LOLOL: Fox News is Already Hyping Trump for Speaker of the House, and He is Open To It

The chaos emanating from the Republican Party as they endeavor to demolish the foundations of their own congressional caucus is nothing new. To the contrary, it is a familiar pattern of incompetence and a tunnel-blind fixation on hoarding power at the expense of advancing the interests of the American people.

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Nothing better exemplifies that than the way they banished their Speaker, Kevin McCarthy, for the sin of making concessions to Democrats in order to prevent a devastating government shutdown that most Republicans seemed to have been hoping for. And now that McCarthy is gone, there are factions in the party that are anxious to oust Rep. Matt Gaetz, the guy who led the McCarthy coup.

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No rational person thinks that this is the way that government should operate. But to the GOP, it’s the only way they know. So it should come as no surprise that some of them are plotting to make a bad situation monstrously worse.

Since there is no apparent heir to McCarthy’s throne, desperate members of the disgruntled GOP caucus are floating a name from outside the House: Donald J. Trump, the twice impeached former White House occupant who is currently awaiting trial on four criminal indictments consisting of 91 felony charges.

Trump’s name will likely be put into nomination by someone like Marjorie Taylor Greene or Troy Niels, who have both already expressed their support. However, advocates for a Trump speakership are also coming from his Ministry of Propaganda, Fox News. On Tuesday night during an interview of Jim Jordan on Fox News, Sean Hannity revealed that…

“Sources telling me at this hour that some House Republicans have been in contact with – have started an effort to draft former president Donald Trump to be the next speaker and I have been told that president Trump might be open to helping the Republican party at least in the short term if necessary.”

That’s right! It didn’t take Hannity – Fox’s Senior Trump-fluffer – but a few hours to promote his favorite soon-to-be felon to assume control of the People’s House. As if Trump would have the slightest idea what the job entails. And Jim Jordan was open to it too. Except for the minor problem that he announced Wednesday morning that he is running for the post himself.

Hannity said that he thinks that the “stable genius” Trump could be both president and speaker. That would be quite a feat. He would have to squeeze it in between his court hearings and potential periods of incarceration. But what Hannity and the GOP Trumpists appear to be ignorant of are their own rules that prohibit criminals like Trump from serving as speaker.

Rule 26(a) of the Republican House Conference Rules: “A member of the Republican Leadership shall step aside if indicted for a felony for which a sentence of two or more years imprisonment may be imposed.” [So you’re cool if you’re a Republican who has been indicted for a felony with only a one year sentence]

Trump himself is ignorant of this rule as well. On Wednesday morning he was asked by reporters if he would take the job of House Speaker. He replied that…

“A lot of people have been calling me about speaker … If I could help them during the process, then I’d do it.”

It’s hard to imagine Trump being helpful during this or any other process. He would be a worst case scenario for Republicans in the House or, for that matter, America. Trump knows even less about the administration of Congress than he does about the White House. And even after four years in office he has proven that he knows nothing about that. But then again, do Republicans have any better candidates? Do Jordan, or Gaetz, or Steve Scalise, or Elise Stefanik, or anyone else, stir their passions? Not so far.

If we’re lucky, Democratic Majority Leader Hakeem Jeffries will be elected Speaker. He would only need four or five Republicans to stay home in order to prevail. There are at least eighteen Republicans who are either fed up with their party or nervous about being reelected in Democratic districts. And Jeffries could offer them perks to encourage them to sit out the vote. Then he could maintain his position by proposing some form of power sharing. It’s a long shot, to be sure. But it’s way more likely than Trump – aka Cadet Bone Spurs – riding to the rescue.


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2 thoughts on “LOLOL: Fox News is Already Hyping Trump for Speaker of the House, and He is Open To It

  1. TUMP is disqualified from the House Speaker because he has ”Bone Spurs” Isn’t that the reason he never served in the Military? I just knew these MAGAs would try a stunt like this when McCarthy was expelled. TUMP being House Speaker would be a total disaster. Wonder what’s going to happen in November when the Shut Down thing comes up?? I do not even want to think about that right now.

  2. You know, traitors should NOT be allowed to run for any office.

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