Andrea Tantaros Of Fox News Wants You To Punch Her In The Face

Fox News pundit and co-host of “The Five,” Andrea Tantaros, stepped forward on Thursday to make a brave announcement outlining her position on the free exercise of democracy.

Fox News - Andrea Tantaro

In a discussion about … Oh what the hell, it doesn’t matter what it was about. It always ends the same way with whichever interchangeable right-wing yakker belching out something similar to what Tantaros said: “This is Obama’s America! It’s like the Soviet Union.”

That’s right. America is exactly like the Soviet Union. You almost can’t tell them apart. Remember when Soviet voters elected a Black Russian to the presidency? And if the USSR was known for anything it was the freedom that people like Tantaros have to criticize the government and its leaders. But Tantaros went further to declare that Obama…

“…said he would change the country. He said it. He said it. He said it. And a lot of people voted for him. And if you see any of those people today, do me a favor. Punch them in the face.”

Now that is Tantaros’ America. And it’s nothing at all like the Soviet Union. After all, Obama said he would change the country, which just about every candidate for president says. When was the last time you heard a candidate promise to keep everything exactly as it is right now? Then Tantaros notes that a lot of people voted for Obama. Well, actually a decisive majority. It’s called democracy. So that right there earns them a blow across the chops. How dare they express their popular choice for leadership?

But lest we caught up in rhetorical trivia, let’s examine Tantaros’ remarks from a philosophical perspective. What she is saying is that it is appropriate to physically assault those with whom you have political disagreements. If someone votes for a presidential candidate who you don’t like, punch them in the face. If they dispute your contention that global warming is hoax, kneecap them with a baseball bat. And just to make sure they can’t continue advocating for Marxist welfare like Social Security or Medicare, pour some acid down their throat.

Since Tantaros co-hosts a daily program on Fox News, we can rest assured that she holds these views in the fairest, most balanced way possible. She certainly would not assert that these remedies to political debates be reserved for only one side. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that she would be totally OK with her ideological adversaries employing these same debate tactics on her.

To be perfectly clear, I am not advocating that anyone assault Tantaros or anybody else. But that’s only because I’m not a sanctimonious, rage-aholic a-hole. I’m just pointing out the logical conclusion to her own argument. Thereafter, people can make their own decisions. After all, this is Tantaros’ America.


12 thoughts on “Andrea Tantaros Of Fox News Wants You To Punch Her In The Face

  1. Here is what the Palins and Fox have done to America..made one side HATE the other. Make vicious accusations based on that hate. Divided us into the haves and have-nots, and made sure that the haves get more, at the expense of the have-nots. Co-opted GOD and patriotism to make it seem as if the haves somehow EARNED their status rather than just took it. Whatever happened to OUR nation, ONE nation, where we all respect each other? Fox has shouted and bitched their way to one nation, divided. I hope they are happy to have played right into bin Laden’s plans, because this is what he predicted. Bravo, Ailes. You are taking down America for al-Queda.

    • Some of what you say is very true and it’s unfortunate – but you blame all of it on specifically “the Palins and Fox” – I think you can expand it beyond just right wing outlets don’t you think? both parties have been vilifying the other for many, many years and, in the course of that, divided people into groups that now despise the others ideas and beliefs. You can add Mark into that, he is always good for an insult to anyone who has beliefs different than him. Just pick any article he has posted now and you’ll probably find some ignorant insult directed toward fox news viewers or any opposing group. And isn’t it Left wing ideas of taking from one group by force of government to give to another creating that exact divide? It goes both ways – don’t fool yourself.

    • Sally wrote: Here is what the Palins and Fox have done to America…

      Careful, Sally! 🙂 Since you didn’t write “the Palins and Fox, among others,” you are running the risk that somebody might come along later and claim that ‘you blame all of it on specifically “the Palins and Fox”’. But what do I know? Perhaps you were intentionally giving such a hypothetical person the opportunity to reveal themselves.

      • typical lefty – only right wingers created this issue between people of different views – so you should be able to make those claims with impunity. If we all just accepted your positions on everything, everything would be fine, or at least you would be happy.

        • You commit a couple of really basic errors in rhetoric here. First of all, the entire exercise you’re involved in is known as tu quoque. You would like to get rid of the fact of the issue here by ‘you do it too’.

          If this were a valid approach, you don’t have any ‘tu’ here at all. Typically this type of idiotic remark by the silly person on Fox News IS limited to this type of venue.

          “typical lefty – only right wingers created this issue between people of different views – so you should be able to make those claims with impunity.” is just word salad.

          All you have said is that you have a belief about ‘the left’, a first principle and a rather unexamined one at that.

          • Don’t over complicate this – whether or not their argument is valid, their general belief – which is a typical belief with the left wing commenters (including Mark) here (and has been stated numerous times in this and past articles) – that right wing personalities are exclusively responsible for dividing us as a country through “hate speech” and other inflammatory statements – is fraudulent, naive and plain wrong. It’s typical of most here in that they believe themselves to be superior and not capapble of behaving in a way that they associate with right wing behavior, which they hate. This belief, they think, gives them cover to dismiss all other opposing beliefs and those who push them with little thought. I choose to point it out because they need a dose of reality.

            • No, you chose to point this out because you are a coward. You are intellectually incapable of forming a coherent argument. You would do anything other than concede an obvious truth if it is counter to your preconceived biases. That’s why you cannot simply agree that Tantaros is undeniably wrong.

              I have many times condemned this sort of violent rhetoric from whoever the source. And I have never said that it is exclusively the right. It is just as wrong if Ed Schultz does it. But all you ever do when you comment here is ignore the blatant ass-holiness of the right and resort to a “the other side does it too” defense. It’s pathetic.

    • It’s not just the Palins and Fox; add Rush Limbaugh and especially Glenn Beck to the mix.

      They are creating a hateful division that is plain to see with every comment on Beck’s website written by one of his reactionary supporters. (His detractors write there too.)

      United We Stand, Divided We Fall: the latter is very much what the right-wing echo chamber is undertaking, not intentionally but through stupidity and irresponsible rhetoric like Tantaros’ hateful, idiotic words.

      • You do actually read this blog right? Yes, they (Beck, Rush, etc) may be dividing, but you are incredibly naive to suggest it’s one way – right wing whoevers don’t hold a monopoly on hateful, idiotic words. Just because you want it to be true, doesn’t make it so – open you eyes.

        • I write in comments quite often that there is nothing wrong with an opposition press. If fact, it’s healthy; but there is a big difference between freedom of the press to convey the truth about business, government and events, and what Fox is up to: right-wing, deceitful propaganda that is Fox “News” and BlazeTV: “The lies live there.”

        • Steve in LaLaLand, tell me where you hear “hateful, idiotic words” on MSNBC or Current TV.

          No doubt, there are liberals and radicals who used “hateful and idiotic words” in comments around the Internet, but we’re discussing the media. You’re attempting to create a false equivalency, and that is “incredibly naive to suggest.” You may interpret words in your biased assimilation of them as “hateful” or “stupid,” but that “doesn’t make it so.”

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