Fox News Liberal Calls Out Republicans – and her Co-Hosts – On Air for Their ‘Craven Lies’

Earlier this year Fox News was forced to settle a nearly billion dollar defamation lawsuit by Dominion Voting Systems that documented just how flagrantly the network deceived their viewers with propaganda and pandering toward Dear Leader Donald Trump. The evidence revealed that their hosts and executives shamelessly lied about Trump and his baseless allegations that the 2020 election was “rigged and stolen” from him.

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Fox News, Bullshit Factory

Despite that costly and humiliating public rebuke, Fox News continues to lie on Trump’s behalf. They have not only failed to show any remorse or repentance for their dishonesty and betrayal of trust, they have actually doubled down by fortifying their primetime schedule with hardcore Trump-fluffers.

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In addition to their new and rescheduled lineup cheerleading for Trump (even while he’s bitterly attacking them), Fox’s continuing shows remain staunchly under Trump’s banner. On the afternoon panel show “The Five” – which features four hard-right conservatives and one frequently interrupted liberal – the propaganda fest is in full swing with many of the same hosts and guests that were exposed in the Dominion lawsuit as liars.

However, occasionally the battered liberal, Jessica Tarlov, manages to squeeze out some truthful commentaries in the midst of the anti-Democratic mudslinging. That’s what occurred Tuesday when the panel discussed President Biden’s visit to the fire-ravaged island of Maui. As usual, the four right-wingers gleefully slandered Biden with false GOP talking points, until Tarlov responded saying that…

Tarlov: There have been so many craven lies told about the timeline of the response on this. Jesse just said his first comments were, “no comment,” which is categorically untrue. So that was on August 13th. The wildfires started on August 8th, on August 10th that’s when a major disaster declaration occurred. He got the call, the request from Hawaii to do that. It took him just 63 minutes to sign that.
Watters: He signed a piece of paper, I’m talking about significant public comments.
Tarlov: Just wait for it. Later that day, he was in Utah talking about something else. And he opened up by commenting on what was going on in Hawaii and how devastating it was. Listen to what the governor of Hawaii, Josh Green, said, “Within six hours, the administration met our needs with federal movement. I don’t think that’s ever happened before.” The Maui County mayor: “I wanted to say how our response to the president has been he called me, I asked for the help that we needed. And within two hours, one of his cabinet members called me to answer my question. We’ve been getting all the help that we need.”

Tarlov didn’t mince words as she attacked her co-hosts for telling “craven lies” and presenting information that was “categorically untrue.” Watters interrupted again, to try to throw Tarlov off balance, but that didn’t work. She just schooled him on the facts about what happened with quotes from the local officials who were pleased and grateful for Biden’s rapid, effective, and compassionate response to the crisis.

Tarlov also shot down Republican whining about Biben giving victims “only” $700.00 by noting that that is the FEMA limit. Tarlov’s Fox News colleagues either don’t know that, or are lying, or think that Biden should break the law and give them more (scratch that last one. Republicans would never advocate giving people who are suffering more of anything but grief).

Meanwhile, throughout the segment Fox’s chyron read “BIDEN’S DISASTER TOUR,” implying that the disaster was Biden’s fault or that his visit was a disaster. Neither of which was true. But the truth never stopped Fox News or the Republican Party they’re partnered with from spinning preposterous departures from reality in order to malign Biden and the Democrats. They spent much of Tuesday lying that Biden fell asleep at a service in Maui, and being outraged that he pet a rescue dog. That’s the depths to which Fox News has sunk. And they haven’t hit rock bottom yet.

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2 thoughts on “Fox News Liberal Calls Out Republicans – and her Co-Hosts – On Air for Their ‘Craven Lies’

  1. She can speak the truth all she can, but the MAGA morons who watch Fox “News” will only believe the lies that they are spoon fed on a daily basis.

  2. Perhaps the nearly one billion dollar judgement should have been more like two or three trillion dollars! It is obvious that the settlement that was awarded, was not nearly enough to make them change their behavior. Fox should be totally and utterly destroyed so that they cannot broadcast their BS any more!

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