Trump is Fired Up Over ‘Massive Evidence’ of Election Fraud that Doesn’t Actually Exist

The madness of Donald Trump has not subsided in the slightest amount since his humiliating loss to Joe Biden eight months ago. In fact, he has gotten perceivably worse. In recent days he has claimed for himself the exclusive “right” to destroy America. He has admitted to pressuring the Department of Justice to “Just Say the Election Was Corrupt.” He has doubled down on his deadly, sociopathic, pro-COVID agenda.

Flaming Trump

On Sunday afternoon Trump took another step off the ledge of sanity. In another of his public whine-fests tweeted by his spokes-shill, Liz Harrington (a flagrant violation of Twitter’s Terms of Service that prohibit circumventing a ban), Trump reiterated the “Big Lie” that he has been peddling to his dimwitted cult disciples for the past several months. His new claim combines his fantasy fiction about the 2020 election with his seething hatred for the free press. What follows is an annotated transcript of his lunacy marinated message (linked here for those who wish to report it).

“The New York Times, and others, always insert a clause into their stories, ‘WITHOUT EVIDENCE, that the election was decided fraudulently.’ As usual, this is FAKE NEWS.”
Appending the phrase “without evidence” is not a “clause.” It’s a statement of fact. Trump and his minions lost more than sixty court cases challenging the election due to the total absence of any supporting evidence.

“There is massive and unconditional evidence that the election was shattered with fraud and irregularities at a level that our Country has never seen before. Much of it is already public, and a great deal more is coming out in the very near future. Every time you read a statement that there is ‘no evidence of election fraud,’ about the 2020 election scam, just attribute that statement to a crooked and collusive media (they work closely together with the Radical Left Democrats) that will do anything to hide the real facts of this election fiasco.”
It is amazing how this alleged evidence is “massive” and “unconditional” (whatever that means), and occurs “at a level that our Country has never seen before,” but he can’t cite a single example of any of it. However, he instructs his devotees on how to process the fact that there isn’t any proof by simply attributing it to the “crooked” media. In other words, don’t believe lying eyes. If he really wants people to accept his claims of fraud, why doesn’t he just present some proof of it?

“After seeing the irrefutable evidence from numerous states, others are talking about doing deep forensic audits. This election was a scam and the Lamestream Media is doing everything in their power not to allow the people to see or read about what really took place. We no longer have a free and open media (they don’t cover the truth), but the word is getting out stronger than ever before.”
Once again, it is easy to refute evidence that doesn’t exist in reality. And the only states that are talking about doing audits are those with Republican legislatures who have bought into Trump’s lies. If Trump has a problem with the media not covering his alleged evidence, why doesn’t he produce it? Perhaps because it only exists in his twisted imagination?

“Even the Justice Department has no interest in the crooked and corrupt 2020 Presidential Election. They are only interested in hurting those who want to reveal how totally dishonest it was. The Justice Department should be looking at the people who rigged the election, not the Patriots of our Country who are seeking to find how our Nation was defrauded.”
For the record, Trump’s own Justice Department, with dependable sycophants like Attorney Genuflect Bill Barr, refused to validate his election fraud ranting. Barr’s opinions were eventually revealed in Jonathan Karl’s new book, Betrayal, where Barr is quoted as saying that “My suspicion all the way along was that there was nothing there. It was all bullsh**.” That, of course, triggered a Trumpian temper tantrum.

“We must also look to the future and fight for State Legislatures to reform their elections so that this will NEVER happen again. In the end, truth will WIN!”
Can’t really argue with that. Although, in Trump’s mind he’s actually proposing election “reforms” that suppress the vote, and “truths” that are flagrant distortions of reality that fit his delusional, narcissistic psychoses.

And there you have it. Trump’s tedious tirade about unprecedented levels of election fraud that doesn’t contain a single example. And yet, somehow his cult followers eat this up with a side of fries. It’s both pitiful and frightening that this can occur in a modern democratic society. We can only hope that spell wears off before the damage done is irreversible.

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Sen. Collins Lets Slip that ‘There Were Many Communications with Trump’ on January 6th

The investigations into Donald Trump’s culpability for the riots in Washington, D.C., on January 6th have barely just begun. So far there has been a one hearing that featured four law enforcement officers who were assaulted by Trump’s Insurrection Brigades. Naturally, Fox News immediately set out to malign the officers.

Donald Trump Insurrection

There is still much be learned as the investigation continues. The documentary and testimonial evidence is growing by the day. In that regard, Sen. Susan Collins of Maine helpfully added herself to the list of witnesses. On CNN’s State of the Union, Collins was questioned by host Jake Tapper about the House Select Committee that is probing the Trump-incited mob violence that sought to disrupt Congress from carrying out its constitutional duty to certify the election.

Collins told Tapper said that she “fought very hard” for an independent, bipartisan, 9/11-style commission to investigate the January 6th insurrection. But she failed to note that it was her Republican Senate minority leader, Mitch McConnell, whose opposition killed it. Then she goes on to complain about the Select Committee not being bipartisan, despite Speaker Nancy Pelosi placing two Republicans on the panel. It was GOP House minority leader, Kevin McCarthy, who refused to seat three other Republicans.

Tapper pointed out that two of McCarthy’s GOP picks for the Committee, Jim Banks and Jim Jordan, were “election liars,” and Jordan is likely to be called as a witness. To which Collins replied that, “There were many communications with [then] president Trump that day.”

Really? Who would that be? We know about Kevin McCarthy and Jim Jordan who, by their own admissions, spoke with Trump. Although both are declining to reveal the substance of their conversations. But if there were “many” others, then maybe Collins needs to be subpoenaed as a witness to disclose what she knows about those members of Congress. Were they calling Trump to plead with him to call off his insurrectionist brigades? Were they calling to plot strategy for the attempted coup after the assault on Congress?

These questions must be answered. And now Collins has woven herself into the investigation as a material witness. We know that Trump has gone to extraordinary lengths to subvert democracy. It is imperative that he be held accountable to restore faith in the American experiment. But all of those who were complicit in the domestic terrorism that Trump incited must also be held accountable. Including members of Congress who aided and abetted Trump’s treason.

Consequently, Collins must now be required to disclose what she knows, under oath, before the Committee. The seriousness of the crimes committed by Trump cannot be overstated. He was recently described as a war criminal by Carl Bernstein. And his accomplices must not be allowed to escape responsibility.

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How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
Available now at Amazon.