Fox News And Conservatives Have Totally Lost Their Friggin Minds

Obama Derangement Syndrome has spread to infect every cell of the conservative brain. The depth of their sickness has finally become so severe that it negates any hope of recovery.

The “Moonie” Washington Times published an article with the headline: “New Obama slogan has long ties to Marxism, socialism.” There is nothing new about the rabid right’s delusional assertions that President Obama is a Marxist, socialist, Kenyan, Muslim, Anti-Christ, who is conspiring with communists, Al Qaeda, the New Black Panthers (all four of them), and Sesame Street to subvert democracy, indoctrinate our children, and deflower our women. But this particular incident is rooted so firmly in dementia that it deserves closer attention and merciless ridicule.

The problem cited by the Washington Times, and picked up by Fox Nation and Breitbart among others, is that the word “Forward,” used prominently in a new Obama campaign video (posted below), is inherently wicked and representative of dastardly evildoers seeking to establish a tyrannical, Islamic, atheist, caliphate throughout the world – or something. The article states that…

“The Obama campaign apparently didn’t look backwards into history when selecting its new campaign slogan, ‘Forward’ — a word with a long and rich association with European Marxism. Many Communist and radical publications and entities throughout the 19th and 20th centuries had the name ‘Forward!'”

So there you have it. By using a word in the English dictionary that means “ahead, onward,” the Obama camp has revealed their commitment to worldwide socialist rebellion. Never mind that the associations cited in the conservative press are a hundred years old, or that the word has been used in innumerable other contexts before and after those associations. For instance, the pinko Ronald Reagan Society at his alma mater, Eureka College, uses the phrase “Reagan Forward.” Even Fox News used it in their on-air promos:

Fox News Forward

Initially, when the Obama video was released, the cry from the right was that the campaign had lifted the slogan from MSNBC which uses the phrase “Lean Forward.” That allegation was carried by conservatives from Fox News contributor Michele Malkin to the New York Post to Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze, and others. Apparently that didn’t stir up enough bile among the right-wing faithful, so they had to escalate the attack to suggest this affiliation with ancient enemies.

Ironically, it was Fox News who took great offense to an allegation by John Aravosis of AmericaBlog late last year, that Mitt Romney’s campaign had adopted a slogan previously used by the Ku Klux Klan:

Romney KKK

On several occasions Romney included a phrase in his stump speech that closely resembled one that the KKK used frequently in the 1920s: “Keep America American.” Subsequently there was some debate as to whether Romney actually said “Keep America America,” a small difference of the single letter “n” at the end. The outrage from the right was immediate and fierce. How could those awful liberals insinuate that Romney was a Klan member? Fox News was all over the story with even their top program, The O’Reilly Factor, devoting segments to it.

Of course, nobody ever implied that Romney was a Klan member. They merely noted that his campaign had not sufficiently researched the language that they were making such a prominent part of their strategy. And they made the additional point that, if it were a Democrat whose slogan could be tied to some past perceived ignominy, Republicans would have feasted on the gaffe. Aravosis seems prescient in retrospect for having facetiously said…

“In an era in which it’s apparently okay for Republicans to accuse President Obama of being a socialist, I guess we now need to ask if Mitt Romney is a Ku Klux Klansman. Not whether Romney inadvertently is using the KKK’s number one slogan from the 1920s on the stump, no, the Republicans would say, if this were a Democrat, that clearly the candidate was a closet member of the KKK.”

Now that speculation has been made real by a conservative effort to advance their smear campaign against Obama. And their is nothing facetious about the right’s belief that the President is a socialist. When an anchor on MSNBC reported the story about Romney’s slogan, the right swung back hard in retaliation. MSNBC then issued a quick and thorough apology on the air. And that’s where the comparison ends. The right proudly and obstinately clings to their abhorrent missteps – probably because they aren’t missteps, but deliberate slander.

Conservatives have been making unfounded claims that the President is a socialist since before his inauguration. These were not merely observations about similarities in rhetoric, but outright accusations that they assert as fact. And now they are engaging in the exact same tactic that just last December they condemned as character assassination.

This is about as good an example of the ethical vacancy of the modern right as there will ever be. Their fixation on inventing new methods of tarnishing the President has devolved to condemning him for using the English language. So today the word “forward” is off-limits. Tomorrow will it be “progress” or “justice” or “the” or [fill in the blank].

Seriously…these people have totally lost their friggin minds.

[Update] Fox Business Network joins the club castigating forwardness. Tonight Lou Dobbs jumped in with the added attraction of one of Glenn Beck’s surplus blackboards.


30 thoughts on “Fox News And Conservatives Have Totally Lost Their Friggin Minds

  1. Why don’t you stop acting like this is exclusively a conservative political thing. The democrat party, just like the republican party, uses anything they can to twist any statement into a crazy connection to some unpopular view. Like wanting to privatize medicare is somehow anti-elderly or akin to threatening health care coverage for all elderly – or wanting to address ILLIGAL immigration in some way not supported by liberal types is somehow “ANTI IMMIGRANT”. Get off you high horse and stop acting like liberal motives in the political arena are pure and honest.

    • This is not about politicians this is about the media… learn to read.

      • Wake up moron – this is every bit about politics as it is about media. The media angle gives you some cover to say dumb things and hide behind it just as you did. Mark is very good at this – he uses the excuse of media “decay” to push his leftist politics and attempt to silence anything right wing. Keep believing the lie all you want.

        • With every post, you convince me that you are ignorant, and calling me a moron is projection.

          What a jerk you are. You have no clue what you are talking about and how much of an idiot you appear.

          Ad hominem intended ’cause you just don’t have a clue

          • Well then, I’m a jerk. I’ve been called worse. My eyes are open, try it yourself. I know BS when I see it. You’re so blind it amazes me.

          • I agree with Steve! He is stating that most liberals / Democrats never seem to realize (or admit) that there own party does the same things they demonize the other for. That’s Steve’s whole point…the problem lies in peoples unwillingness to open there eyes and see truth. I am not speaking of the Republican Truth but the truth of any issue.

  2. If you really think about it, it’s not motives of any particular political party but of a process that we have not only come to accept but encourage as well.

    What I see is a complete lack of empathy on the side of the Fair and Balanced news source and all others. It appears to me that there is no line or boundary that can be crossed in which some apologies or terminations are warranted. This is not the case at MSNBC and others where talking heads get suspended for making outrageous claims or deliberately promoting a lie.
    Do liberals blow up the slightest little thing to get media attention? Of course they do but what liberal in politics has a media outlet that will support and help propagate their claims?
    None I can think of. Don’t try MSNBC as I have seen them on many occasions correct a Dems/liberals talking points. Besides, MSNBC has Morning Joe, a show about pandering to Republicans and bashing Obama all while trying to appear non-partisan.

    And when did it become acceptable to interrupt the President during the State of the Union address and call him a liar?
    What happened to ‘if you don’t respect the man, respect the office’? If you don’t like a politician then support yourself with facts and not infantile and cowardly insults.

    I’ve gone off on a tangent.

    • Nice tangent RobJ, well said.

    • That was nice RobJ (seriously)…now if you can get the rest of your bullheaded constituents to stop calling everyone a “racist” that disagrees with them, then your party might get some more people in it or seem credible.

  3. Wow I didn’t know I live in the Marxist state of Wisconsin. “Forward” is the state motto. Check out the emblem on our flag.

    • Of course you do. How else would explain all those radical protests and your socialist governor Scott Walker? 😉

  4. What are the chances the Obama campaign specifically and purposefully chose this slogan, just to watch their heads explode with a new round of conspiracy theories?

    They never cease to amaze with the ridiculousness they come up with.

    It’s really quite fun to watch.

  5. The new Republican motto: “Not just BACKWARDS, but ASS BACKWARDS!”

    • “Some people say” that the new Faux”News” motto is stolen from “Blazing Saddles”-“Up Your’s Ni@#er!”

      FoxNews headline-Romney Killed Bin Laden, in 3, 2, 1,………

      • and now someone has chosen to hide behind this media issue to peddle his racist comments – well done.

        • Yeah, like we should listen to “Steve in York” with his “scintillating” right wing attitude.

          Yeah, you are such a tool, “STEVE”

          • Steve *still* needs a little remedial reading comprehension, y’all. Please have some patience… it may not come in our lifetime.

          • Scarlet not all men are bad…sheesh…be nice to one and you might be surprised

        • I did say “Some people say” which as we know from Fox, absolves me from any connection to that comment!
          Thanks for playing Steve.

          • Keep deluding yourself. Of course I shouldn’t be surprised by liberal hipocrisy anymore, when using racist language to prove a left wing point, it’s ok. I’s sure you would be as forgiving if someone on Fox News used the same language. Mark has written entire articles on vaguely suggestive language from right wing commentators, but you get off without any comment – hipocrite.

            • “Hipocrite”?

              Wow, both an illiterate and a moron. Keep up the good work, Steve, you’re a fine representative for your 18th century point of view.

            • LIberal hypocrisy?

              Please, since you’re better informed than the rest of us, then show us some examples.

              If you can.

            • The Pisser? lol..his name ruins all credibility…Scarlet seems to be a feminist man hater…and Bigtoe, well you know him 🙂

          • You’re right Steve. I would officially like to distance myself from the remarks that old woman used on sheriff Bart.
            Don’t hate me-I learned how to apologize from watching Fox”News?”.
            I could do this all day!

            • Steve isnt it nice to see the comments “speculating that your a racist”. Thats all they have…if you cant beat them, call them a racist and the case is closed. BTW people there are many examples of the hypocrisy in the democratic party. Its not just a republican thing. I assume if you can find the News Corpse website, you could maybe do a search on google, yahoo or any search engine to find these instances, but thats to easy. But its even easier calling everyone that disagrees a “racist” or imply thru terms such as: y’all, 18th century point of view, etc…The great thing is, that regardless of how I feel and all of you feel. The majority will win and gets to set the policies. We are supposed to debate opinions and views.

      • Typical Loser speak Sandman…you need your mouth slapped for being so intelligent ““Some people say” that the new Faux”News” motto is stolen from “Blazing Saddles”-”Up Your’s Ni@#er!”. Can defend a position with that thing on your head…so lets make it simple…”Racism”…

        • Who did I call a “racist?”
          I didn’t call “Steve” a racist, so why are you saying I called him a racist?
          Scroll back up and read it again.

          • I realize you didn’t call Steve a “Racist” but you did say ““Some people say” that the new Faux”News” motto is stolen from “Blazing Saddles”-”Up Your’s Ni@#er!”

            FoxNews headline-Romney Killed Bin Laden, in 3, 2, 1”

            Why even put that out there? I dont believe for one second FOX is a racist organization. You can say what you want about there reporting or practices, but to call and dismiss them as “Racist” is ludicrous. There are many successful and intelligent black men out there that agree with the views of FOX NEWS. I am sure you are going to ask me who, right Mark? You know the answer and who these men are…

  6. There’s no question in my mind there are different rules for those at fox or I should say no rules. And you can always tell from the comments here who believes their drivel and who doesn’t.

    What I find interesting is the obvious “projection” (referred to earlier) by those making comments. It doesn’t escape my notice the leaders in the repubs party are doing the same and so do the right wing media talking heads. I’m sure that’s where they get it. And they think we can’t see it. I feel embarrassed for them to some extent. It’s like they don’t know their “cloaking” device isn’t working and we haven’t told them either.

  7. How about the word “Shit” for a slogan for both parties. Everyone knows what it means, past, future, and present. It can be expanded to such slogans as “Well, Shit..” or “Shit Hitting the Fan” or “How about this Shit”. Seeing as the word has shifted (shitted?) from a definition of defecation to something that is cool (..he is the shit!)I think the youth vote might be a little less apathetic to…(wait for it) this shit.

    This message brought to you by Toilet Paper Makers of America.

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