Glenn Beck’s 2014: The Year Beck Admitted That He’s Crazy

Anyone who has spent any time observing Glenn Beck already knew that his mind was severely diseased. He has exhibited classic symptoms of paranoia, hallucinatory visions of doom, and delusions of Messianic grandeur. But it took until 2014 for Beck to realize it himself and confess it publicly.

Glenn Beck Messiah

What follows is a collection of some of the acute brain malfunctions that Beck presented to his disciples as commentary. If nothing else, it proves that insanity has the potential to be highly rewarding financially. Or maybe not.

Glenn Beck Confirms That He Really Was Crazy When He Said All Those Crazy Things

“About five years ago, right around the time we met in Washington, D.C. for 8/28, I had begun to have a string of health issues that, quite honestly, made me look crazy. And, quite honestly, I felt crazy because of them.”

The problem as this relates to Beck is that he has a history of being a pathological liar. It is, therefore, difficult to believe that this confirmed huckster isn’t just engaging in another scam. […] It would certainly explain Beck’s bizarre ravings about a global Islamic Caliphate. Or his hallucinatory visions of socialist art planted throughout Manhattan by Nelson Rockefeller. Or his numerous declarations of imminent doom, none of which ever came to pass.

Glenn Beck Wants Americans To Pay More For Gas To Help Russia And Saudi Arabia

Two years ago, when gas prices were soaring, Beck engaged in conspiracy theorizing that blamed President Obama for deliberately causing the spike as some sort of plot to advance social justice or environmentalism. Beck asserted that the high cost of fuel would lead to war with the Middle East as a collapsing America became desperate for cheap energy.

Guess what happened in the past two years? Gas prices have plummeted and Beck now regards that as a portent of doom. He says that it is “not good for America,” and will lead to war with the Middle East and Russia.

Glenn Beck’s Lunatic Ebola Conspiracy Theory: Obama Hates Dallas

Obviously President Obama’s agenda centers around the fact that he hates Dallas so much that he arranged to have an Ebola-infected Liberian fly there and die. […] Unfortunately for Beck, his theory falls apart when facts are brought into the conversation. First and foremost, it is not true that Dallas “doesn’t particularly care for the President.” In 2012 Obama was reelected with 57% of the vote from Dallas County. That’s a larger margin than he won nationally. Obama also beat McCain in Dallas by the same amount in 2008.

Glenn Beck Feels Oppressed Because He Can’t Say ‘Fag’ And ‘Nigger’

In the ever paranoid and dystopian world of Glenn Beck, the burdens of tyranny are a constant aggravation for him. Being a persecuted white Christian male in a nation that abhors such creatures must cause him terrible distress. And what is it that he yearns for to bring him some small measure of relief? Nothing more than to be able to utter the words “fag” and “nigger” with the carefree abandon that he believes is his birthright.

Poor Glenn Beck Gets Burned Defending Criminal Tea Party Creeps

Let this be a lesson for you, Glenn Beck. The next time you go out on limb to defend the Tea Party from having any complicity with wrongdoing, remember who you are defending. After all, the Tea Party is a phony “grassroots” creation of the Koch brothers that is populated by bigots and birthers and an array of far-right fringe conspiracy wackoids.

Glenn Beck Begs To Be Martyred (And It’s All On Video)

Beck explained why he believes that he is not the target of constant vitriol from the Obama administration. He actually seemed to be bitterly disappointed that the minions of evil in the White House were neglecting to harass him. But he was not short of an explanation for it:

“These people know who Martin Luther King is. They know who Dietrich Bonhoeffer is. And they know you screw with somebody who is willing to die for what they believe in – is not gonna shut up – go ahead. You know who Nelson Madela is. Imprison me. Go ahead, imprison me. I will not sit down. I will not shut up. I won’t. I will not conform. I will not comply. Period.”

Beck’s furious taunting that he be imprisoned because of his unwillingness to shut up begs the question, “Who asked you to shut up?” Beck is deliriously adamant that he will never sit down or shut up no matter how much no one is asking him to. It’s kind of like promising the Moon that you’ll stop shooting arrows at it. The Moon doesn’t know you’re doing it and wouldn’t care if it did.

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Yes, it’s been a banner year for Mr. Beck. And these episodes are merely the tip of the iceberg. Right Wing Watch has many more examples of Beck’s “cavalcade of bold proclamations, failed predictions, bizarre conspiracy theories, and all-around craziness.” But at least 2014 ends on a promising note that Beck is finally aware that he is suffering from a cognitive dissociation from reality. Of course, it hasn’t altered his abnormal behavior, so the effect of that revelation may be as illusory as the basis for his wild imaginings.

On the plus side, that means that the prayers of America’s comedians have been answered and that more comically bizarre ravings will be forthcoming in the new year. Good times ahead, people.


One thought on “Glenn Beck’s 2014: The Year Beck Admitted That He’s Crazy

  1. When a “man” who makes a fortune from talking like a delusional lunatic “admits” that he’s been acting “crazy”… what does that even mean? Has Beck been acting more “sane” lately? Has he taken back any of his bizarre proclamations? Did he find a new staircase in the dark M.C. Escher maze of his mind? Did he awaken from the Matrix… only to find himself in a whole different Matrix?

    When considering Beck’s mental state, never forget that he is not just a Mormon… he is a convert to Mormonism. Think about that; it’s one thing to be brainwashed into following a kooky cult from childhood on, but to actually brainwash yourself as an adult… that is deranged, big time!

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