Not News On Fox News: Pope Francis Calls Male/Female Pay Disparity A ‘Pure Scandal’

The bias in journalism is as much evident in what news editors chose to report as it is in what they chose not to report or in how they slant stories that make it to the air. Therefore, by recognizing the omissions of news enterprises you can identify their biases.

This is particularly true when a media outlet fails to cover a story that would ordinarily be of interest to it. For instance, Fox News is a devoutly religious news organization. They are not shy about expressing their faith personally or in relation to a news item they are covering. Most of their anchors are avowed Catholics, and the inclusion of Christian themes in their reporting is routine. They have a Catholic priest on the payroll as a regular contributor (Father Jonathan Morris), and their Todd Starnes is an aggressive advocate for evangelical causes and a critic of perceived, imagined, and fabricated slights.

So it should come as no surprise that Fox News has failed to report on the views expressed today by Pope Francis. In his regular “catechetical reflection,” the Pope came out squarely in favor of equal pay for equal work, a social reform that has long been a goal of the feminist movement. This is not, however, a reform that is favored by business interests, Republicans, and consequently, Fox News. As a result, they shut out of the news cycle the Pope’s message that…

“…as Christians, we must become more demanding in this regard […] supporting with decision the right to equal retribution for equal work; disparity is a pure scandal.”

The last thing that Fox News and other right-wing media outlets want is to advertise that the head of the Catholic Church agrees with feminists and Democrats on the issue of fair pay. That would only extend the list of issues on which the Pope has taken sides with liberals, including the judgement of gays, Climate Change, economic inequality, and health care, to name a few.

The fact is that many right-wingers have already given up on this Pope calling him ignorant, delusional, leftist, Marxist, etc. Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck, are among those who have explicitly denounced him. And in an act of utter absurdity, the Republican House balked at honoring the Pope because he “sound[s] like Obama.”

Pope Francis

No really, it’s true. GOP House Speaker John Boehner refused to even bring up the resolution for a vote, so it died in committee. That’s how severe the epidemic of Obama Derangement Syndrome is. And it isn’t getting better any time soon. After Obama leaves the White House its next occupant could be Hillary Clinton. Should that occur, look for the Republican Party to cut the salary of the President by thirteen percent.

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9 thoughts on “Not News On Fox News: Pope Francis Calls Male/Female Pay Disparity A ‘Pure Scandal’

  1. They rather grind on “news” about Clinton Foundation and 1100 names or some such rubbish based off that silly fabricated book.

  2. This pope is a total piece of garbage. Although I really don’t believe anymore – I was brought up catholic and in 12 years of catholic education – never once did I get taught it was the responsibility of government to force people to be good and generous – that was OUR responsibility as individuals to feed and clothe the needy – which of course we all did being human beings who give a shit. This mess has gone to the progressive/communist school of religion and decided it is now church policy to guilt or convince governments to steal from their citizens and handing out money to whoever claims to be a victim. Piss on him – the sooner he is gone the better. But who really cares – there is no god and he is just trying to keep the delusion alive so the money and power keep rolling on into the vatican.

        • Probably because this Pope actually practices what he preaches, as opposed to the FoxPods who condemn you when you do it, prattle on about how they are the ones who fully honor Christian morals [while proving themselves total hypocrites in private], and condemn our Muslim Communist Fascist Nazi illegal immigrant Kenyan from Australia when he praises the Pope for his actions.

          Never once did I get taught it was the responsibility of government to force people to be good and generous.

          Once again, Dummy, that’s not the point. The Pope didn’t say government should “force” anything, only that it was good Christian values to be “good and generous.” The FoxPods seem not to understand this.

          Geez, today, the FoxPods would consider Mother Teresa to be a radical or a communist. What was that quote, “Why is it that when I feed the poor, they call me a saint; but, when I ask why the poor have no food, they call me a communist.” Still true today. Sad, isn’t it?

          • So I guess this is about Fox – not the best reason to support this guy. Any thought in there at all or just reaction to Fox news. What is a Fox Pod by the way?

            What I wrote is my own opinion on this pope – I don’t need hatred for a “news” network to guide me – I can think for myself. Clearly you connect everything to Fox News – I don’t even watch it so maybe you can just see the comment on it’s own – no Fox influence. This pope did me one big favor – he relieved me of my belief and therefore he also relieved me of any control or influence he would have over me – and that is a great gift.

            • What is a Fox Pod by the way?

              Just look in the mirror. Oh, and stop proving it with your unsupported “facts.”

            • Kali, I’ll put my 40+ years of catholicism against your accusation of “unsupported facts” any day.

              You must really like this guy or your a radical catholic and talking down the pontiff is just too much.

              Was it the “progressive/communist school of religion” crack? I thought that was pretty good – and accurate.

              Sounds like there is no level of control you won’t accept.

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