Sean Hannity of Fox News is Already Making Excuses for Why Trump Will Lose Debates to Biden

The 2024 presidential election continues unfold amidst the spectacle of one of the candidates being tried on multiple felony charges of election interference and campaign finance fraud. And Donald Trump’s legal problems will surely be among the topics of discussion at any of the candidate debates, should they actually take place.

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Donald Trump, Joe Biden

There is some question as to whether the debates will occur, primarily because the Republican Party has refused to agree to the sponsorship by the bipartisan Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) that has been been conducting them since 1987.

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The Republican National Committee (RNC) issued their rejection of the CPD because it wouldn’t submit to their demands, consisting wholly of complaints that crybaby Trump made in 2020 due to his cognitive inadequacies and inability to engage in a substantive dialogue.

Now, in advance of the proposed debates by the CPD, Trump’s MAGA media minions are already making excuses for why Trump is going to lose those debates to President Biden, despite their insistence that he is mentally deficient and, according to Trump, “can’t put two sentences together.” On his Fox News program Friday night, Sean Hannity whined that…

“If he does debate, we will see jacked up Joe 2.0. Whatever Red bull that he drank, or caffeine pills that he took, or whatever he might have taken, I promise you they’ll give it to him again

Hannity was referring to his prior allegations that Biden was “medicated” during his State of the Union address. Hannity, and every other Trump-fluffer, were unable to accept the fact that Biden had just delivered an eloquent and passionate speech, so they resorted to a smear campaign based on nothing but their infantile imaginations. And Trump joined in as well, shouting in all caps that “THE DRUGS ARE WEARING OFF!”

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It’s apparent that Hannity is convinced that Trump is the mentally deficient candidate who will humiliate himself in a debate with Biden, who will show up much better prepared and composed. Trump will demonstrate his notorious ignorance of the issues, along with his petulant temper and vulgarity.

Consequently, months before the debates are scheduled to occur, Hannity is laying the groundwork to account for Trump’s expected embarrassing exhibition. Unfortunately for Hannity and Trump, that isn’t going to work for either one of them. Trump will undoubtedly shame himself with a predictably pitiful performance, and Hannity will shamelessly ignore reality by praising Trump’s failure. Meanwhile, Democrats will be hording the popcorn.


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