Hurricane Relief

Hurricane Katrina has ravaged much of America’s gulf coast. The cost of the damage, on a human scale, is incalculable. The treasure that was New Orleans may be rebuilt, but will it ever be restored?

The devasting ferocity of Katrina has opened our eyes to just how destructive nature can be. But it has also opened our eyes to the destructive agenda of an administration consumed by greed and riddled with incompetence.

For those who have suffered the loss of loved ones and livelyhood, there is little consolation in promises to rebuild. So it is in the spirit of New Orleans that I offer this uniquely appropriate method of recovery. What better way to get relief than by utilizing this ancient art to enforce accountability on a president that has never deigned to accept any.

[Thanks to Fred Johns at Something Cool News for his article about the voodoo doll and for interviewing me.]