Trump Viciously Attacks Judge for Assigning Monitor to Prevent His Continuing Criminal Acts

There is nothing that Donald Trump hates more than being held accountable for his notoriously bad behavior, whether personally immoral or publicly criminal. But despite his aversion to being punished for his wrongdoings, he persists in committing them and complains when there are well deserved consequences.

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What set Trump off was that Judge Arthur Engoron, who is presiding over the civil suit filed by the New York Attorney General, Letitia James, ruled in favor of assigning an independent monitor to whom Trump would have to report in order to stop him from committing any further fraudulent business practices. Trump couldn’t suppress his seething anger at the judge, or at the thought of the law finding him liable. And it wasn’t the first time…

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On Friday morning Trump demonstrated his hair-trigger hostility for the rule of law by posting a hysterical comment on his floundering social media scam, Truth Social. Trump whined that Judge Engoron is “A Radical Left Lunatic Judge” who is “dedicated largely to defaming me,” and “was appointed … by my worst political enemies.” And as is the case with everything that Trump criticizes, it is all “Rigged & Corrupt.”

First of all, Judge Engoron was elected, not appointed. But those pesky facts don’t deter Trump from his raging or pathetic sense of perpetual victimhood. He followed up that rant a few hours later writing that…

“The New York State Court System is being ridiculed all over the World! You have a Corrupt, Racist, Weak on Crime Attorney General, Letitia ‘Peekaboo’James, who campaigned on ‘I will get Trump, even though she knew NOTHING about me. Then you have a highly political, biased Judge, who is totally controlled by my worst enemies. His rulings and manner are SICK. He gave his quick hearing, & ridiculous decision, right before Midterms – A No No! He’s worse than Peekaboo, and a real ‘Trump Hater.'”

Once again, Trump has a uniquely perverse perspective of reality. Any ridicule being expressed around the world is almost entirely directed at Trump. And AG James knows enough about him to have accumulated abundant evidence of his crimes. Which is what is really gnawing at him.

Trump seems to think that there is some benefit to insulting the presiding judge as “SICK” and corrupt and biased. And Trump also mistakenly believes that it’s “a no no” to bring him up on state charges. He’s going to find out the hard way that none of that is true. There is a sound legal basis for the monitor, which was outlined in the ruling. As reported by CNN

“A New York state judge on Thursday imposed a monitor to oversee the Trump Organization’s financial statements after the New York attorney general’s office asked for added oversight to stop what they allege is a decade-long fraud conducted by former President Donald Trump and three of his adult children.

“Judge Arthur Engoron wrote in an 11-page opinion that given the ‘persistent misrepresentations throughout every one of Mr. Trump’s [financial statements] between 2011 and 2021, the Court finds that the appointment of an independent monitor is the most prudent and narrowly tailored mechanism to ensure there is no further fraud or illegality.'”

In short, the monitor was put in place to prevent Trump from selling or transferring any assets, or undertaking any corporate restructuring, without prior notice and approval from the court. The necessity of this monitoring was made evident by Trump’s attempt to create a new entity – Trump Organization 2 – into which he could transfer his business assets to shield them from the $250 million lawsuit filed by the the New York Attorney General.

Trump’s wrath over this ruling is just his latest meltdown. When he was required to sit for a deposition in the case, he pleaded the Fifth Amendment more than 400 times. And he has already filed two lawsuits attempting to derail the legal cases against him. To date, that has been a fruitless effort driven by desperation. But then, that’s all he has left. And he knows it. Were he innocent he would be arguing for an acquittal rather than insulting the judge and the court.

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  1. Donald TUMP? i am a nobody, i wonder if you would consider me as being one of your worst enemies??? Because TUMP is my worst enemy. I saw ”TUMP hater” mentioned in this post and i would love to tell him i am an avid and vocal ”TUMP hater” too as are millions of others that hate his sorry ass too. I hear he is going to declare himself to run for Dictator in 2024. That would be the signal for me to get out of this Banana Republic otherwise known as the United States at least by late next year. Maybe the SOB will be dead by then, i wouldn’t bet on it though..

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