Terrified Trump is Telegraphing that He Already Knows About New Indictments for January 6th

Donald Trump has already been indicted twice on 71 felony counts ranging from violations of the Espionage Act to obstruction of justice. That’s only 71 more than any other president or former president in the history of the United States. And since Trump loves to brag about being the best at everything, he can now be proud that in this one area he has actually achieved his goal.

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Donald Trump, Prison

However, Trump is not resting on his laurels. There are still several indictments pending that he can add to his record. Under the circumstances, you might think that Trump would want to expedite the trials awaiting him, A defendant who was certain that he wasn’t guilty would want to prove his innocence as quickly as possible, particularly if he’s running for office again.

But, no. Trump is trying desperately to delay his trials. Probably because he’s knows he’s guilty and doesn’t want those verdicts to be in the news during his campaign. He’s also likely hoping to be reelected so that he can order his Justice Department to quash the cases against him or so that he can pardon himself. Ironically, he’s using the abundance of charges against him to justify his requests for delays. Perhaps, in retrospect, he shouldn’t have committed so many crimes that his trials are congesting the courts.

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In the meantime, Trump is throwing down temper tantrums on his floundering Twitter ripoff, Truth Social. The tenor of his rants was especially harsh this weekend. In fact, Trump’s tirades appear to suggest that he has already been informed of new indictments coming down from special counsel Jack Smith who, in addition to his probes of Trump’s theft and hoarding classified documents, is investigating his role in the January 6th insurrection and efforts to subvert democracy. Note the escalating urgency and fear in his recent posts…

Trump alerts his cult devotees to “remember” that everyone is out to get him if anything new about his trials should come out:

“Every time you see these Radical Lunatics and their partners in the Fake News Media talking about the ‘Trials and Tribulations’ of President Donald J. Trump, please remember that it is all a coordinated HOAX.”

Trump is preparing his flock for the results of a well executed and financed investigation:

“Just think of it! Between Mueller, Deranged Jack Smith, and Congressional Committees, over 100 Million Dollars has been spent investigating me since I came down the escalator in Trump Tower.”

Trump frames any new charges as politically partisan, despite the fact that the investigations have been effectively shielded from politics:

“Merrick Garland, Deranged Jack Smith, and coordinating Democrat ‘Prosecutors’ in New York and Atlanta, have become the Campaign Managers for the most corrupt and incompetent President in United States history.”

Trump is now signaling that more indictments are imminent, while threatening the “MONSTERS” he fears::


Trump curiously wonders why he wasn’t brought to justice sooner, and again implies that he’s aware of new charges:

“Why didn’t they bring these ridiculous charges years before?”

Trump begs for help from his sycophants in Congress:

“Why hasn’t Republican ‘leadership’ in the Senate spoken up and rebuked Crooked Joe Biden and the Radical Left Democrats, Fascists, and Marxists?”

He isn’t coming right and saying it, but Trump is openly implying that he has knowledge of new indictments. And it’s notable to recall that he was the one who revealed to the world his previous indictments, before the special counsel publicly announced them. Also notable was his outrage at law enforcement for doing their job and holding him accountable for his crimes. So it’s not irrelevant that he’s revisiting that outrage now.

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5 thoughts on “Terrified Trump is Telegraphing that He Already Knows About New Indictments for January 6th

  1. Anything Lord Moronikus does only acknowledges the crimes he’s committed. And STILL the Traitors worship his unworthy ass and try to pretend it was actually the Biden family that dunnit.

    I will NEVER understand what hold this creature has on his eternal worshipers….

  2. “…over 100 Million Dollars has been spent investigating me since I came down the escalator in Trump Tower.”

    Which isn’t as much as Trump spent while playing golf for four years.

    “Trump loves to brag about being the best at everything,”

    The only time Trump settled for second-best was when he heard that honesty was the best policy.

  3. That the tenor of his comments was ‘particularly harsh’ might be due to the fact that by setting a May2024 date for her to hear his documents case in Florida, she’s opened the gates through which the J6 case will be filed and tried n DC, a Trump-unfriendly venue, the GA voter fraud and obstruction case in August and the NY case in March.

  4. I only hope this total fraud gets what he deserves. Prison time.

    • Amen to that, Judy. Open Alcatraz or Guantanamo just for him. Hmmm — Alcatraz is on the Bay, just far enough for him to see and hear San Francisco. But no able to take part in its gorgeous nightlife.

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