HUH? GOP Says the Sham Biden Impeachment is Legit Because GOP Committee Chairs Are on TV a Lot

The Republican members of the House of Representatives are fiercely dedicated to their singular mission of maligning President Biden and every other Democrat that they encounter. They have utterly abandoned any pretense of serving their constituents or carrying out the duties to advance the welfare of the American people or the nation.

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Joe Biden, GOP, Elephant

In pursuit of their bitterly partisan goals, the GOP is preparing to vote on whether to stage a thoroughly ludicrous Biden impeachment inquiry, despite not having the slightest hint of evidence of any wrongdoing. It is such a blatant farce that even Fox News has reported on the GOP’s shameless inability to produce any facts to support their smear campaign…

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On Tuesday morning the Republicans held a hearing to debate the Impeachment inquiry proposal. It was predictably devoid of any substance that would justify either an inquiry or an impeachment. However, it was chock full of asinine arguments by Republicans trying desperately to defend their dimwitted determination to destroy Biden. And leading the pack was GOP Rep. Guy Reschenthaler, who sought to rationalize the alleged “transparency” of a process that Republicans have been insisting be conducted behind closed doors. He GOP-splained that…

“They’ve continued to update. Not just Chairman Comer, but Chairman Jordan, Chairman Smith. They’ve been on TV…You can’t turn on a news program without seeing one of those three updating the American people on this. So to say that we’ve come up lacking in transparency is laughable.”

That’s right! It was all above board because recidivist liars like James Comer, Jim Jordan, and Jason Smith, are frequent guests on Fox News and Steve Bannon’s War Room. They actually believe that that sort of perpetual media presence is how congressional business is supposed to be conducted. They have adopted the Trump perspective of Reality TV being de facto reality.

In fact, what Reschenthaler is describing is precisely why the Republican plans are preposterous and intolerable. They are hoping to hold the hearings in private, and then only reveal on right-wing television programs what they claim took place. They will, of course, deliver grossly biased distortions of reality in their TV appearances. And they will mischaracterize whatever “evidence” they choose to present. This is the same process they previously proposed for deposing Hunter Biden…

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This isn’t conjecture. Republicans have already demonstrated that they will brazenly lie about testimony given in private. That tendency was noted by Democratic Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon, who responded to Reschenthaler’s nonsense saying that…

“Mr. Reschenthaler is absolutely right. The three chairs of the committees conducting this sham impeachment inquiry have been all over the news. On Fox, on Newsmax, every night, mischaracterizing what they’ve found. Mischaracterizing what witnesses have said.

“And that’s why it’s important that, if this is to go forward, the American people will be able to judge for themselves. There’s a pattern and practice at this point of the Republican majority hiding what’s going on, only cherry-picking the evidence that they want to move forward. Disregarding when it’s contradicted, even by their own witnesses.”

If Republicans go forward with their phony impeachment inquiry it will likely backfire on them, just as all of their prior attempted smears have done. They think that the American people are stupid. But who can blame them when the only people they have any personal contact with are the ones who watch Fox News? The rest of the nation will be heard loud and clear next November when Republicans are driven from office.


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3 thoughts on “HUH? GOP Says the Sham Biden Impeachment is Legit Because GOP Committee Chairs Are on TV a Lot

  1. Of course, that’s just preaching to the converted, and most of those converted are idiot Trunt Worshipers convinced Their God is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being they’ve ever known in their lives.

    Wait a minute – that sounds familiar….

  2. Lee Atwater would be proud!

  3. Want a closed hearing because they’re on TV a lot? Rich! You mean they want a closed hearing so they can go on TV and lie. Hunter sounds like he has more honor in his little finger than the entire Republican Congress could ever have.

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