WTF? Fox News Hosts Argue to End Trump Prosecutions Because of – Hamas Terrorism in Israel?

It has been a week since the terrorists of Hamas launched a savage surprise assault on civilians in Israel. That assault predictably led to the Israeli Defense Forces mounting a campaign to root out the perpetrators and to prevent further hostilities against innocent citizens from many countries, including the United States. It was the commencement of a conflagration that will likely produce even more tragic casualties.

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Here at home, the ultra-rightist propaganda machine we know as Fox News set out to relieve the Hamas terrorists from responsibility and instead assign blame to President Biden and, more broadly, to America. The “Blame America First” brigade manufactured wholly dishonest allegations that the Biden administration was somehow responsible for the attack. Donald Trump was among the anti-America crowd with his preposterous assertion that “American taxpayer dollars helped fund these attacks, which many reports are saying came from the Biden Administration.” It is smear campaign so ridiculous that even a Fox News reporter shot it down.

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Undeterred by facts or reason, shills at Fox News have escalated their traitorous tirades. And having apparently run out of their garden variety garbage, they are now stirring up cocktails of crackpottery that are absurd even by their screwball standards.

On Tuesday night’s episode of Laura Ingraham’s program, she endeavored to combine two subjects that couldn’t be farther apart. In a segment wherein she criticized President Biden for daring to speak eloquently about America’s commitment to Israel and our rejection of hate groups here at home, Ingraham spit out a puzzling and perverse argument on behalf of her Dear Leader Trump…

Biden (on video): Let’s be real clear. There is no place for hate in America.
Ingraham: Okay. Well, if he’s really against hate, then he should call a prosecutorial cease-fire against his political adversaries like the former president, and direct his DOJ and DHS to stop making conservative Americans feel like they are the enemy or like they’re the violent extremists out there.

HUH? What does Biden’s message opposing hate have to do with the prosecution of Trump on 91 felony counts for which there is abundant evidence of his guilt? Her use of the terms of war (i.e. “cease fire”) are deliberate attempts to inflame irrational outrage on the part of her cult viewers. And the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security are doing their jobs to protect Americans and hold violent lawbreakers, including Trump, accountable.

What’s more, Biden has been acting ethically in office by not interfering with the administration of justice, which Ingraham is now imploring him to do. That sort of interference and abuse of power is what Trump has explicitly promised to do if he were to be reelected. But it is contrary to the principles of law that have governed this nation since its founding.

In addition to Ingraham, Fox’s Mark Levin likewise conflated Trump’s legal tribulations with the terrorism in the Middle East. Levin made the following comments on his program, which Trump promptly quoted on his failing social media scam, Truth Social

“Meanwhile, this lowlife, Jack Smith, and his master, the lowlife attorney general, continue their fascistic campaign against Trump, even now, as it becomes crystal clear to more and more Americans that Trump brought historic peace to the Middle East while the regime has blown it up and betrayed the Israelis.”

That comment is wrong on so many levels. First of all, Trump is hiding behind Levin’s words to avoid – he thinks – being found in contempt of court for violating the order to refrain from disparaging the court’s officers. Secondly, he still has no idea what “fascism” means. Third, he is quite obviously lying about having “brought peace to the Middle East.” He is also lying about Biden having “betrayed the Israelis,” who have been profusely expressing their gratitude to Biden and America for their unwavering support.

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Of course, both Levin and Ingraham are making no sense at all with their juxtaposition of Trump’s legal problems with the Hamas attacks. But then, when have the brazenly biased attacks by Fox News ever made any sense? That isn’t even their purpose. The only objective of the mostly incomprehensible commentaries on Fox News is to enrage their audience and incite hostilities toward Democrats. And that doesn’t require logic or facts or anything resembling reality.


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  1. Yes, the Traitors are demanding Biden do what they are already accusing him of doing anyway. Except the Traitors now want Biden to interfere FOR Their God while they condemn him now for interfering AGAINST Their God!

    Am I getting all that right?

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