Sen. Grassley Stands Up for Trump’s Right to Conspire to Stage a Coup with DOJ Staff

The evidence that Donald Trump was – and still is – engaged in a treasonous plot to overturn the 2020 presidential election continues to pour in. Recent reports reveal his attempts to pressure the acting Attorney General, Jeffrey Rosen, to “just say that the election was corrupt + leave the rest to me and the R. Congressmen.” Trump has not disputed these accounts.

Donald Trump, Constitution

The newly impaneled House Select Committee investigating the January 6th insurrection just interviewed Rosen and, while the details have not been made public, there is general information that has been disclosed, and which are cause for serious concern. However, that concern is apparently not shared by Sen. Chuck Grassley, the ranking Republican member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Instead, what Grassley was concerned with was that…

“This country has had to deal with Democrats’ obsession with destroying Trump for much too long. In the process I fear my colleagues on the other side of the aisle have done, and will do, lasting damage to our political system.”

If the Democrats are “obsessed” with anything, it’s the preservation of American democracy. And if anyone is doing “lasting damage to the political process,” it’s Donald Trump, who has become, in the words of Carl Bernstein, an American war criminal.” But that isn’t exactly how Grassley sees it. He went on to say that…

“The president has every right to discuss ideas and strategies with his closest advisors. The president, whether that president is Democrat or Republican, should feel unrestrained to bring ideas to his closest staff for robust discussion. Eventually the facts will come out and Trump will have to address them. Good or bad, depending on the facts at hand.

“However, the essential question that should be asked: What was the final decision? And that is my major concern about the recent public comments coming out of these interviews I’ve discussed relating to this new Trump investigation. Unlike my Democratic colleagues, I won’t discuss the evidence publicly at this point in time. But let me remind the American public with a couple already public points. Did Trump fire acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen? No, he did not fire him.”

To be clear, Grassley is making the case that the president has the right to conspire against the United States of America, and to that end, he must be free to discuss “ideas and strategies” for staging a coup to seize power. Really? Perhaps the ranking Republican member of the Judiciary Committee should peruse the U.S. Constitution. Because what he’s suggesting is a flagrant breach of the supreme law of the land.

What’s more, the “essential question” is certainly not “What was the final decision?” No more than that would be the essential question in a case of conspiracy to rob a bank. The conspiracy is unlawful in and of itself. And Trump’s decision not to fire Rosen only came about when he was confronted by the threat of mass resignations by Justice Department officials. Trump didn’t have pangs of conscience that led him to do the right thing. He had a stabbing fear that his exploits would lead to a “Saturday Night Massacre” moment and he would suffer the same fate that Richard Nixon did.

For Grassley utter these words on the Senate floor without any sense of shame is illustrative of just how far down the rabid hole he has sunk. And like most of the rest of the Republican Party, he is nothing more than a Trump flunky serving Dear Leader and ignoring the welfare – and the laws – of the nation. For that reason, the American people need to stay active and engaged and determined to vote out every Republican on the ballot in 2022. The stakes are too high to get complacent or apathetic. Not with people like Grassley in high positions of power.

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Rand Paul Goes We, We, We, All the Way Hoping that COVID Kills More Americans

The nation is currently in the midst of a fourth wave of the COVID pandemic. And sadly, this one was entirely preventable. It was caused by the ignorant and stubborn resistance of anti-vaccine deadenders who have bought into the reckless lies of Fox News and the sociopathy of Donald Trump and his Republican Party.

Rand Paul, COVID

Among the most obsessed anti-vaxxers is Kentucky senator Rand Paul (R-COVID-19). He has been a staunch opponent of the CDC and other health experts, including America’s foremost epidemiologist, Dr. Anthony Fauci. Paul is so far out on the fringe that he actually made a criminal referral of Dr. Fauci to the Justice Department for allegedly lying to Congress. Dr. Fauci’s response was that “You do not know what you’re talking about…If anybody is lying here, senator, it is you.”

On Monday morning, Paul posted a video to Twitter (see below) that stated his case in support of the much maligned coronavirus. And to be certain that it was consumed by as many dimwits as possible, it was also posted as an op-ed on the Fox News website. Paul reiterated his position that the virus is nothing to be concerned about and presented himself as the guardian of pro-COVID “freedom.” The terminally deranged commentary began with Paul courageously declaring that…

“It’s time for us to resist. They can’t arrest all of us. They can’t keep all your kids home from school. They can’t keep every government building closed.”

Never mind that no one was threatening to have him arrested, or keep his kids home from school, or close any government buildings. So Paul is boldly standing up against “threats” that nobody has made. He went on to tell House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that…

“You will not arrest or stop me or anyone on my staff from doing our jobs. […] so you can continue your drunk with power rein over the Capitol.”

Again, Pelosi has never suggested any such thing. And the rules in the House of Representatives were implemented at the direction of the House’s Office of Attending Physician. Paul’s complaints, however, were pulled straight from his asinine failure to understand public health matters. Which is what must have triggered his idiotic edict that “No one should follow the CDC’s anti-science mask mandates.” And even worse, Paul completely contradicted reality by saying that “Children are not at any more risk from COVID than they are for the seasonal flu.” To the contrary, recent data shows that children are being infected and hospitalized in greater numbers than at any time prior during this pandemic.

Likewise, Paul’s petty retaliation for anyone who disagrees with him will be to petulantly block every bill that comes before the Senate. And he’s doing all of this for an unnamed horde of vaccine-averse rebels who don’t care at all about exacerbating the pandemic and potentially aiding in its continuing mutation until a variant that is vaccine resistant emerges. Throughout the video Paul refers to some vague collective of “WE” who he claims to represent, but who are never defined:

  • We don’t have to accept the mandates, lockdowns, and harmful policies of the petty tyrants and feckless bureaucrats.
  • We can simply say no, not again.
  • We have all either had COVID, had the vaccine, or been offered the vaccine.
  • We will make our own health choices.
  • We will not show you a passport.
  • We will not wear a mask.
  • We will not be forced into random screening and testing.
  • We will not accept your agencies’ mandates.
  • We will not allow you to do more harm to our children.
  • We are at a moment of truth and a crossroads.

In other words, “we” will expose ourselves, our families, our neighbors, our work associates, and every stranger with whom we come into contact, to a deadly virus that could be stopped with a simple shot in the arm. “We” will not be moved from our pigheaded stupidity just to save the lives of other innocent people who made smarter choices. And “we” will follow blindly the pundits and politicians who know nothing about epidemiology, rather than the doctors and experts who spent their lives studying it.

This isn’t about freedom. It certainly isn’t the freedom to go about our business without the fear of coming into contact with disease-carrying fools like Rand Paul. This is the kind of cognitively twisted thinking that has resulted in more than 600,000 COVID deaths in the U.S. so far. And if Paul and his confederate have their way, there will more suffering to come.

NOTE: Twitter suspended the News Corpse account after 11 years without giving a reason. So if anyone wants to tweet articles from my website, please feel free to do so often and repeatedly. Also, Be sure to visit and follow News Corpse on Instagram. Thanks for your support.

How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
Available now at Amazon.