Desperate Fox Nationalists Launch ‘Obama Regime’ Meme

In a textbook example of a biased media enterprise succumbing to desperation, the Fox Nation has taken to employing highly charged words that insinuate evil intent on the part of President Obama and the executive branch of the United States government. When referencing the Obama administration the Fox Nationalists are routinely calling it the “Obama Regime.”

Fox Nation Obama Regime

The word “regime” is generally reserved for dictators and totalitarian governments (i.e. fascist regime). It’s a characterization that will surely resonate with the low-information, wingnut audience at Fox who are freaked out by imaginary communists and are rooting for the apocalypse. But the term is egregiously out of place when referring to the democratically elected president of the United States whose powers are balanced by two other equal branches of government.

Fox Nation routinely inserts negative bias into their articles, but this overtly distorted and disparaging rhetoric is illustrative of their determination to brainwash their dimwitted readers. Rather than exhibiting any confidence that their message could prevail in a fair discussion, Fox resorts to putting their readers on a leash and leading them to the conclusions that Fox preordains. It’s evidence of their belief that both their arguments and their audience are irreparably weak.

While the remedial editors at Fox think they are cleverly influencing the public, they are actually just insulting their base. Granted, they have good cause to conclude that Fox fans are easily manipulated and swayed by false reporting, it is still a sign of the desperation on the right that they would resort to this transparent tactic. And it is not unexpected from the pathetically immature editors at Fox who regularly engage in name-calling in their headlines. It’s no wonder that Fox closely guards the identity of the Fox Nation editorial staff. They must be terribly embarrassed to be associated with this juvenile garbage.


10 thoughts on “Desperate Fox Nationalists Launch ‘Obama Regime’ Meme

  1. I’m pretty certain that the folks who grafitti bathroom stalls at subway stations have more journalistic integrity than these people.

  2. Embarrassed? No, they thrive on this kind of misinformation and misdirection. After all, if they told the truth about the Obama administration, they would have to tell their idiotic viewers that the best course for America and especially women and jobs is to vote Democratic.

    • Yes, they thrive on misinformation. However, they are embarrassed to reveal who they are. Fox Nation does not publish the names of their editorial staff as every other news enterprise does. I have written to Fox to try to get the information, but they don’t respond. There has to be a reason that the people who do all that work are so feverishly hiding their identities.

      • Plus, it’s about the only large blog site I’ve ever seen without a search feature.

        • Yep. In fact, Fox has a row of tabs at the top of their page with all of their associated sites (Fox News, Fox Business, fox Latino, etc.). Every one of those sites have a search box. Fox Nation is the only one that doesn’t. What are they trying to hide?

          • They might also be victims of the same paranoia that afflicts their puppet masters Ailes and Murdoch. I wouldn’t be surprised that they have some notion in their head that they would have tie-dye and granola thrown at them by all the “liberal media” and its adherents if the Fox Nation editors were made public.

  3. Fox Nation thrives on misleading headlines with links to stories that don’t actually support the headlines’ contentions. But they know that their target audience will never actually follow the link, read the actual story or seek out a possible alternate explanation. They will read the headline and reaffirm their previously held belief.

  4. fox has a fox nation tab right next to the fox latino tab. I use firefox and it’s there..I go there to see what the fox zombies are up to

  5. Fox Nation is to journalism what fundamentalist universities, like Liberty and Bob Jones, are to higher education-a joke! It’s a little surprising to me that the people who create this nonsense don’t own up to it, considering this is the kind of shit the regular Fox News talking heads spew every night. What is the difference between this nonsense on Fox Nation and what Sean Hannity says every night? Whoever is creating this negative fantasy world, I’m sure, would love to be the next Sean Hannity or Bill O’Reilly. For some reason Fox wants to keep it secret so maybe someone over there does have a sense of shame but I doubt it. Maybe they are afraid of a libel or slander suit? It’s a mystery we can only speculate about, but considering the juvenile level of the content it could be interns who may want to practice real journalism someday and therefore want to hide the fact they were ever at Fox Nation at all. They could put something on their resume’ that says ‘Worked at National News Organization website, blah, blah, blah.

  6. One thing you can say for FOX Nation……they know their audience. Words like regime, czar, Socialist, Marxist, & Obamacare resonate w/ their readers.

    It’s the equivalent of buttered popcorn at the movies.

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