Tucker Carlson Warns of ‘Revolt’ if Biden Doesn’t Apologize for Ending the Afghanistan War

Incendiary commentary has become a daily ritual at Fox News. When they aren’t justifying Donald Trump’s delusional allegations of an allegedly “stolen” election that already incited insurrectionist riots on Capitol Hill on January 6th, they are fomenting fear of a “socialist” take over that will put an end to freedom in America once and for all.

Fox News, Tucker Carlson, STFU

No one on Fox News has been more determined to spread dread to his dimwitted viewers than Tucker Carlson. He has fear mongered about “dirty” immigrants “invading” the United States and overwhelming “traditional” Americans (the White Replacement Theory). Carlson has also stirred paranoid panic with dangerously false disinformation about the COVID pandemic and the common sense methods of mitigating harm via masks and vaccines. He even went so far as to encourage his followers to report parents whose children wear face masks to the police as child abusers.

On Monday night Carlson took another step over the cliff of crackpottery by arguing that violent revolution is justified if President Biden doesn’t apologize for successfully ending the twenty year long war in Afghanistan. Carlson was terribly disturbed that he hadn’t seen anybody in the Biden administration take responsibility for the sometimes messy evacuation from a war zone that was entirely predictable.

Of course, Biden himself had explicitly told the American people that he assumed full responsibility for anything that happens on his watch. But that clear and concise message was too complicated for Carlson to grasp. So he unleashed this bit of asininity:

“This can’t go on. When leaders refuse to hold themselves accountable over time, people revolt. That happens. We need to change course immediately and start acknowledging our mistakes. The people who made them need to start acknowledging them or else the consequences will be awful.”

For Carlson to raise the specter of revolt is irresponsible in the extreme. He appears to be lusting for violence, and it doesn’t matter what the reason is. So even though Biden has been open and honest about the tragic circumstances in Afghanistan, Carlson still thinks his viewers should resort to the savagery of an irrational rebellion just on his say so.

Never mind that Biden pulled off one of the most remarkable military operations in U.S. history. He managed the largest personnel airlift ever, safely evacuating more than 120,000 people in less than a month. The one unfortunate incident was a terrorist bombing, but Biden retaliated swiftly and successfully within hours. And for this Carlson thinks Biden should apologize or be subject to a revolt of right-wing barbarians like those who stormed the Capitol last January 6th.

What makes this all the more preposterous is that Carlson’s rant could have been written by a progressive activist and directed at Donald Trump. Read it again and see if it doesn’t apply much more accurately to the explicit denials of responsibility by Trump for everything from the January 6th insurrection, to the 620,000+ deaths due TO COVID-19, to the horrific immigrant family separations, to the unprecedented national debt and income inequality due to his tax cuts for corporations and the rich, to the exacerbation of the climate crisis, and to so many more catastrophic consequences of his ignorance and/or deliberate malfeasance.

Trump has never taken accountability for any of the disasters over which he presided. Nor has he ever acknowledged making a single mistake. So by Carlson’s reasoning, If anyone has the right to revolt it’s America’s Democrats and progressives. And hopefully they will do just that by means of the ballot box in 2022, 2024, and beyond.

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Trump Slobbers All Over OAN in a Crazed Rant Against the ‘Evil, Corrupt Media’

A couple of weeks ago Donald Trump had his spokes-shill post a tweet for him that asked a simple question: “Do you miss me yet?” To which the majority of Americans would resoundingly reply, “How can we miss you if you won’t go away?” In the eight months since he lost so decisively to Joe Biden, Trump has been unable to keep his yap shut for a single day. Just like when he was still occupying the White House.

Donald Trump, OAN

Trump has been a non-stop outrage gusher whose inflammatory remarks pose a real threat to domestic tranquility of the nation. He has also been making the rounds of wingnut media with stops at his favorite fluffing stations (Fox News, Newsmax, etc.), and hosting his Coronavirus Superspreader Cult Rallies. One of his frequent media destinations is the One America News Network (OAN) where he appeared on Monday to gripe some more about what a victim he is. For a wannabe political messiah who tries to present a facade of strength, Trump sure whines an awful lot.

On this episode of Trump’s OAN bitch-fest, Trump continued his familiar and tedious attacks on the media with renewed vigor saying that it is “an evil, corrupt media, it’s corrupt as can be.” This is just Trump’s way of expressing his wrath for the press because they insist on telling the truth about him. But on this occasion he he also felt compelled to lavish praise on his OAN host:

“You guys are amazing. Your numbers are far better – I have to say this. OAN, your numbers are far better than anybody knows. They don’t do the Nielsen’s on your network. So many people are watching what you’re doing. The election fraud of 2020 is the single biggest thing they want to watch, and other networks don’t put it on because they’re afraid to put it on. Because they’ve been silenced.”

At this point it is useful to recall that Trump spent eleven years as the host of a reality television game show. So it is puzzling that he still knows less about how the Nielsen ratings work than a TV business apprentice.

The reason that OAN isn’t included in the Nielsen ratings isn’t because Nielsen is discriminating against them. It’s because OAN’s audience is too small to register any measurable numbers. But Trump’s Nielsen illiteracy shouldn’t surprise anyone considering that he repeatedly brags that his show was #1, when, in reality, it never rose higher than #7 (the premiere), spent most of its run out of the top 30, and languished at #113 by the finale.

What’s more, Trump’s delusion that most TV viewers are anxious to watch him grumbling about imaginary election fraud is downright deranged. The American people are bored to tears by his raving antics and polls show that they believe that Biden won the election fair and square and they want to move on. Trump previously tried to pressure Fox News to embrace his “Big Lie” about election fraud as a “ratings bonanza” without any success.

However, Trump may have a point that some networks are afraid of stories involving election fraud. Although, that is not because they are concerned about upsetting some omnipotent, status quo, authoritarians controlling the world. It’s because the claims are so transparently false that it makes them liable for multibillion dollar lawsuits like those already filed by Smartmatic and Dominion Voting Systems.

Trump loves OAN because they are one of the few outlets that continue to propagate the “Big Lie” that led to the January 6th insurrection in Washington, D.C., and threatens to incite more violence. In February OAN ran the crockumentary by the MyPillow Guy, Mike Lindell, that promised to provide “Absolute Proof” of election fraud (albeit with a hysterical disclaimer).

Needless to say, that promise went unfulfilled. But the promise of Trump’s relentless tantrums, slander, conceit, and flagrant lying is, unfortunately, still being carried out by Trump and his confederates at propaganda dispensers like OAN. If only he would go away so that at least his brain damaged cult disciples could finally miss him.

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