Stiffed: No Emmy Nominations For Fox News – Again

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences just announced their nominees for the 36th Annual News and Documentary Emmy Awards. Among those honored by the Academy are PBS with 47 nominations, CBS with 44, ABC with 17, NBC with 14, CNN with 10, and MSNBC with 2. The only major television news broadcaster that came away empty-handed was Fox News.

Go Fox Yourself

The easy explanation for this rejection is that Fox is not actually in the news business. They are a thinly disguised tabloid entertainment outlet with a mission to advance a right-wing agenda and demean Democrats and liberals. It is a network that is filled with fiction, drama, scandal, soap opera, soft-porn, and a prodigious amount of unintentional comedy. Earlier this year Fox News CEO Roger Ailes admitted that his business model is geared toward entertainment saying that he doesn’t regard CNN or MSNBC as rivals and that “We’re competing with TNT and USA and ESPN.”

However, the embarrassing failure to be recognized for even a single program is rooted in a much deeper problem for Fox. They are not simply failing to offer programming that is deserving of praise from their “peers,” they are purposefully producing stories that are false and serve only to malign their ideological adversaries.

A conveniently timed example of this is the Planned Parenthood story Fox is currently hyping. It involves a video that has already been repudiated by independent analysts as grossly distorted and unrepresentative of the facts. Nevertheless, Fox is repeatedly airing segments that go into some length disparaging Planned Parenthood without offering any time for rebuttal by the organization.

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This is typical of the phony fare that Fox broadcasts. They obsess over fake scandals like Benghazi, or Jade Helm 15, or Obama phones, or death panels (which they recently revived), and on and on. They combine relentless hostility toward liberals with obsequious fawning over Republicans. It is their brazen unprofessional and unethical brand of journalism that best explains why they are passed over for awards from actual news professionals year after year.


22 thoughts on “Stiffed: No Emmy Nominations For Fox News – Again

  1. So is this a tacit acknowledgment that Fox Spews is neither news nor entertainment?

    Cue Bill-O complaining that there must be some “big time cheating” in the Emmy selection process and that “the Feds should investigate.” After all, I seem to recall he did this once before when his Neilsen ratings dropped below Keith Olbermann’s while Olbermann was still with MSNBC for reasons quite opaque to Bill-O.

    (Olbermann: Maybe it’s because … you suck.)

      • That’s still rich — but of course, it’s the Fox Spews situation in a nutshell: never fix the problem because the problem doesn’t exist. It’s everyone else who is attacking us for no good reason because there’s a big lefty conspiracy against Fox Spews, boo hoo, and they better get their act together because we’re gonna waggle our finger against them and … do absolutely nothing.

    • Keep your head in the sand or up your colon, whichever you enjoy the most. Fox News is number one because some if us actually can see through the propaganda spewed by our Presidents lapdogs. It’s clear that they were not nominated solely because they don’t kowtow to the altar of Socialist policies regurgitated throughout the mainstream media. You naive, sniveling pukes who behave like parrots repeating the propaganda you’ve been fed like good little birdies are pathetic. Your inability to connect the dots on this corrupt administration is mind boggling. The IRS has 7 hard drives crash within one week of an investigation being launched, a possibility with odds of 78.6 billion to 1 and the press ignores it and you call Fox News the non news network. You’re a loon. Polly want a cracker?

      • Fox News is number one for the same reason McDonald’s is: They both serve cheap crap with lots of filler and seasoning to masses with no taste. But thanks for stopping by and demonstrating your total lack of class or knowledge.

  2. Marky,

    When you can explain to me how your mainstream media can ignore the 78.6 billion to 1 odds of the IRS hard drives crashing (that number was calculated by using hard drive manufacturer Meantime Between Failure data) then, and only then will anything you have to say carry any wait. If I had committed a criminal act and a jury had to decide if I was guilty when the odds of me being innocent were only 1 in 78.6 billion (that’s with a “B”) you know I would be going to jail. But “YOUR” media who tells only the truth didn’t even pursue the story. You may cry about Fox News all you wish but facts are a funny thing and this is one you may need to chew on a little. I don’t care what your political persuasion is, using the most feared agency of the Federal Government as a weapon should frighten the hell out of you and that is precisely what happened. If that isn’t frightening enough our mainstream media did not even bother to pursue the story. Now Mark, put yourself in the crosshairs of such a government and give the government and media a look see through the lenses of that perspective. Are you starting to get it? If not, how many dots do I need to connect for you before you get the whole picture? It’s about time people woke up.

    • Your premise about the hard drives is bullshit, so I don’t need to respond to it. And the IRS “scandal” was a phony issue trumped up by the GOP. Not a single conservative group was denied tax-exempt status. And liberal groups were also scrutinized. But I’m sure that I’m wasting my time debating this with you, so I won’t bother after this.

      As for the government’s prospects for abusing rights, I fully agree. But I constrain my objections to reality, not partisan crap hyped by conspiracy theorists and people who think that Fox is news.

      • The premise is not bovine excrement. Your refusal to address it shows your cowardice. Another commenter had destroyed you, and you can’t handle it. Typical.

        • “…liberal groups were also scrutinzed…”
          Nowhere nearly as many.

    • Billy,

      Where did you pull that 78.6 billion (with a B!) to 1 odds of a hard drive crash from? With odds like that it is unlikely I would have ever seem a harddrive crash in my 30 years in the software development business, but the fact is I’ve seen at least 15 harddrive crashes on my own personal machines. With a one every two year average and your 78.6 billion to 1 odds, that must mean I have had over 38 BILLION harddrives in my possession each year.

      I’ve gone through a lot of drives, but nowhere near that many.

      So tell us where that number came from … Fox News???? 🙂

  3. IRS & Benghazi are phony scandals but a traffic jam makes leading story for weeks. Mark pull your head out

  4. Listen you mental midget…..saying it doesn’t make it fact. Just go to your liberal search engine “GOOGLE” and ask it if 7 hard drives crashed during a one week period at the start of the IRS investigation. I already know what you’ll find. So then search the odds of it happening and you will read exactly what I just told you, you ignorant fool. Facts like this are part of the public record and cannot be dismissed by a boy sitting in his mommy’s basement who hasn’t the courage nor the intellect to actually do anything other than what he’s told by Katie Couric. Grow up and learn to investigate things before you make a fool of yourself.

    • Yeah, because you sound like such a grown up. And you’ve provided no evidence for your wild claims.

  5. I want to apologize for my name calling. That is out of character for me. I just get so tired of people who refuse to even admit issues of public record. This phony scandal isn’t so phony to the people who were targeted. The hard drives did crash. The odds of it happening are 78,664,000,000 in 1. Those are facts. Now address those facts instead of just denying them and we have a conversation. Otherwise you’re just making noise. You cannot have an intelligent conversation when one side denies those things that are a matter of public record as his defense.

    • Thanks for the apology. I was just about to delete you as troll.

      First of all, I’m not really interested in debating this issue. It is completely off topic for this article. However, I will provide you with one piece of data that may shed some light: Press release from Paul Ryan, GOP chair of Ways and Means Committee.

      The link is from the Republicans running the IRS investigation (not some wild-eyed lefties) and they DO NOT say that seven hard drives crashed. So far as the evidence is concerned, only one hard drive (Lerner’s) crashed. There were six other individuals for whom data could not be retrieved. Further research indicates that the data was lost due to routine deletion and recycling of storage on the server.

      You can surmise some conspiracy if you want (and lord knows that such things occur), but if we are basing conclusions on actual evidence we cannot make that leap other than as speculation.

      Now, if you want to discuss the Emmy nominations, feel free.

  6. By the way…..when you’re done Googling it and you have to admit I was correct…that they did crash and the odds are 78.664 Billion to 1 Then explain how all the backups to all 7 hard drives seemed to have disappeared too. You see Mark, there is a point where believability is beyond strained and this case is one of them. So for you to sit there and call this a trumped up Right Wing scandal you are really putting yourself out there on a limb… make that you are hanging from a spider web that is adhering to the smallest branch on a very small tree. 78.6 Billion to 1

  7. Bill,

    I Googled it … There’s one source article on Young Conservatives that claims “somebody” did the math and quotes a viral email. No source is named, no statistician has verified the method, no mathematician has verified the math, the reporters aren’t even saying if it’s right or wrong, only that it is a viral email that is making the rounds.

    Beyond that, it’s just being taken at face value. And it’s taking the right-wing echo chamber by storm, popping here , there, and everywhere. I stopped after the third duplicate story citing Young Conservatives.

    But there are a lot of things these “reports” are ignoring:
    * Not one has said the math is correct or not, nor have I seen any attempt to verify it.
    * Not one has identified the “somebody” that came up with the number
    * The “method” used is taking the odds for one failure (without source attribution) and exponentially decreasing it for each successive failure — that is not a valid statistical method. [ The chance of two failures is not the chance of one squared, nor is the chance of three the chance of one cubed, … ]
    * The method does not account for the fact that places like the IRS buy in bulk, which means failures will tend to clump in time, as everything ages together.

    I’m making no claims one way or the other about the IRS situation — but the statistical method behind your 78.7 billion to 1 odds is bogus as it can be.

    • Thanks for adding that constructive, reality-based info. We can also note that the IRS has over 80,000 employees, so that’s a lot of computers with hard drives that can fail. Assuming a 1% failure rate (which is probably really low) that means 800 drives. Seven would be less than 1/100th of 1%.

      That said, see my post above that shows that there weren’t really seven hard drive failures at all in Lerner’s IRS office, so the whole premise is as bogus as the email chain you disclosed. And also note that I’d like to not have this thread hijacked by an off-topic debate.

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