The GOP’s Pathetic ‘Research’ Unit Posts Endless, Bogus Clips of Biden Supposedly ‘Confused’

The Republican Party has been working tirelessly on their 2024 campaign for president of the United States. But if you think that means drafting policies or communicating with constituents, or developing strategies, you don’t know today’s Trump-obsessed, MAGA-infected, Republican Party.

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The modern day GOP is a schizoid disaster area. They have an entirely unique perspective of how to advance their political prospects. The issues that they pretend to care about – from abortion to immigration to foreign conflicts to the economy, etc. – are merely after thoughts that take a back seat to Donald Trump’s agenda of “retribution,” imaginary “witch hunts,” and compulsive blathering about past elections being “rigged and stolen.”

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The official Twitter account for the Republican National Committee’s research unit (RNCResearch) is awash in the obtuse mangling of reality that has become the core of the GOP’s campaign blueprint for 2024. And a quick perusal of the page tells the whole story.

Among their posts just the past couple of days are two dozen that aim to malign President Biden as mentally deficient and confused. However, the problem with their efforts is that the video clips they post to prove their points invariably show Biden as knowledgeable and engaging. And some of the posts are just head-scratchers that show only how desperate the GOP is to bash Biden. For example…

After ludicrous comments like that, Republicans still want to be taken seriously? And that was just for starters. Here a few more “zingers” that the GOP seems to think will destroy any hopes that Biden has for victory in November…

“Biden’s staff isn’t letting him read his typical rambling speech today, so he’s shuffling in and out of a few local businesses instead.”

This was accompanied by a video that shows Biden making a routine stop on the campaign trail.

“A confused Biden caresses the flag before shuffling into the next business — and as hecklers call him a ‘loser.'”

This was accompanied by a video showing Biden walking into a building. He didn’t look the least bit “confused,” and there appeared to by only one heckler in the crowd, which is common for any candidate.

“Biden has one mode: confused.”

This was accompanied by a video showing Biden greeting customers in a cafe and, again, not appearing to be “confused” at all.

“Biden brings out his creepy whisper in Pennsylvania: ‘When you wanna call and check the balance on your account, they charge $30!.”

This was accompanied by a video showing Biden speaking about his progress in eliminating the “junk fees” that companies impose on consumers.

BIDEN: “You’ve got the best economy of any economy in the world right now. And that literally is true, but people turn on the television and what do you hear? Everything’s negative! Even the good stuff ends up negative! And a lot of it is negative!”

It’s hard to determine what the RNC is even upset about with this one. But it was accompanied by a video showing Biden affirming the successes of his administration, while acknowledging that there are still “negatives,” like hurricanes and war in the Middle East. He concluding by expressing his belief in “the heart and the guts of the American people.”

Leaving out the RNC’s biased and awkward captions, these video are more helpful to the Biden campaign than harmful. They show him interacting pleasantly with ordinary Americans and highlighting the work he is doing on their behalf. And by contrast, they reveal how little Republicans are doing and, therefore, have nothing to run on but silly videos like these.

In light of that, the Democratic National Committee might want to consider sending them a “thank you” note. They are already brilliantly trolling Trump on his failing social media scam, Truth Social


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3 thoughts on “The GOP’s Pathetic ‘Research’ Unit Posts Endless, Bogus Clips of Biden Supposedly ‘Confused’

  1. Indeed they may! The Republicans are saving them tons of money with these videos showing Biden doing the opposite of what the caption says. Going to confuse a lot of GOP voters and may do it so that Republicans vote for Biden. Didn’t stop to pick up a Kleenex? This is supposed to be on a par with what Trump did while in office? Me, I think I’ve probably lost at the very least a couple boxes of Kleenex).

  2. It’s too bad that whoever is HOSTING this bulls**t does NOT shut them down.

  3. I didn’t realize how much better than Trump he moves but i suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.

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