Racists At Fox News Whine About Being Called Racists By Obama (Which He Didn’t Do)

The repugnant race baiters of the right have made it their mission to define anyone who alleges racism as instigators of civil disorder, promoters of racial division, and, in a display of epic hypocrisy, as racists themselves. It doesn’t matter how obvious the occurrence of bias, it can’t possibly be credible to the bigot apologists who believe that racism ended when valiant white saviors freed the slaves a hundred and fifty years ago. And these racism deniers came out in force following Obama’s appearance at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner.

WHCD Obama/Luther

Leading the pack are the hate-mongers on the Fox News community website, Fox Nation, where they recently featured a story about why “We Must Destroy ‘The Black Community'” With a headline like that it hardly matters what the substance of the article says (it argued, wrongly, that there is no need for any communities of commonality), the point is made to an audience that eats up openly hateful messages. They have abandoned their dog whistles for bullhorns.

In a continuance of this ugly messaging, Fox Nation served up another headline reading “If Only President Obama Weren’t Black.” The author is Erick Erickson, one of the most hostile promulgators of prejudice in the media, and a Fox News contributor. The opening paragraph of the article, that is ostensibly a critique of President Obama’s comedy routine at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner, says…

“Over the weekend, most of the worst people in the world gathered together in Washington, D.C. as a circle of jerks to sing each other’s praises. Sadly, there was no Samson to tear down the columns and collapse the roof on the Philistines of Washington. But there was a President of the United States willing to make jokes about the ‘F-word’ and an Imperial Court to worship him.”

Notice how Erickson begins the paragraph by making a sexual reference to “circle jerks” (slang for group masturbation), and ending with his sudden, and oh-so moral, offense to Obama making jokes about the “f-word.” Erickson is the cretin who once called retiring Supreme Court Justice David Souter a goat-fucking child molester,” so we know his objections to profanity are sincere.

The thrust of this article is Erickson’s contention that Obama “assume[s] the opposition to him is because of his race.” But nowhere in the article does Erickson provide evidence that Obama holds that view. The entire premise stems from the part of Obama’s address where Keegan-Michael Key portrays Luther, Obama’s anger translator. It is important to note here that the character is NOT Obama’s “black” anger translator. However, that adjective was inserted by Erickson to color his tirade against the President. It is his attempt to fuel the racist stereotype of the angry black man.

For the rest of the article Erickson rattles off a list of political issues that he asserts are unpopular, and then he infers that Obama regards them as such because of his race. Everything about that is flat out wrong. Many of the issues (e.g. a nuclear deal with Iran, ObamaCare) are not unpopular at all. And to the extent that a minority of Americans may oppose them, Obama has never suggested that their opposition was racially based. That is an invention of the right and of Erickson’s own bigotry. Erickson goes on to declare that…

“If only President Obama weren’t black, maybe he would realize that people don’t dislike him because he is black, they dislike him because he is a self-absorbed ass.”

There’s some more proof of Erickson’s moral superiority and objection to profane incivility. But more to the point, by suggesting that Obama’s perspective would be different if he were not black, Erickson is contradicting his whole premise. He is, in fact, asserting that being black is inherently significant and has a critical impact on the affairs at hand. So his argument that race shouldn’t enter into it is in tatters by his own admission. And, by the way, Erickson’s theory is that Obama would have a much better assessment of the matter if he were white, because, you know…

While Obama himself has not blamed racism for the opposition he has faced for the last six years, it has always been a primary motivator of many of his critics. The birther controversies, the allegations of Muslim faith, the false associations with Black Panthers and other radicals, the talk of reparations, the accusations of treason and complicity with our enemies, and the depictions by Tea Party signs of Obama as an ape or tribal witch doctor, are just a few of the representations that have flooded the anti-Obama mediasphere.

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The Fox News racists are so obsessed with the notion of being called out for their racism that they are now inventing occurrences of it. No, the President did not inject racism into this discussion. But yes, his critics, like Erickson are profoundly racist. And the advice that I keep giving them (though they never seem to listen) is: If you don’t like being called a racist, stop being racist. It really is that simple.


9 thoughts on “Racists At Fox News Whine About Being Called Racists By Obama (Which He Didn’t Do)

  1. Rightwingers can’t see their own bigotry and racism because they lack self-awareness. Of course we all have psychological blind spots and everybody is attracted to bias confirmation, but studies consistently show that those who identify as “conservative” tend to have much bigger blind spots, overall. The ability to introspect and make the mental effort to focus on an objective reality is mostly a learned skill, but you have to want to learn… and our society tends to push the opposite way. We are naturally wired to take mental short-cuts whenever possible, and that’s why people cling to bad beliefs (religion/ideology) and promote in-group exclusivity (racism/inequality) and project our own weaknesses on others rather than to calmly look inward and try to understand who/what/why we really are.

    • And let us not forget Right-Wing Authoritarianism and the related daddy issues. My theory of why conservatives continue to worship Ronald Reagan is that he was the ultimate “Daddy” figure they could obey and adore. The fact that the Republican Party today barely resembles the party under Reagan seems to elude them.

    • I have to say, I love your post. It took the thought right out of my head.

  2. Even when smiling, Erick Erickson looks like he just crapped his pants. If you were that fat and disgusting then you might want to be a bully too. Same goes for Donald Trump, “Capital ‘D'” Dick Morris, Newt Gingrich, etc., etc.

    • Please don’t stoop to the level of Fox and their ilk by name-calling.

      • I think that people who pass judgement on the morality of others, yet look like they never pass up seconds at dinner, are fair game. Their Bible states that gluttony is immoral. So with that, I add Rush Limbaugh to my list in the previous post.

  3. It’s not surprising the Fox audience, considering the abundant access we have to instant information in the computer age, don’t know anything because they possess no actual verifiable facts to support their Fox-validated beliefs. They get much of their information from Fox and we, therefore, can conclude that their audience is the least informed in the history of the world. All that free scientifically-studied knowledge available and none of them will entertain anything but their faith-based, unsupported world-view(s). What they think they know is so highly improbable it would be hard to put a figure on it, but I can assure it is a huge one that could only be concisely stated in scientific notation. Fox is worse than a dangerous criminal on the loose. Their constant campaign of disinformation on just about everything they report on(if you can call what Fox does reporting) hurts all of us but especially their dim-witted viewers who gobble up the bull-shit and will never figure it out.

  4. It amazes me how liberal media outlets distort the truth. I watched Obama say just that. He called out Fox News . He is afraid of Fox News because they report the truth. There is not one thing that Fox said was true that turned out to be false. Unlike CNN or MSNBC who are retracting things after the fact. Obama has had to retract 37 statements he made. TTT.

    • OK Smartypants, why didn’t post what Obama supposedly said or link to the proof that Obama called anyone racists at the WHCD event? Or for that matter, anything that corroborates Erickson’s allegations?

      And if you really think that Fox News hasn’t lied repeatedly, you may be too far gone. I’ve written two books with complete documentation. Not that evidence will change your mind.

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