Ann Romney Salutes Women But Still Doesn’t Trust Them To Make Decisions About Their Own Bodies

The Republican National Convention Kvetch-a-Sketch continues. Last night Mitt Romney’s wife gave a speech that included the shocking revelation that she loves her husband and that she thinks he’d be a pretty good president. Fox News broke into their Karl Rove convention analysis with a “News Alert” to announce this hot scoop (of manure). But the real news item was Ann’s salute to American women:

Ann Romney

“You are the best of America. You are the hope of America. There would not be an America without you. Tonight, we salute you and sing your praises.”

Too bad that Ms. Romney and her husband don’t have enough faith in American women to make decisions about their own health care; or get equal pay for equal work; or receive sustained funding for family services like Head Start and the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

Romney’s singing the praises of women is a dour dirge that she refuses to back up with actual policies that women really need and want. It is hollow rhetoric intended to stem the rapid decline of support for her husband by America’s women. And it won’t work. There is a reason that Mitt’s support is so low. It has something to do with the GOP war on women that Romney supports in full. And vacant words from Stepford wives will do nothing to bring Women to the Romney campaign.


8 thoughts on “Ann Romney Salutes Women But Still Doesn’t Trust Them To Make Decisions About Their Own Bodies

  1. I find it incredibly humorous that you would write an article like this when you, with your statist views clearly don’t believe the people of this county are smart enough to make their own decisions about practically anything – especially their own money. At least you’re a consistent Hypocrite.

    • And you’re a consistent gasbag who lies about my views. But I’m glad you find my site humorous and continue to come here and raise my ad rates.

      • I’m glad I can help on your ad rates. You really have convinced yourself of your moral superiority – which is why pointing out your hypocrisy is so much fun and you put it in writing. No lies here about your views – they are pretty clear – take take take from individuals to fund your grand plans while never once actually adressing the true costs to your fellow americans – and I’m not talking about money. No, there are no lies about your views here, just painful truths. Keep hiding from the truth and one day you’ll find yourself enslaved to this government you so love.

        And I must say the funniest thing I’ve gotten from you is this idea that because you call yourself progressive per your political views, you actually believe your views represent progress – laugh riot – the only progress is toward statism and collectivism – thanks for that.

        • You’re welcome. Anything I can do to assist your delusional lunacy I am happy to do. Although it doesn’t appear you need much help in that department.

          And if you had anything of substance to say, you might have your own web site instead of spewing irrelevant crap here. I notice that, once again, you haven’t even got the intellectual capacity to comment directly on the subject of this article – as you never do.

    • Keep flogging that straw man, SIY. Then return to your John Birch night out.

      I read an article earlier about a woman at the Republican convention who was running a tent dedicated to women and their issues. One of the things she told the reporter was that Obamacare was anti-woman because it allowed them to make their own health care choices. Oy!

  2. So, SIY thinks because women want to be able to make their own medical decisions and make the same as men for the same job, we are going down the socialism/communism road.

    And because Mark points out that Ms Romney doesn’t think women should have these choices, he’s a hypocrite? The logic escapes me.

    For the record, I think Ms Romney, who has never in her life wanted for anything, should walk a mile in the shoes of regular folk before showing her ignorance.

  3. Hang on..SIY is visiting this site and increasing Mark’s ad revenues?
    Mark…You didn’t build that.
    (just keeping it real)

    BTW: Good article on Alternet.

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