of anything in Congress. She is a loose cannon to the extreme.

  2. We should stop referring to a “Republican” Party. It is the Traitor Party. It is a Party of treason, pathological lies, and demoniac lack-of-principle. There is NO republican principle in that Party.

    And the Party is an insult to any democratic principle.

  3. Investigate ALL those things for WHAT, exactly? How the f**k does that help anybody? What damage, huh? SPELL that s**t out, you a*swipes. Oh, wait, NEVER mind. There’s NOTHING to investigate. Talk about p***ing money and time away for NOTHING. WHEN are these traitors going to PAY for their bulls*it, huh? WHEN? God almighty.

    • There is nothing to investigate, it’s all about getting revenge because of the Jan 6 thing and arresting a skid row bum Steven Bannon and sentencing him to a measly 4 months in prison and the ongoing investigations about Donald TUMP and the upcoming indictments of TUMP. They don’t care how much time and money they piss away as long as they get their revenge against the Dems. I still don’t get how they keep getting away with all of this insanity. Biden needs to put his foot down and take some kind of action against this illegal slow motion coup. And this crap about overturning elections just on some corrupt Secretary of State’s decision to overturn elections if the vote count has a Democrat winning and isn’t their desired result and they can declare a Traitor Rethug party win. That is a blatant violation of Federal law with stiff prison sentences, but yet no one is speaking up against this and nothing will be done about it. I am old and want to stay in the United States, but i’ll be damned if i stay here if those Fascist, authoritarian, Federalist, criminals take over here. I already have a good stash of cash and other resources to leave and live in Nova Scotia, Canada for what time i have left of my life. I am NOT going to put up with their shit for one minute.

      • Right, John, and every time orange monster is called to account for anyone of his multitude of crimes, he finds a way to delay his response until after midterms.

  4. I’d like to suggest a correction, if I may. The GOP didn’t become the paranoid, destructive force we all know and loathe in the Trump-era. It started back in 2008 (at the very least, but one could point out the Starr investigation and “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” as the seeds that were planted by the more radical members of the GOP), when a Black man had the audacity to get himself elected president. They could barely contain their rage at the time, and formed the “Tea Party”, while Republicans in office, led by Moscow Mitch, went out of their way to block any and everything Obama proposed — even to the point of hurting themselves. They didn’t hide it very well back then, but they at least pretended to have a higher reason than just plain sour grapes. Then, along comes Trump, and they no longer even bother to hide their true agenda. So while it’s much more noticeable since the Trump-era, it’s been going on for a bit.

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