Marjorie Taylor Greene is ‘Dreaming’ of Having Evidence of Corruption Against President Biden

The Republican Party spent most of 2023 weaving whacko fantasies of felonious wrongdoing by President Biden. And the new year finds them spinning ever more of the same delusional tales of corruption and self-dealing that, if true, would have made Biden a multi-billionaire by now. That, of course, isn’t the case. But far be it for the GOP to succumb to rationality or facts.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene, QAnon

The Republican’s “Biden Compulsive Disorder” that is causing them to cling so fiercely to their quixotic, criminal contortions, has consumed the GOP political agenda. Which is why they have nothing to run on in this election year, other than promises of partisan retribution, terminating Obamacare, book bans, and relentless fear mongering about scary immigrants and a looming economic collapse.

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Fulfilling its role as the GOP’s Ministry of Propaganda, Fox News invited Marjorie Taylor Greene on to discuss the phony issue of Biden’s alleged criming. She told Maria Bartiromo that Republicans on the House Oversight Committee have “serious evidence” of a “complete unbelievable amount of corruption” that “the Democrats don’t want to admit.” She elaborated saying that…

“You know, they pitch fits and temper tantrums and claim we don’t have evidence. But the reason why they’re doing that is because they’re looking at the same evidence that we have with Jamie Raskin and other Democrats on the committee. They know what we are in possession of. They could only dream of having this kind of evidence against president Trump and his family. And they were never able to produce it because all of their attacks were lies.”

That’s quite an admission on Greene’s part. To be clear, she is affirming that the reason Democrats say that Republicans have no evidence is that they have seen what Republicans have. “They know what we are in possession of,” says Greene. Which, apparently, is nothing. So Greene is, in effect, validating what the Democrats are saying.

The fact that Republicans have utterly failed in their efforts to smear Biden was established long ago. Oversight Committee chair, James Comer has repeatedly made a fool of himself in hearings wherein his own witnesses testified that Biden had done nothing wrong.

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Meanwhile, there is abundant proof of the criminality of Donald Trump. Democrats don’t have to “dream” at all. Trump is currently facing 91 felony charges that are backed up by documents and testimony, primarily from Republicans. And these charges were not brought by Democrats, but by citizens serving on Grand Juries.

For good measure, during the same interview, Greene provided an example of her alleged evidence against Biden. Referencing telephone calls that Biden was on with his son, Hunter (about which a Republican witness testified under oath that no business was ever discussed), Greene demonstrated that she is not only a pathological liar, but now she is claiming that Joe Biden is conversing with the dead over the phone. And she thinks Democrats are dreaming?


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2 thoughts on “Marjorie Taylor Greene is ‘Dreaming’ of Having Evidence of Corruption Against President Biden

  1. And Margie just Xheeted that Hunter was afraid of her. Don’t confuse FEAR with DISGUST, you brandead Mule!!

  2. Yes, the Committee wanted Hunter to testify in a closed hearing so they could cherry-pick what he said, and Fox (Ministry of Propaganda) would play it out of context. He called their bluff by showing up and requesting a public hearing. Margie thinks Hunter’s afraid of her? She’s delusional.

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