Why is CBS News Still Obsessed with Dredging Up Braindead Trump Voters?

For some unfathomable reason, much of the mainstream media has an uncontrollable fixation on the muddled mindset of Donald Trump’s Legion of Losers. Despite being a shrinking minority of the populace who have set aside all semblance of reason, the press feels compelled to get their opinions about the current political landscape that they obviously can’t comprehend.

Donald Trump Rally, Sieg Heil

On Monday morning CBS News dispatched Ted Koppel to Mt. Airy, North Carolina, to engage the passengers on a Magical Mystery Tour of sorts. Their tour bus was headed for the fictional inspiration for “The Andy Griffith Show,” Mayberry, NC, where the sheriff, Andy Taylor, refused to carry a gun. And what could be a better metaphor for country hicks who believe in fantastical fairy tales, whether told by classic TV characters or crackpot conspiracy theorists?

This compulsion to explore the bitter psyches of voters whose candidate was decisively defeated by Joe Biden has precisely zero news value. And it is notable that there is almost never an effort to balance the record by interviewing Biden voters at a backwoods Waffle House who comprise the electoral majority. The press only seems to care about the Trumpian yokel worldview. Which led to this enlightening discussion (video below):

Koppel: Tell me what you think happened on January 6th at Congress.
Trumper 1: They showed truckloads of people that they were bringing in for this. It was all staged. And that’s how that happened. They even showed pictures of it from the news about these vehicles coming in with all these BLM [Black Lives Matter] people.
Trumper 2: We don’t even watch news on TV anymore. We don’t feel like that we are being told the truth. And we find our truth in other ways. And I won’t say what those other ways are, but I feel like we aren’t being told the truth because we’re trying to be swayed in a direction that we know is not the right direction.

It is frightening and sad that there are still delusional Trump cultists who believe that the January 6th insurrection was staged by radical lefties outfitted with Trump flags and fashion. That’s when they aren’t claiming that there was no insurrection at all and that the whole affair was peaceful. Trump himself said that “It was zero threat, right from the start… Some of them went in, and they are hugging and kissing the police.”

And never mind that scared Republicans in Congress, including the GOP minority leader Kevin McCarthy, were pleading with Trump to call off his brigades while the riots were still in progress. And forget about all the rioters who have bragged about their Capitol invasion adventure.

The “truckloads of people” brought in were not BLM moles. And the Trumpers never saw that on TV. We know that in part because it didn’t happen, and in part because they admitted that “We don’t even watch news on TV anymore.” And it’s cute that they claim to have “other ways” to find truth, but that they won’t say what they are.

The Trumpists can’t seem to decide whether the insurrection occurred, or was just a love-in, or was a righteous protest, or was – according to Tucker Carlson – orchestrated by the FBI. In the meantime, Koppel’s bus blather continued…

Koppel: When President Trump talked about the press being the enemy of the people…
Trumpers: They are. I love President Trump. I love that man. I do.
Trumper 3: I just hope that when this airs it won’t show Southerners as a bunch of dumb idiots like so many parts of the country do. We have a lot of love in our hearts. We love our country. We love our follow man. And if the rest of the country felt like that, it would be a better place.

So the answer to the question about whether the press is the enemy of the people is that they love Donald Trump. And after that utterly inane comment they worry about being perceived as “a bunch of dumb idiots.” Well, if that ship hadn’t sailed before, she just cast it off.

What’s more, if they want people to believe that they have Love in their hearts, they probably shouldn’t be accusing Black Americans of being violent provocateurs, or calling journalists enemies of the people, or defending Trump’s lies and disinformation that is dividing the nation and undermining democracy. Those are hardly expressions of either love or patriotism.

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Hapless Hannity Mocks CNN’s Ratings While Ignoring His Own Downward Spiral

The presidential election last November heralded real change for America. And it wasn’t just by evicting Donald Trump from the White House. Almost immediately the Fox News audience cratered due to the network having bent to reality by recognizing that Joe Biden had decisively beaten Trump.

Fox News, Sean Hannity

In addition to Fox’s viewers being disappointed that their formerly favorite dispenser of ultra-conservative propaganda had betrayed them by not embracing Trump’s “Big Lie” that the election was “stolen,” Fox also had to deal with some competition from a couple of upstarts to their already extreme right (who are also having ratings troubles). Consequently, for the first time in twenty years, Fox News fell to third place behind MSNBC and CNN. And you know that’s gotta hurt. According to Forbes

“Fox News Channel, owned by Rupert Murdoch’s Fox Corp, has dominated the rating books since the start of the 21st-century, but over the first two weeks of 2021, it has averaged fewer viewers throughout the day than both CNN and MSNBC.”

The pain from having been crippled in the ratings clearly got to Sean Hannity. On Wednesday he posted an item on his website that celebrated that CNN was in a “Free Fall” having “Los[t] 47 PERCENT of Primetime Audience in Key Demographic Since Trump Left Office.” The article excitedly declared that…

“Without wall-to-wall coverage of all-things Donald Trump, CNN’s primetime line-up has lost nearly half of its entire audience in the 25-54 age demographic since the former President left the White House on January 20th.”

There are a couple of notable slants in Hannity’s twisted take. First of all, notice that he is only measuring the ratings decline from Biden’s inauguration day on January 20, rather than from election day on November 3rd. That’s because by January there had already been a massive spike for both CNN and MSNBC, so the subsequent drop looks considerably steeper.

Even more bizarre is Hannity’s description of CNN as having “wall-to-wall coverage of all-things Donald Trump,” when it is Fox News that wears that description so much better. Fox continued to cover every utterance of Trump during that period, which was not the case with CNN and MSNBC. They were, however, covering Biden’s public events that Fox virtually ignored. Hannity even commented on his program that he couldn’t find Biden. Obviously, he must have been looking on Fox News.

Fox News has regained some of its losses in the past couple of weeks, but it is still struggling to stay ahead of the competition. What’s more, while all three of the cable news networks saw rollercoaster ups and downs since election day, both MSNBC and CNN are averaging more viewers than they were a year ago. Rachel Maddow even rose to become the number one program in all of cable, not just cable news. Only Fox News is lower year over year. And Fox’s competitors succeeded by covering the real president and his administration. Bloomberg reports that…

“All three of the big cable news networks have seen a decline in viewers since their highs around Election Day. MSNBC, which has been broadcasting news conferences daily by Biden Press Secretary Jennifer Psaki, led in total viewers throughout the day last month. It and CNN were up year-over-year in February, while Fox saw a decline.”

However, Hannity’s article provided a hysterical analysis of the ratings landscape with a three year old quote from Ted Koppel:

“Longtime broadcaster Ted Koppel famously mocked CNN’s Brian Stelter to his face back in 2018, telling the network’s media pundit that ‘CNN’s ratings would be in the toilet without Donald Trump.'”

Let’s set aside that the fact that what Koppel said was hardly mockery. It was just an opinion that Brian Stelter likely agreed was plausible. What makes this so laughable is that Hannity must have forgotten this exchange he had with Koppel that literally mocked him to his face on his own show in March of 2017:

Hannity: Do you think I’m bad for America?
Koppel: Yes. … You have attracted people who are determined that ideology is more important than facts.

So Koppel not only told Hannity to his face that he was bad for America, but he insulted Hannity’s viewers as being ignorant cult followers who don’t care about facts. And all of this inspired Hannity to post a celebratory article full of wholly unwarranted pride. It’s hard to think of something more pathetic.

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Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
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Idiot Watch: Fox News Contends That Obama Wants Economic Slide

Fox News Sunday hosted Liz Cheney to discuss the economy and Barack Obama’s role in deliberately sabotaging it. The conversation descended into a surprisingly moronic set of conspiracy theories that would make Glenn Beck’s doughy chest heave with pride. And of course, it was a discourse that utterly abandoned known facts.

Wallace asked Cheney whether it was a problem for Republicans that they are portrayed as “fighting for the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy but willing to let the payroll tax cuts for the middle class disappear.” Cheney evaded that question entirely in order to serve up an inane conjecture that defies coherent logic:

Cheney: The President basically seems to have made the calculation that he’s gonna let the next thirteen months of the American economy slide for the sake of his own political benefits.

The reason Cheney evaded the question is because she knows that overwhelming majorities of the American people support letting Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy expire, and they also support the extension of the payroll tax cut. So she was forced to resort to inventing a distraction to defend the GOP’s indefensible agenda.

However, with her back up against the wall, Cheney latched onto an absurd assertion that President Obama wants the economy to suffer in order to enhance his reelection prospects. She apparently subscribes to the theory that poor economies are the best way to boost political campaigns. That’s a theory that only makes sense to a party that takes candidates like Donald Trump, Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Rick Perry, and Newt Gingrich seriously. It exposes a level of ignorance that is mind boggling.

In addition to the delusional nature of Cheney’s political analysis, she is also factually miles from reality. The pretext for her comment was her assertion that Obama has done nothing to address problems associated with unemployment and the deficit. She alleged that Obama had not engaged the Super Committee to assist in shaping a compromise. However, there was a White House proposal before the Super Committee had even convened its first meeting. That proposal offered a four trillion dollar reduction in debt achieved through both new revenues and entitlement cuts.

As for employment, Obama has already implemented initiatives to spur hiring of new employees in the form of credits for hiring the long-term unemployed and veterans. He has proposed restoring the nation’s infrastructure which would not only improve the environment for commerce, but would employ thousands. Republicans opposed those initiatives, as well as every other plan to help American families recover from the GOP-made catastrophe.

All sane observers know that delaying economic recovery would be the worst thing that could happen for Obama’s reelection campaign. In fact, the only beneficiary of a bad economy is the Republican Party and they have been openly hostile to any method of healing the country’s economic woes. Representative of their point of view is this image of an anti-recovery conservative who would rather hurt his neighbors and his country than to see Obama get credit for improving the economy. A real patriot would be hiring now in order to get the nation back on solid footing. But that is not how Republicans think.

Almost from inauguration day, the GOP has sought to kneecap the administration by opposing its policies and personnel. They have engaged in a record number of filibusters and created a degree of partisanship that is unprecedented. They have even opposed their own proposals after they were endorsed by Obama. It is an intentional tactic aimed at producing a national crisis, both economically and politically, to alienate voters and drive a wedge between different factions of the American people. It is a cynical and destructive crusade of division that has been exacerbated by a media that feasts on controversy and discord. Ted Koppel put it well in a recent article in Broadcasting & Cable:

Ted Koppel

“One day, most Americans will point at us in the news media and say, ‘Why didn’t you tell us? Why did you encourage all that partisan bile and venom? Why did you feed us all that trivial crap, when so many terrible things were converging?’ And no one will be happy with the answer. Least of all those of us who offer it. ‘What we gave you,’ we will say, ‘is what you wanted.'”

Sad, but true. And while Koppel gets some credit for saying it now, you have to wonder where he was when Bill Clinton was being impeached over a sex scandal; when Fox News launched as “fair and balanced”; when George W. Bush invaded Iraq and portrayed his opponents as traitors; when candidate Obama was accused of “pallin’ around with terrorists”; and when the Koch brothers financed the deliberately divisive Tea Party.

The media’s exploitation of melodrama and the Republican’s embrace of willful ignorance have united to create one of the most unstable eras of American history. It’s going to take a concerted effort to undo the damage, but it is not too late if conscientious citizens demand more of both the media and Washington.