Eric Trump Spills to Newsmax that His Father is Guilty of Paying Hush Money to Stormy Daniels

The family of Donald Trump is not known for having a particularly notable ration of intellect. After all, Papa Don’s beliefs include that stealth fighters are actually invisible, that windmills cause cancer, that we should nuke hurricanes, that George Washington’s Army took over airports, and that injecting bleach will cure COVID. That’s not exactly the thinking of a “stable genius,” as he refers to himself.

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In the wake of his indictment by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, Trump has gone into a rabid attack mode, going after D.A. Alvin Bragg and anyone associated with the indictment. He has posted dozens of comments on his failing Twitter ripoff, Truth Social, mostly linking to sycophantic supporters sucking up to his eminence. And he hasn’t been above inciting violence as a means to “protest” his being brought to justice.

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Meanwhile, Trump’s son Eric is making the rounds of MAGA media to proclaim that his father is just the helpless victim of the cabal of “Deep State,” “Radical Left,” “Communists,” dispatched by George Soros to destroy him. On Friday Eric “Fredo” Trump was interviewed by Greg Kelly on Newsmax. And he was none too pleased with the news that his sugar daddy had been indicted. So he whined petulantly that..

“They go after my father for what? A non-disclosure agreement which every company in the world, every person in the world does? Thousands of these happen every single day. Stop it. No one buys it.”

Really? “Every person in the world” does non-disclosure agreements? That means there are nearly eight billion NDAs out there. Who knew?

More troublesome for Daddy Trump is that Eric is effectively conceding that his father is guilty. Non-disclosure agreements are generally drawn up in business situations wherein one party seeks to prevent the other from disclosing factual, private information. They are not used as responses to falsehoods. That’s what defamation lawsuits are for. So Eric is effectively admitting that Donald’s “arrangement” with adult film star Stormy Daniels was intended to keep the actual facts concealed.

Furthermore, NDAs are generally entered into voluntarily by both parties, even though one party usually has some leverage over the other (i.e. employer/employee). And there isn’t a payment associated with such a contract. That’s what we usually refer to as a “bribe,” or as in this case, “hush money.” Trump’s payment of #130,000 to Daniels is therefore more accurately described as a financial incentive to buy her silence in order to prevent the harm of the scandal from damaging his electoral prospects.

Finally, Eric’s assertion that there was an NDA is not borne out by any evidence. Neither he nor his father has produced a contract or other legal document attesting to the agreement. The only proof that we have of it are the checks Trump wrote to his then-attorney, Michael Cohen, reimbursing him for the payoff to Daniels. And they don’t spell out any terms.

It is not unusual for Trump to publicly incriminate himself. His big mouth is often the source of the best evidence against him. For example…

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And even his attorney can’t be depended on to refrain from damaging his legal status…

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Nevertheless, according to Eric the Dread, his father’s victimhood is devastating. And it is not only impacting Donald, but an array of the – let’s say “ring” kissers devoted to his MAGA cult. Sadly, they are all on the verge of collapsing from the weight of their depression, as noted by Daily Show correspondent, Desi Lydic…

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  1. Hmmmm, let’s see, Eric TUMP and Donald TUMP, it seems to me that these nuts come in mixed pairs…do any of these TUMP misfits not know how to carry on a conversation?? Every time they whine and bitch about something, none of these TUMP goons make any sense of what they are attempting to say. The entire TUMP family is a total disaster and should be forever banned from running for any level of politics.. They are ignorant fools.. and a total disgrace.

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