The Supreme Court Immunity Case is Even Scarier Knowing Trump Threatened to Execute His Critics

Last week the Supreme Court heard arguments on whether a president is entitled to immunity for any crimes he or she may commit while in office. Donald Trump has been frantically posting dozens of utterly ludicrous demands for such immunity because he’s currently facing 88 felony charges for violating laws ranging from campaign finance, to election interference, to inciting an insurrection, and even the Espionage Act.

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Trump’s signature whining consists entirely of his ridiculous belief that a president cannot function if he has to worry about being prosecuted for unlawful activities. But worrying about being held accountable for criminal acts (e.g. deterrence) is one of the main reasons we have laws. What’s more, not a single president prior to Trump has ever asked for or needed immunity in order to make the difficult decisions required of them.

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The Court specifically addressed certain ghastly hypotheticals in their questioning of Trump’s attorney. And his answers were troubling in the extreme. For instance…

Justice Sonia Sotomayor: If the president decides that his rival is a corrupt person and he orders the military to assassinate him, is that within his official acts for which he can give immunity?
Sauer: It would depend on the hypothetical, but we can see that could well be an official act.

Other equally disturbing scenarios that Trump’s lawyer sanctioned as deserving of immunity were staging a coup, fabricating false slates of electors, and selling nuclear secrets to foreign adversaries. Apparently no act of treason was too much for Trump or the right-wing Justices he appointed.

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What makes all of this ever more frightening is that it transcends the realm of the hypothetical. In an interview with CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, Trump’s former Attorney General, Bill Barr, was asked about a report that he was present when Trump suggested executing an actual person who was suspected of leaking information. Which led to the following exchange…

Collins: Do you remember that?
Barr: I remember him being very mad about that. I actually don’t remember him saying, executing. But I wouldn’t dispute it, you know? I mean, it doesn’t sound — I mean, the President would lose his temper and say things like that. I doubt he would have actually carried it out. I don’t, you know.
Collins: But he would say that on other occasions? You said he would lose his temper.
Barr: The President, you know, the President had a — I think people sometimes took him too literally. And he would say things like, similar to that on occasions, to blow off steam. But I wouldn’t take him literally every time he did it.
Collins: Why not?
Barr: Because at the end of the day, it wouldn’t be carried out, and you could talk sense into him.
Collins: But just because it’s not carried out, and you could talk sense into him, doesn’t that still mean that the threat is there?

So Trump has actually considered assassinating Americans who he regards as political foes. This is no longer just fanciful musing. And Barr’s dismissal of Trump’s overt threats is pitifully weak. What would happen in another Trump administration wherein there was no one to talk him out of his murderous intentions? Which, by the way, is precisely the sort of administration that Trump is already planning, should he be reelected. It’s one that would be populated by unflinching loyalists vetted by his family and cult confederates.

Putting together Trump’s already articulated desire to rule as a brutal tyrant in the mold of his hero, Vladimir Putin, with the acceptance by the conservative Justices on the Supreme Court of such barbaric acts, paints a dire picture of what the United States would become under another Trump regime.

It would effectively make Trump an untouchable dictator, capable of monstrous savagery. Or, as he puts it, “retribution” for the wrongs he believes have been inflicted on him. But it would not be anything remotely recognizable as the America described by its Founders, its Constitution, or the aspirations of its citizens. And it must not be permitted to occur. If the Courts will not prevent it, the people must do so by voting overwhelmingly for democracy and liberty and justice.

Which means voting for Democrats up and down the ballot. Because Republicans like Barr, and Lindsey Graham, and Ted Cruz, and Mike Johnson, and Marjorie Taylor Greene, et al, ad infinitum, are all committed to Trump even if he’s convicted of felonious crimes. They’ve said so. Believe them.


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