WHUT? Trump Asks to Delay His Classified Docs Trial Because of All His Other Criminal Trials

Poor Donald Trump. He is under such a crushing burden these days, simply because of his affinity for stealing classified documents, storing them at his Palm Beach home/hotel, and then lying to the FBI and other authorities about having them. Now he is facing the legal consequences of his misconduct and can’t seem to fit it into his schedule.

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Donald Trump

As Trump’s legal peril intensifies, he is becoming ever more unhinged and racked with rancor and unbridled hostility. He’s lashing out at his perceived persecutors, especially the special counsel, Jack Smith, who Trump calls a “deranged” “thug” bent on destroying his aspirations to become America’s first dictator.

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On Monday evening, at the very last moment, Trump finally responded to the special counsel’s motion to move his trial date to December 11. That’s four months later than the judge originally scheduled it. But that still isn’t far off enough for Trump. In response, Trump didn’t actually suggest an alternate date. He asked that no date whatsoever be chosen. He wants the trial delayed indefinitely. But if a date is set, it should be after the 2024 election, a year and a half away. And his reasons are downright laughable. Trump’s filing says that he can’t possibly defend himself properly in December because…

  • He’s too busy with other criminal and civil trials.
  • He’s too busy running for president.
  • He says that “There is no ongoing threat to national security interests nor any concern regarding continued criminal activity.”
  • He says that he can’t seat an impartial jury in the midst of a presidential election.

What a brilliant legal maneuver. Trump is using the fact that he’s such a prolific criminal that his logjam of trials have to be spaced out for many months to avoid colliding with one another. If this works it might inspire other defendants to give it shot. For instance, a murder could kill four or five more people so that his pending trials would have to be postponed for months or years.

Additionally, Trump thinks his candidacy for the Republican nomination for president suffices as a delaying tactic. This strategy might help the aforementioned murderer as well. He would just need file papers to join the GOP campaign and – voila – his trial date is shelved indefinitely. And as an added bonus, he’d fit right in with the Republican candidate roster.

What’s more, Trump is claiming that his trial can be waived off because he allegedly doesn’t represent any “ongoing threat to national security.” Never mind that he may still have more classified documents at his other resorts and villas, and his daily tirades that smear prosecutors, judges, and political foes, put all of their lives in jeopardy. His very campaign is itself a threat…

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Finally, Trump is pretending to be concerned that it would be impossible to find impartial jurors while an election is in progress. First of all, what is known as the “60-day rule” is a Justice Department policy (not a law) that seeks to avoid any legal proceedings within 60 days of an election so as not to influence the voting. Trump is absurdly stretching that out to a year and a half.

More to the point, there is no logical reason why it would it be any more difficult to seat a jury now than it would be in 2025. What Trump is really interested in is the prospect that he, or another Republican, would be elected in 2024, and his case would be dropped or he would be pardoned. In other words, he’s hoping for sanctuary, not acquittal. He knows that he’s guilty and there’s mountains of evidence to prove it. He also knows that most Americans – including 25% of Republicans – believe that he’s guilty.

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Under the circumstances, there are no rational reasons to delay Trump’s trial. And clearly, Trump and his attorneys have pitifully failed to articulate any. To his advantage, the judge assigned to the case, Aileen Cannon, is a Trump flunky who could just put off the trial because she feels like it. But anyone paying attention to the law would seek a speedy trial. In fact, anyone paying attention to Trump would argue that he shouldn’t even have the right to run. He said so explicitly…

Donald Trump: Presidential Candidates Under Felony Indictment Have ‘No Right to Be Running’

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11 thoughts on “WHUT? Trump Asks to Delay His Classified Docs Trial Because of All His Other Criminal Trials

  1. Poor donny! He has so many potential criminal prosecutions coming up! He reminds me of the old joke of the defendant that was on trial for murdering his parents. He did not deny the charges, but expected leniency on the grounds that he was now an orphan.

  2. Pathological Lyin Levin was quick to defend His God on this motion.

    This is a thoroughly rational and appropriate motion by President Trump’s lawyers, one that I suggested on Life, Libert & Levin. This trial should be delayed until after the election, if not dismissed altogether by the way (I assume there will be subsequent motion filings in this regard, as suggested by Trump’s lawyers); if the DOJ/Garland/Smith object, it will definitively prove that among the primary purposes of this persecution is to interfere with the presidential election. There are no statute of limitations issues. There are no emergency issues (the government has the documents.

    Grating One, the “Lawyer.” Never mind that if a Democrat was the subject of this trial, Lyin Levin would be screaming “COVER-UP”!!

  3. Mark – You’re surprised he asked for an ongoing delay? (He probably didn’t put that baldly — he’d lose his judicial ally that way) and as for the 60 day rule, it’s 90 days, and yes, it’s policy not law. He’s “I’m too busy to be prosecuted” is pulling a Mitch McConnell. McConnell wouldn’t give Garland a hearing for SCOTUS because it was an election year and way too close (1 years and a couple of months) not 90 days. Ted Cruz may have thought he was being real cute when at the Advice and Consent rule “We Advise the President we will not Consent to any Supreme Court nominees.”

  4. I saw this delay tactic coming from miles away. They need to go ahead and put this walking piece of rot in jail right now, pending trial. Then see how much he screams about that. I am tired of this serial criminal getting away with his lies and thinking he is immune from the laws of our nation. If his MAGAT followers start trouble about this, put their sorry asses in jail too for domestic terrorism.

    • They already have the leader of the Proud Boys in jail and the leader of the Oath Keepers is on trial and trying (without success) to make excuses as to why he was there at all. They are going after Trump in DC, Georgia, New York (Trump Tower is on State Lender’s Watch — not sure what that is, but Trump is probably having kittens knowing that New York hates him and has told him so to his face. Trump is on probation during good behavior so his being on probation could change.

      • Great reply, Marsha. I guess you have probably read about his attorneys intentions to delay his trial indefinitely. I knew the criminal TUMP would resort to this tactic. He has did this many times before this. I hope these cretins start telling on TUMP and solidify the charges against his sorry, corrupt azz. He deserves to be treated as the life long criminal he is.

  5. I think Trump underestimates Jack Smith. I was so impressed reading Smith’s biology. And does Trump think that calling him one of his infantile nicknames, “deranged thug” is going to weaken Smith? Smith has already replied, “Delays are unnecessary.” Trump’s documents case is scheduled for July 18.

    • Excuse me- BIOGRAPHY. I was still thinking about my advice to my daughter to sleep more than 5-6 hrs. a night

    • July 18th?? Wow, that is good news, that is only a few days away. I hope he is convicted and goes to prison and ROTS in prison. I suppose TUMP thought by calling Mr. Smith names, that would scare him into lengthy delays. Smith isn’t intimidated one tiny bit by that blathering, corrupt, racist bastard.

  6. Some people want to know if Jack Smith is up to the job of prosecuting Trump. I say yes. He learned at the very best law schools, first Harvard then — The Hague. They prosecute war criminals.

    • I am hoping TUMP is sentenced to, ” Life in prison without the possibility of parole” in solitary confinement without any connection to the outside world. He has committed so many crimes that he deserves a prison sentence like that. He would probably ”nut up” and would be more insane than he is now.

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