Romney Derangement Syndrome Introduced By Fox News

Today fox News added Mitt Romney to the list of “Derangement” syndromes that have entered the vernacular. That in itself is not particularly noteworthy. The syndrome meme has been gaining popularity and has been attached to virtually every major political figure at one time or another.

What’s of note here is that this decidedly partisan expression was not coined by a Fox News opinion commentator and it did not appear on Fox Nation. It was authored by Chris Stirewalt, the politics editor for Fox News Digital: “Obama Suffers From Early Onset Romney Derangement Syndrome.”

Fox News Romney Derangement

The article addresses the phony controversy stirred up by Fox over whether Obama had politicized the killing of Osama Bin Laden by referencing it in a web video that enumerated some of the President’s accomplishments in office. It would be impossible to draw up such a list without including the Bin Laden episode, but the right wants to forbid the President from getting any credit for his role in accomplishing something his predecessor failed to do for seven years. Here is an excerpt from the article that Fox News considers to be “fair and balanced:”

“[M]aking a nakedly partisan attack surrounding the best military moment in a long time looks grubby and un-presidential. It makes the other things Obama is doing to capitalize on the killing – nuzzling Brian Williams in the Situation Room, etc. – go from eyebrow raising to just plain yucky.”

Does that sound like a hard news treatment of current events? To be clear, Fox News has an opinion section on their web site, but this article was not in it. They presented this brazenly biased screed as actual news. And what’s worse, Fox is completely wrong on the facts of the matter. Romney actually did criticize Obama for saying that he would pursue Bin Laden, even into Pakistan, and that if Pakistan would not act, he would. Romney responded by saying that he disagreed with Obama’s remarks and that he (Romney) would not violate the sovereignty of our Pakistani allies. Therefore, Romney would not have killed Bin Laden under the circumstances that Obama was faced with, despite the fact that he now says he would have done so.

If anyone is politicizing this affair it’s Romney. He is twisting the President’s representation of events and misquoting himself. It’s a classic case of Monday morning Commander-in-Chiefing.


10 thoughts on “Romney Derangement Syndrome Introduced By Fox News

  1. Someone made the quote, sorry I don’t recall who or where it came from but I believe it speaks to the type of person Mitt Romney is.

    “Romney is like a well lubricated weather vein.” -unknown

    (maybe some of you readers could put a name & actual verbiage to this.)

    • Jon Huntsman in a CNN interview criticized Romney as a “perfectly lubricated weather vane.”

  2. Repubs and their mouthpiece, fox, are such hypocrites. Had Bush killed Bin Laden, there would be a national holiday established so we could celebrate Bush doing something right for once. Anyone on the right knows it and insults us when they suggest they wouldn’t want to remind us of it every chance they got. The fact that the President doesn’t brag about it with fireworks every other weekend just equates to “poor leadership” in right wingers minds.

    “If anyone is politicizing this affair it’s Romney.”

    I agree. In typical Romney style. Romney doesn’t sit on the fence on any issue. He gets on one side and then the other. I like Louie Gohmerts comment on Romney when asked about his excitement level for repubs chances this election; “If you’re not sure about whether to support Mitt Romney, whether you’re liberal of whether you’re conservative, you ought to be excited, because he’s been on your side at one time or another,”.

    • Right Wing, Left Wing, Middle Wing, Wing Wing…Wasn’t that claim leveled against President Obama when he ran for his current seat? But i do agree with you that Mitt, puts on to many hats. I watched a SNL skit on him that was hilarious. Check it out, Bigtoe, Littletoe, Cameltoe, and the ever popular moose

  3. Obama is is the ultimate ebony evil communist traitor. Romney isn’t driving him nuts. Obama already is nuts and an abomination by any estimate, a real sinister traitor of the worst sort in U.S. history. There’s not even a token of loyalty in Obama for the U.S. He should be impeached immediately.

    • Wait, you forgot Nazi, Kenyon, socialist/fascists,(these last two are interchangeable don’t you know), anti- american, marxist dictator. Feel free to add any more I forgot.

      Impeach him? Hell, Rob, we should just hang him at dawn, shouldn’t we? We can’t have a leader of the free world doing stuff like getting us better health care, saving the economy and saving the auto industry and all the 1.4 million jobs along with it. And what about that Bin Laden guy? What an evil ebony communist traitor our President is for killing that guy, right? You know, the one Bush couldn’t be bothered with just 6 months after 9/11?

      Give it a rest, dude. You need to get out more.

      • Bigtoe, you make reference to “hang him at dawn” wtf is wrong with you? Cant you defend your position without implying he is a “Racist”. You seem somewhat intelligent, why use that? I think most conservatives, Republicans or Tea Party members LOATH the fact that any discussion with a person holding the opposite position is silenced by “Racist / Racism”. I am sure there are some clansmen hiding in the group, but to call all that oppose your position a “Racist” is flat out wrong and you need your mouth slapped

        • You are an idiot. Here’s why. Rob brought up race with the word ‘ebony’. Big toe specifically pointed at rob for it, in fact by name and by relevant reply.

          Also, if you’re weirdo ass continues to threaten violence then I’ll suggest you get banned.

          Is rob’s comment even for real? I mean…if it is then he forgot to take his thorazine.

    • I just hope everyone knows that this is not me. Please change your handle, we wouldn’t want any confusion here.

  4. I personally like the very adult use of the word “yucky”; the article itself is loaded with quality verbiage like “mucked it up” and “wee weed up”. Did Fox hire Jar-Jar Binks as a staff writer and I missed it?

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