Jim Jordan Refuses to Provide Democrats with ‘Whistleblower’ Testimony Given Only to Republicans

Jim Jordan’s absurdly named House Subcommittee on the “Weaponization of the Federal Government” held a hearing Thursday that featured three former FBI agents who claim to be “whistleblowers.” However, that claim appears to be rooted in nonsense and crackpot conspiracy theories.

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Jim Jordan, Biden's Emails

The witnesses that Jordan invited to testify have already lost their security clearances due to misconduct related to their participation in, or support for, the January 6th insurrection that was incited by Donald Trump. What’s more, they are being financially supported by Kash Patel, a close Trump aide. Consequently, their credibility is suspect, to say the least.

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During the hearing, Democratic Rep. Dan Goldman confronted Jordan with regard to his refusal to share the transcripts of witness testimony that was previously given in private and exclusively to Republicans on the Committee. Goldman pointed out that the Committee rules require such testimony to be provided to all members. Which is something that Jordan, as chairman, should know. But after apprising Jordan of these facts, the following exchange took place…

Goldman: [Reading from the rules] “Such records shall be the property of the House and each member delegate, and the resident commissioner, shall have access thereto.” Why does that not apply? Where is the whistleblower exception in the rules of Congress that says that does not apply?
Jordan: It is the prerogative of the Committee to decide.
Goldman: No it’s not.
Jordan: We have the whistleblower’s testimony. The whistleblower does not wish that to be made available to the Democrats at this time.
Goldman: The whistleblower doesn’t make Committee rules, sir.

Whereupon Jordan simply ignored Goldman and recognized the next member for questioning. He seems to believe that he can just make up rules as he goes along. And if those made up rules violate the most basic precepts of fairness and democracy, that’s just too bad.

Goldman, however, is right. Witnesses do not get to tell Congress who can have access to their pre-testimonial depositions. How can Democrats determine what inquiries to make if they don’t even know what the witness is asserting? How can the witnesses’ accounts be examined or challenged if members don’t know what those accounts allege?

Jordan is purposefully preventing Democrats from being able to engage in a substantive debate. He doesn’t want them to learn anything potentially controversial, or that might lead to embarrassing facts being disclosed. Jordan doesn’t offer any timeline for which Democrats could have access to the testimony transcripts. Perhaps he is simply saving all of that for a future interview on Fox News.

It’s also possible that these so-called whistleblowers don’t really have anything significant to say. Or maybe their allegations can be easily refuted. It’s reminiscent of the “missing whistleblower” that Oversight Committee Chair James Comer claims to have lost.

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Since assuming the barest of majorities of the House of Representative, Republican efforts to smear Democrats have been pitiful failures. They have held hearings wherein their members have humiliated themselves with idiotic questions, and their witnesses have provided nothing but debunkable bullpucky.

And yet they persist with these mockeries of legislative activity, littered with imaginary witnesses and fluff-filled fantasies dressed up as evidence of utterly fictional scandals. So topping it off with tyrannical breaches of established rules shouldn’t surprise anyone. But it should still nauseate them.

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8 thoughts on “Jim Jordan Refuses to Provide Democrats with ‘Whistleblower’ Testimony Given Only to Republicans

  1. It’s just more noise, smoke and mirrors for the rabid rightwing media. Gymag is possibly the worst Representative of a despicable crop. The Dems need to get going on some meaningful investigations into his murky past, particularly his sordid college wrestling scandal, and drag him through some of the same mud he’s trying to inflict on Biden’s administration.

  2. You cannot provide what you do not have! So lie, obfuscate, and distract. That is the only
    thing that the republicans have going for them.

  3. There is no bottom to how despicable these fascists will go!

    • You are so right, there is no bottom to how low these Fascist/Nazi domestic terrorist, traitorous scum bags will go. They act like they were recruited from an insane asylum. And these lowly thugs are in our Congress. Did anyone else read what happened at a Nazi/.Fascist press conference yesterday?? Another rotten thug in our House of Representatives, Clay Higgins attacked and assaulted a member of a democratic organization named ”’ Our Revolution” after he asked that tramp Lauren Boebert and Paul Gosar some tough questions of those 2 traitors in Congress. and Higgins picked the Our Revolution member Jake Burnett up and shoved him about 20 feet and then threw him to the ground, just for asking Gosar and Boebert questions.. That goes to show us what kind of horrible and unhinged thugs that are in our House of Representatives on the GQP Nazi Fascist side. These assholes should be in prison instead of in our Congress. What a damn mess they have made of the United States. They should be facing a firing squad for their traitorous, domestic terrorism.

  4. A reminder that if Democrats did exactly what Gymby is doing now, he would scream that the Dems committed treason. Without any self-awareness whatsoever.

    Gymby needs to be impeached. Or whatever the proper phrase is for a Congressperson. He’ll probably call that fascism even as he supports His Beloved Maggot Traitor Sporkfoot’s attempt to impeach everyone she hates.

    • Roughly half of the insurrectionists in the Congress needs to be impeached, especially that Marjorie Traitor Goon. Jamal Bowman, a democratic house member got into a loud argument with the bitch Goon yesterday, and she complained she felt ”threatened” by the way he shouted at her. I say, good for Mr. Bowman, who is a man of color and a darn good house member. If she came at me, i would spit in her gross, ugly face.

  5. It isn’t the subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government as much as it’s a subcommittee actually weaponizing the federal government.

    • It’s directly from the playbook of one Josef Goebbels: Accuse your enemy of doing what you’ve already done.

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