Project Censored 2006

Sonoma State University’s Project Censored has released their 2006 edition of the top 25 stories that went unreported or under-reported by the corporate media. Ending the suspense, I will reveal now that the number 1 story is about Bush Administration Moves to Eliminate Open Government.

I’m shocked I tell you, shocked!

Here’s the rest of the top 10:

  • 2. Media Coverage Fails on Iraq: Fallujah and the Civilian Deathtoll
  • 3. Another Year of Distorted Election Coverage
  • 4. Surveillance Society Quietly Moves In
  • 5. U.S. Uses Tsunami to Military Advantage in Southeast Asia
  • 6. The Real Oil for Food Scam
  • 7. Journalists Face Unprecedented Dangers to Life and Livelihood
  • 8. Iraqi Farmers Threatened By Bremer’s Mandates
  • 9. Iran’s New Oil Trade System Challenges U.S. Currency
  • 10. Mountaintop Removal Threatens Ecosystem and Economy

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