GOP-ers Ponder Expelling Matt Gaetz for Ethics Violations After His Failed Shutdown Scheme

This week Republican House Speaker, Kevin McCarthy, demonstrated his legendary incompetence as a leader with his mismanagement of legislation to avert a government shutdown. After weeks of making impotent demands to slash popular programs that would harm millions of Americans, he ultimately agreed to a compromise with Democrats that included none of his stated priorities.

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Matt Gaetz

McCarthy’s concession to work with Democrats was driven by the opposition he encountered from his GOP confederates, Particularly the ultra-rightist MAGA faction led by Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida. It must be especially embarrassing to be beaten by a notorious numbskull whose only notable skill is scoring hits on Fox News and other wingnut media.

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In a summary of the events that led to McCarthy’s humiliating legislative defeat, CNN published an article that sought to retrace the road McCarthy took to achieve virtually nothing for his party or himself. It said in part that…

“McCarthy took the only option on the table to avoid a government shutdown, relying on Democratic votes to pass a continuing resolution Saturday to keep the government funded until mid-November. But in so doing, McCarthy opened up a fight with the right wing of his conference, which had warned him for weeks that taking this step could mean the end of his speakership.”

Indeed, McCarthy’s speakership was, and is, in jeopardy. Gaetz appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union” the morning after the continuing resolution vote to announce that…

“I do intend to file a motion to vacate against speaker McCarthy this week. I think we need to rip off the band aid. I think we need to move on with new leadership that can be trustworthy. Look, the one thing that everybody has in common is that nobody trusts Kevin McCarthy. He lied to Biden. He lied to House conservatives.”

However, the article later noted what it seemed to regard as a tangential matter. It reported that many of Gaetz’s colleagues are unhappy with his tactics and grandstanding. And some appear to be anxious to be rid of him…

“Gaetz’s threat of ousting McCarthy has also rankled some inside the GOP conference. One Republican lawmaker pointed to the ongoing Ethics Committee investigation into Gaetz, warning if he wasn’t cleared, he could get expelled by those who want him gone. ‘We want him out,’ the member said.”

What this member is referring to is the Ethics Committee probe into misconduct by Gaetz that includes allegations of sex trafficking of minors, illicit drug use, misuse of campaign funds, and accepting a bribe. The Justice Department declined to indict Gaetz on any of those charges, but that doesn’t preclude the Congress from taking action. And even reporting from Fox News reveals that the GOP is tiring of Gaetz’s antics

“House GOP members are seeking to quickly expel Gaetz if the ethics report comes back with findings of guilt. Following threats to vacate McCarthy, one tells me ‘No one can stand him at this point. A smart guy without morals.'”

There are a couple of truthful revelations in all of this. First, Gaetz’s statement that “Nobody trusts Kevin McCarthy.” And second, Fox’s reporter stating that “No one can stand” Gaetz. And if voters can just assimilate those truths, the nation will take a big step forward toward healing.

The next step would be accepting the obvious truth that the “leader” who looms over both McCarthy and Gaetz, Donald Trump, is a recidivist criminal, pathological liar, and aspiring authoritarian dictator, and vote against him and his GOP cohorts in November of 2024.


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3 thoughts on “GOP-ers Ponder Expelling Matt Gaetz for Ethics Violations After His Failed Shutdown Scheme

  1. So Gaetz can fire McCarthy and McCarthy can fire Gaetz and just about everyone will be happy.

  2. Every time i see a picture of Gaetz, he reminds me of a sleaze bag mob figure from the film. ”Goodfellas.” Gaetz is a smart guy with no morals?? From what i have read about him, ”Gaetz is an arrogant and ignorant guy with no morals” He certainly isn’t smart. There are a few others that need to be expelled from Congress, MTG, Lauren Boebert, Gym Jordan, Josh Hawley and about 20 other MAGAs that are extreme reactionaries.

  3. Gaetz is definitely that kind of sleaze bag a-hole & so much worse, which means he is in the proper Party with the rest of his type. They may object publicly, but a quick look under the sheets will find not alot of difference between today’s GOP & Gaetz…they just hate him for blatently showing himself for who they are.
    The 2 GOP that had morals were rejected by their Party for making it so obvious that rest of them burned & buried their long dead morals to follow their nasty ass leader into Tyrannical Rule of USA & they hope, the world. They can read the writing on the bathroom stall that calls for the end of democracy & return to class-based rule, where a small group of wealthy elite & mega-corps will be the ONLY ones with power, rights & personal freedom. The rest of us to be slaving away for them with NO chance to rise above poverty, or invest in our future.
    When a Party says they intend to “Make America Great Again”, ’tis wise to find out when exactly they think it was so great that they want to return & stay there forever.
    MAGAs however, are not wise enuff to ask! They just assume that the class of the entitled few, who truly believe that they are far better than everyone else (including MAGA cult) & shouldn’t pay taxes, despite large hoards of $$$$ lying around & heirs that will never know an honest day’s work; all while keeping anyone else from making decent wages…MAGAs believe the elite ruling class want what’s best for American workers & their children. By the time they figure out they’ve been DUPED, it will be far too late for any of us to regain our freedom, choices, or to stand up for ourselves.
    If any Party cared to do so, the Constitution provided for the removal of traitors from our gov’t, knowing full well the lasting damage of having those who love money & power only for themselves & are dead-set AGAINST any chance of equality, being in our government. Why won’t Dem leadership fight back with laws provided for such times? The Dems fighting back are there, but are drowned out by the silence of their rich & powerful peers who, like MAGAs, seem to think they’ll be invited along.

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