White House Seeks Retraction from Fox News of Biden Smears By GOP and Russian Indicted for Lying

For nearly a year now, the Republican Party has been desperately struggling to invent pseudo-scandals and contrived crimes that they could pin on President Biden and use to justify their preposterous and ponderously partisan impeachment plot. Those efforts have produced nothing that is even remotely incriminating against Biden. But they have produced plenty of humiliation for the GOP.

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A major component of the GOP’s smear campaign was delivered by a shady character, Alexander Smirnov, who is now in jail after having been indicted for fabricating his whole story and lying to authorities about it. Smirnov has also been found to have unsavory links to the Russian intelligence operations that have conducted election interference campaigns in the U.S. And the questions about his lack of credibility are nothing new. Fox News even noted it way back in July of 2023.

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Despite the obvious faults and falsehoods in the fables being told by Republicans like Jim Jordan and James Comer, and their Ministry of Propaganda agents on Fox News, such as Sean Hannity, Jesse Watters, and Laura Ingraham, these deliberate defamers have stuck to their stories and are still refusing to tell the truth. Consequently, the White House is taking steps to get some corrections on the record

“The White House is demanding that Fox News retract or revise its coverage of claims that Joe Biden was involved in a multi-million dollar bribery scheme after the key witness in the allegation was indicted for making it all up.

In a letter to top executives, Ian Sams, White House spokesman for oversight and investigations, cited Fox News Digital stories on the bribery claims, including ones headlined ‘The Explosive New Evidence of Biden Family’s Breathtaking Corruption,’ labeled an opinion piece from Gregg Jarrett, and ‘Joe Biden Allegedly Paid $5M By Burisma Executive As Part of Bribery Scheme, According to FBI Document,’ a story from Brooke Singman. Other stories reported that the allegations came from a ‘highly credible” source.'”

Sams further noted that…

“Despite this, Fox has taken no steps to retract, correct or update its reporting on this false allegation from 2023.” [And that the White House feels strongly that Fox’s stories] “at a minimum be updated with editor’s notes informing readers that the source of this allegation has been federally indicted for making it up.” [And that Fox News] “inform their viewers on air that they have been sharing a discredited allegation.”

The White House shouldn’t hold their breath waiting for Fox News to comply with this request. They knew that what they had reported was unverified and likely untrue at the time. They didn’t care. Their purpose is not to report the news. It is to disseminate propaganda that maligns Biden and other Democrats, and to advance the prospects of Trump and his MAGA GOP.

That’s why Fox News reported what were known lies in the first place. And it’s why they won’t consider making any retractions, corrections, or apologies now that their lies, and the lying liar they relied on, have been exposed to the world. Undeterred by journalistic integrity, or even morality, Fox News will remain steadfastly true to their mission of deceit and right-wing propaganda. It’s what they’ve done from their inception, and they aren’t about to stop now.

Nevertheless, it is appropriate that the White House make a good faith attempt to set the record straight, no matter how unlikely that it is that Fox will decide to be honest – for a change.


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2 thoughts on “White House Seeks Retraction from Fox News of Biden Smears By GOP and Russian Indicted for Lying

  1. Biden and his family should sue Fox for Defamation and have Fox and every commentator, held liable for all the lies and the affect on their reputations.

  2. They need to keep demanding every day! Go on about it nonstop until they issue a correction!

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