Christmas In Iraq

Here are a couple of perspectives of America at war during the holiday season. The first is brought to you by the propagandists of Fox News. The second is courtesy of Reality.

So for the deluded viewers of Fox News, you don’t need to worry about our soldiers in harm’s way. The are actually enjoying themselves. You don’t have to be concerned about the risks they face, and don’t trouble yourselves with their families who are missing them.

The front lines in Iraq are not an assignment fraught with danger as the “liberal” media would have you believe. They are just another joyful destination for the Crusade of Freedom that our caretakers in Washington are bestowing on the world.

Relax and rejoice and enjoy your Christmas dinner. As you can see, if you stay tuned to Fox News, our troops are doing the same.

For another perspective, here is Cass Dillon singing a new song by Billy Joel, Christmas in Fallujah.