Pelosi Skewers Squeaker McCarthy as ‘Pathetic’ for Trying to Expunge Trump’s Impeachments

The traumatic tribulations of Donald Trump continue to unfold as both his political and legal troubles escalate into the 2024 election season. Trump has already been indicted twice with a total of more than 70 felony counts of criminal conduct. And he is currently venting his anxiety over imminent new indictments related to the the January 6th insurrection that he incited.

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Kevin McCarthy, House Speaker (Squeaker), Donald Trump

Special counsel, Jack Smith, is said to be readying the latest batch of charges against Trump. Meanwhile, his first batch has just received a court date of May 20, 2024, which Trump had hoped would be delayed until after the next election. As would be expected of a malignant narcissist under these circumstances, Trump is grasping desperately for help from the glassy-eyed disciples of his cult that reside in Congress and the right-wing press.

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Among Trump’s most devoted congressional sycophants is Republican House Squeaker, Kevin McCarthy. And true to form, McCarthy is endeavoring to rescue his Dear Leader from the legal abyss. Although it may be more accurate to say that he is trying to rescue his speakership from the wrath of Trump and his MAGA caucus in Congress. In pursuit of that fear driven goal, McCarthy promised Trump that he would schedule a floor vote to “expunge” Trump’s two impeachments.

“About a month ago, the outlandish idea started to actually gain traction: Two prominent House Republicans — GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik and Marjorie Taylor Greene — introduced parallel resolutions to ‘expunge’ the former president’s impeachments, and a few days later, McCarthy surprised many by endorsing the gambit. ‘I think it is appropriate,’ the House speaker told reporters.”

For the record, there is no constitutional provision that would support such an expungement. At best it might give Trump a fig leaf with which to pretend – contrary to reality – that he had never been impeached. And on Sunday morning former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made the same argument in a pointed way. Pelosi was asked by CNN’s Dana Bash about the matter: “You oversaw both of those impeachment proceedings. What’s your reaction to this?”

“Well, the president was impeached because we had no choice. He had undermined our national security, jeopardized our well being of our country. Kevin is playing politics. It is not even clear if he constitutionally can expunge those things. If he wants to put his members on the spot – his members in difficult races on spot – that is a decision he has to make. But this is not responsible. […]

“This is about being afraid. As I’ve said before, Donald Trump is the puppeteer and what does he do all of the time but shine the light on the strings. These people look pathetic.”

The notion that historic impeachments on the congressional record can simply be disappeared by crybaby members of a wingnut faction of the GOP is patently absurd. But it’s even worse than that. There is a fair chance that the motion to expunge won’t even pass. There are Republicans in districts that Biden won who are not anxious to relitigate these issues. In fact, several Republicans have already said that they won’t vote for it. And McCarthy has a razor-thin margin of five votes in order to succeed.

What’s more, just bringing the question to the floor means that a debate would ensue for at least several days rehashing all of the reasons that Trump was justifiably impeached to begin with. It would refresh the memories of the American people as to just how corrupt he is, at the same time that the new indictments are being revealed.

Anyone with half a brain would recognize what a terrible idea this is for Trump and the GOP. Democrats are salivating at the thought of reminding the nation that Trump is unfit for office as he’s trying to mount a campaign to win it back. However, acting on terrible ideas is pretty much the hallmark of modern Republicanism. Just take a look at what they have been doing in Congress since they assumed their bare majority earlier this year…


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4 thoughts on “Pelosi Skewers Squeaker McCarthy as ‘Pathetic’ for Trying to Expunge Trump’s Impeachments

  1. I hope these dumb fuckers bring this to the House so we can relitigate what a corrupt pos scumbag Trump is and that it fails to pass? That would be hilarious!

    • I like to see the Orange Baboon squirm. I like the fact that he is scared too, it serves him right. He has did immeasurable damage to our Nation also. They should add that to the stack of crimes he has already committed.

  2. Kevin McCarthy has called Nancy Pelosi “crazy Nancy”. Truth is, Nancy is still a member of the House of Representatives. When Nancy was speaker, she accomplished so many things for the people than Kevin McCarthy as speaker could ever dream of.. And Nancy is still calling the shots when she reveals what a total idiot McCarthy has become, when his actions prove it.

    • I like Nancy Pelosi, she isn’t afraid of TUMP or that cowardly wimp McCarthy one bit. She was one of the best House Speakers ever. TUMP keeps calling counsel Jack Smith, ”deluded”, evidently he must be looking at his ugly image in a mirror when calls Smith, deluded, because he knows he is the one that is really and truly DELUDED!!!!!!!!!!!!

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