Shadow GOP House Speaker Marjorie Taylor Greene Announces the Party’s Ludicrous Top Priorities

It has been five months since the Republican Party assumed the majority in the lower House of Congress. In that span of time they have produce little of substance, but did manage to nearly tank the national (and global) economy by threatening to default on U.S. debt. It’s a record of shame for alleged leaders of the House that claims to be comprised of “representatives.”

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Marjorie Taylor Greene, QAnon

It took Kevin McCarthy fifteen votes to get elected to the speakership. And in the process he dealt away much of the position’s power to the GOP’s most extreme crackpots. They have sunk to the occasion by neglecting their duties to the American people and pursuing the one goal that is uppermost on their minds…

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Now the Shadow House Speaker, Marjorie Taylor Greene, has set forth what she has determined are the top issues for Republicans in Congress. It’s a list that reveals just how unserious these political hacks are, and how unconcerned with the interests of the public that they pretend to serve. Green’s priority list consists of imbecilic impeachments, support for GOP criminals, and blatant hate and discrimination…

However, don’t dismiss Greene’s tempestuous tenacity. She has also introduced articles of impeachment for DHS Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas, FBI Director Chris Wray, D.C. U.S. Attorney Matthew Graves, and Attorney General Merrick Garland. Before she’s through there will likely be similar resolutions for everyone from Vice-President Kamala Harris, to the White House Chef.

In the meantime, Republicans have completely ignored the issues that they ran on, such as anti-abortion laws, racist immigration policies, pandering to corporations and the wealthy, befouling the planet, and manufactured outrages against buzzwords like CRT, DEI, and “wokism.” So perhaps it’s a good thing that they are too hateful and dumb to keep their minds on matters that actually affect people’s lives for more than a nanosecond.

As if to confirm their small-minded political hackery, Republicans held a vote on Lauren Boebert’s resolution to impeach Biden. [Note: Greene, who recently called Boebert a “little b*tch,” are engaged in a bitter feud to see who can smear Biden worst and most] They failed to proceed to a floor vote, but instead referred the matter to the Judiciary Committee. And to their everlasting shame, every single Republican in the House voted for that. The Committee that will now consider this atrocity is chaired by Trump-flunky, Jim Jordan. He will surely get to the bottom of that situation with reason and fairness, right?. Just like he did in a recent hearing on “Weaponization of the Federal Government.”

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The effort to impeach Biden is not the only preposterous waste of time that Republicans are pursuing. Another useless and wholly political endeavor by Greene was just introduced to expunge the impeachments of Trump. Even if that passes, it won’t erase the historical record that Trump was impeached twice on solid grounds. But it will be another diversion from matters that Americans care about. Which, in the long run may have an unintended positive effect. It will drive more votes to Democrats in 2024.

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2 thoughts on “Shadow GOP House Speaker Marjorie Taylor Greene Announces the Party’s Ludicrous Top Priorities

  1. Marjorie Taylor Greene is a looney tune and the House and Senate know she’s a looney tune. The more she ridiculously states are her issues and priorities, the more time wasted, and the more she will benefit the Democrats.

  2. Another thing that might possibly help Democrats is, Maggot, Traitor Goon is one deluded, GOON BITCH. I read something on the MSN website that even some of the other deranged Rethugs in Congress were mumbling about having her thrown off of the Freedum Cactus thing. I don’t know if that was true or not, but there was an article about that yesterday. Sometimes the articles on MSN can’t be trusted, they do print a lot of false news items sometimes. She really needs to be expelled from Congress and sent to a zoo in a cage with the other wild animals and let the children throw peanuts at her. Put a sign on the cage that reads: ” What we have here is the dumbest animal in the world, a species that are aptly named, GOONS” I have never seen a thing like her make such a mockery of our Congress like she has. A total disgrace that makes our nation look bad. It’s very embarrassing.

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