Fox News and the GOP Are Now Dreaming of ‘Weaponizing’ the Justice Department Against Biden

Donald Trump’s MAGA Republican Party and its Ministry of Propaganda, Fox News, deserve some “credit” for one thing: They have an inexhaustible supply of the mindless bullheadedness required to persist in pushing preposterous pseudo-legal smear campaigns despite having lost every attempt to spread their lies and malice.

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Republicans in the House of Representatives have spent more than a year “investigating” President Biden and his family, searching desperately for any shred of evidence that he committed some unarticulated crime. And despite having the power of the majority in the House, they have come up empty every time. Even worse, their own witnesses have testified that Biden has never done anything remotely illegal or impeachable.

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None of that, however, has dissuaded them from their malicious mission to denigrate Biden and his family, and to subject them to vicious personal attacks without any basis in reality. And naturally, Fox News is right beside them to buttress their lies and defamation.

On Wednesday morning, Senior Fox News Trump-Fluffer, Maria Bartiromo, interviewed Rep. James Comer (R-MAGA), chair of the House Oversight Committee. And undeterred by the utter lack of any new or evidence or testimony, they resumed wallowing in the sort of dishonesty that resulted in Fox News having to pay $787 million for lying about election fraud. Bartiromo began with a question that included her own obvious bias…

Bartiromo: What else can you do get some accountability after all of this information that you say you’ve dug up?
Comer: I think the two best options moving forward are obviously criminal referrals and then impeachment. Impeachment is still on the table. There’s still an overwhelming majority of Republicans that agree with me that Joe Biden has committed impeachable offenses. Now our confidence level in the Senate is very low, but at the end of the day the criminal referrals are something that I believe – if we don’t have a Department of Justice today, hopefully in a year we will have a Department of Justice that can hold him accountable. But we’re gonna have the tools in place to hold this family accountable for the criminal wrongdoing that they have committed one way or the other.

Virtually every word of Comer’s reply is untrue. He has no path forward for impeachment, or he wouldn’t be resorting to criminal referrals. And he has no path forward for criminal referrals because their is no evidence of any crime, and the Department of Justice will surely laugh it off. Furthermore, Comer does not have an “overwhelming majority of Republicans” on his side or he would have brought it to the House floor for a vote.

What Comer is actually announcing is that he expects Trump to “weaponize” the Justice Department (something that Trump and the GOP regularly whine about) to prosecute his political opponent if he were to reoccupy the White House. Which would be peculiar since Trump insists that presidents have “total immunity” from any criminal prosecution.

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Apparently Fox News and Comer disagree with Trump. And Trump will disagree with himself if the opportunity arises, because he couldn’t care less about being consistent or even rational. The only thing Trump ever cares about is whatever he can bend to his self-interest at the moment.

Of course, none of this comes to pass if Biden is reelected. In which case, Comer’s “two best options” are losers before they even leave the gate. Which is a situation that he should be familiar with by now, considering all the losing he has suffered through so far.


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2 thoughts on “Fox News and the GOP Are Now Dreaming of ‘Weaponizing’ the Justice Department Against Biden

  1. Yes, of course, the Traitors whine that Biden is weaponizing the government against Their God (he’s not), but cheered when Their God weaponized the government during his Tyrancy against all non-Trump worshipers (which he DID) — and are plotting NOW to weaponize the government likewise.

    It’s a longtime wet dream, but Traitors can NOT allow the Law and Justice to be applied against Their God or anyone who worships him.

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