DUH! GOP Tweet Admits that ‘The Republican Party Isn’t Going Anywhere’

The Republican Party is unarguably mired in a historically deep trench of disinformation, division, and cultist devotion to a deranged former reality TV game show host. They are at each others throats, voting to censure those deemed to be insufficiently loyal to Dear Leader, Donald Trump, as he conspires to skim donations from the Party to his own coffers.

Donald Trump, Republican, GOP

In the midst of this intra-party uncivil war, the party honchos are struggling to hold things together despite their pitiful incompetence. Remember, this is the party that chose to keep the leaders who presided over losing the House, the Senate, and the presidency. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone when the Party’s official Twitter account unloads this pathetic cry for help:

The video in that tweet features a brief exchange from President Biden’s press conference that Fox news found so appalling and boring. the GOP was so shaken by that, they felt compelled to respond. It provided nothing particularly newsworthy, other than a snarky quip by Biden about the GOP’s tenuous status as a political entity:

Reporter: Do you believe you’ll be running against former president Trump [in 2024]?”
Biden: Oh come on. I don’t even think about … I have no idea. I have no idea there will be a Republican Party. Do you?”

The GOP’s official response to that was the inadvertently honest observation that “The Republican Party isn’t going anywhere.”

Well, DUH! It’s been painfully obvious to most of the sentient world for the last five years (many more to be precise) that the GOP is going nowhere. They have been hijacked by an intellectually vacant television celebrity who pretended to be a billionaire, but who’s only real asset was his skill at running con games. And their agenda utterly ignores the needs of the American people, focusing instead on more guns and less voting.

Now the GOP (Groveling Old Parasites) are bowing down to Trump and making pilgrimages to Mar-a-Lago to kiss his ring. They are scared witless of angering him for fear that he might aim one his illiterate insults at them, or sic his cult followers on them during a GOP primary. It’s a display of cowardice unseen before in American politics.

Meanwhile, Biden’s throwaway line about the the GOP’s future has tied the party up in knots. But they utterly missed the more substantive remarks Biden made immediately afterward. And that’s the part that truly devastates the core raison d’etre of the Republican Party. He began by observing the hypocrisy of the GOP. “My Republican friends,” Biden noticed, “were worried about … the act that we just passed which puts money in people’s pockets.” He was referring to the popular American Rescue Plan that not a single Republican voted for. Biden continued…

“Did you hear them complain when they passed close to a $2 trillion Trump tax cut — 83 percent going to the top 1 percent? Did you hear them talk about that all? I love the fact that they’ve found this whole idea of concern about the federal budget. It’s kind of amazing.

“When the federal budget is saving people’s lives, they don’t think it’s such a good idea. When the federal budget is feathering the nest of the wealthiest Americans — 90 of the Fortune 500 companies making billions of dollars not paying a cent in taxes; reducing taxes to the point that people who are making — you know, if you’re a husband and wife, a schoolteacher and a cop, you’re paying at a higher rate than the average person making a billion dollars a year is — something is wrong. Their newfound concern.”

So the GOP ignored Biden’s eloquent criticism of the their elitist disregard for the welfare of the American people, and his attack on their flaming hypocrisy. But they latched onto his light-hearted recognition that the future is unknowable. Particularly for a party that has sold its soul to a carnival barking grifter. And that’s the sort of attention to detail that the GOP thinks will secure them victories in 2022 and 2024. Which is great news for the Democratic party.

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Poor Peter Doocy Whines that Biden Didn’t Let Him Ask a Loaded Fox ‘News’ Question

The fact that Fox News continues to wonder why they aren’t respected as a journalistic enterprise is actually further evidence of why they aren’t respected as a journalistic enterprise. A real news organization would recognize how far removed they are from credible journalism. But Fox seems to be either completely unaware of it, deliberately dishonest about it, or desperately in denial.

Fox News, Peter Doocy

On Friday Fox News demonstrated perfectly why no one takes them seriously as a news source. Following President Biden’s press conference on Thursday, which suffered Fox News’ predictable, knee-jerk criticism, the right-wing propaganda network focused intently on the most significant news produced by the event: Mean Mr. Biden didn’t call on Fox’s pouting Peter Doocy for another one of his petty inquisitions. But Doocy wasn’t having it. So he complained to the manager (press secretary Jen Psaki), who promptly ate his lunch:

Doocy: Any time that the President has an event where he’s given a list of reporters to call on, Fox is the only member of the five networks in the TV pool that has never been on the list in front of the President. And I’m just curious if that is an official administration policy.
Psaki: We’re here having a conversation, aren’t we? And do I take questions from you every time you come to the briefing room? Has the President taken questions from you since he came into office?

Psaki responded to Doocy like he was wayward child, which was entirely appropriate. Any other news organization would have been embarrassed by such a petulant display of hurt feelings. What’s worse is that Doocy wasted his time in the White House Briefing Room to register his self-serving complaints, rather than asking substantive questions that might actually address important issues. He could have saved his whining for a private conversation with Psaki. But he wasn’t through yet. He later made the same lament on air:

“The President would have a list, usually of about five people, and those are the ones that he would call on […] If he decides to just stick to the list, then we are left out.”

So this is the clearly the overarching issue in America today, at least on Fox News. It must be resolved before considering any discussion of the COVID pandemic, immigration, voting rights, or mass murders. And Doocy’s confederates at Fox agree. Media Matters reports that “Eleven different programs have combined to mention how Biden did not call on Fox White House correspondent Peter Doocy at least 24 times.” They included Jesse Watters calling Biden “chicken,” and Sean Hannity complaining that Doocy didn’t get to ask his “important” questions. Even Donald Trump brought it up in his “interview” with Laura Ingraham.

No one at Fox News bothered to mention that the New York Times didn’t get called on either. And they didn’t whine about it afterward. And Fox conveniently forgets that, if anyone was chicken it was Donald Trump. He never once gave CNN or MSNBC an interview in four years as president. And he’s already done four phone-ins with Fox News from his Mar-a-Lago bunker since leaving office.

The real question isn’t why Biden didn’t call on Fox News. It’s why would he ever do so? You’re only supposed to call on journalists during a press conference. In a world where journalistic integrity was honored, Doocy and his ilk wouldn’t even be allowed on the press room. And the fact that he and his Fox gripers are making such a big deal of this is only further proof that they don’t deserve to be treated as bona fide reporters.

Biden’s press team recently articulated certain principles that, if followed, would result in having to ban Fox News from White House briefings. Which would surely make them more informative. In the meantime, enjoy this video where the Daily Show “FOX-splains” Biden’s 37,268 scandals so far in his two months of being president:

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