Westboro Baptist Church Tactics Deployed By Gun Nuts On Fox News

It’s bad enough seeing Christianist extremists congregating outside of funerals for soldiers with signs declaring that God hates them, but now the disciples of the NRA have taken to using the same tactics employed by Westboro Baptists crackpots to advance their agenda in Roseburg, OR, the site of last week’s tragic massacre at the Umpqua Community College. And these miscreants were eagerly abetted by Fox News.

Fox News Roseburg

The occasion for the protest in Roseburg was a visit by President Obama to console the families of the victims. Despite the President’s remarks a few days ago about advocating increased political pressure to get Congress to do something – anything – to address the continuing problem of gun violence, there was nothing political about this visit. The press was not even permitted to attend the family sessions with the President. He made a brief statement afterward that avoided any hint of politics.

Nevertheless, Obama was met as he arrived by a motley band of malcontents with bitter messages aimed at driving the President out of their neighborhood. Signs carried an array of derogatory remarks including “Obama Not Welcome,” “Go Away,” “Go Back To Kenya,” as well as a flurry of confederate flags and the Tea Party’s Gadsden flag. The Westboro freaks would be proud. And yet this is the behavior of people who complain about politicization of the issue. What’s more, had Obama declined to go to Roseburg the same people would have criticized him for not caring.

On Fox News they covered the protesters extensively. As apparent in the graphic above, the protests were overtly political, identifying them as “Gun Rights Advocates” rather than mourners. Fox aired multiple on air interviews with the anti-Obama Roseburg residents. For some reason they were unable to find any residents to interview who were grateful that the President would join them in this time of grief. Other news networks didn’t have that problem. And the disingenuous cries of politicization were abandoned when it was Fox News personal engaging in it.

For instance, on The Five, co-host Eric Bolling waxed political by quoting what he said was a portion of Obama’s statement wherein the President said that “we have to work on these rights,” a reference to the 2nd Amendment. However, Obama never said anything remotely similar to that. Fox viewers, of course, will now be forever certain that he did. Then Greg Gutfeld not only hit the President on guns, but tied it to abortion in a perverse analogy that defies reason. He said that…

“The gun argument and the abortion argument are complete mirrors of themselves. The left thinks that the right is using the Planned Parenthood videos to ultimately ban abortion. The right thinks that the left is using mass shooting in an effort to get rid of the 2nd Amendment. So they’re both the same.”

No, they are not even a little bit the same. If the left thinks that the right is using the Planned Parenthood videos to ultimately ban abortion it’s because the right explicitly tells them that that is what they want to do. The right is not the least bit shy about declaring their intention to ban all abortions. On the other hand, the right has no reason to believe that the left is using mass shootings to get rid of the 2nd Amendment because there has never been any effort by the left to do that. In fact, the left is very clear that they merely want to make it more difficult for particularly dangerous weapons to get into the hands of people that ought not to have them.

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For the past seven years of the Obama administration, alarmist nuts at the NRA have been screaming about the imminent threat of Obama’s plot to disarm America. Yet there has never been a single bill passed, or even drafted, that would do any such thing. The whole campaign is designed to stir up irrational fears of imaginary tyranny. And that is precisely what is happening today with Fox’s coverage of the Obama protesters in Roseburg. Because to the NRA-theists, losing 28,000 lives a year to gun violence is just the price we have to pay for having access to any kind of weapon, any time, by anyone.


20 thoughts on “Westboro Baptist Church Tactics Deployed By Gun Nuts On Fox News

  1. As is always the case – it’s all about trust. You write like somehow left really doesn’t need to trust right, but right has no reason to distrust left. In the current atmosphere, there is NO trust. I’ll give you a couple specifics too:
    1 – on guns specifically – the BIG proposals pushed forward are centered around background checks – most, if not all, recent mass shootings are people who got their guns legally with backgound checks applied – so the left proposal you know and anyone else knows it’s a useless approach for reducing these mass shootings – leading to a next step (i’m not suggesting what that would be).
    2 – distrust of the left is more general and ideological – your approach is always to turn to government to fix things with more regulation – impacting law abiding people most of all. We’re tired of that bullshit. Specific and tightly written legislation is possible to get support – but that is not how it works today for some reason. Freedom for law abiding citizens is always impacted negatively. More laws are not going to help unless they are written SPECIFICALLY to combat the problem only – not a more general approach.
    And – I think in today’s society, giving up more freedoms is just not in the cards.

    • What freedoms have you given up?

      • It’s not all leftism in my last sentence (although I understand how you can get that with the proceeding sentences)- the GOP did plenty of it too. I think you can answer that question yourself with that clarification. In the end, it’s government that overreaches and we’re not safe with either party depending on the specific issue – like “security” . Does that help?

        • So, which freedoms did you lose again? Never heard you say.

          • Here is a list just for you, I’m sure you not agree with any of it because of your ideas and mine probably don’t align, but here it is anyway – be sure to read the last line as that is specifically for you – oh, and note, these are not generally Barack Obama – these are over time:

            Right to earn honest money so the government can fund wars, expand government and provide welfare
            right to control the fruits of our labors through involuntary taxation to do as listed above – paying too much for government labor vs. productive labor
            right to work – forced union dues payment – against our will
            right to privacy from govenment intrusion in our private lives and communications
            Any rights given up under NDAA and the patriot act (which is partially noted above)
            right to buy or not buy health insurance and the level of insurance we want
            right to sue specfic companies over harmful food products – Monsanto protection act (enacted under democratic controlled congress and signed by Barack obama)
            To get more – read Mother jones – search on google for similar subject and you’ll get plenty to read
            Last – for you Bigtoe – your defense of your employer is good, but remember it’s me and millions of others who pay your salary. It’s why your comments are most offensive, you have a need to keep the people blind to the thieving the government does to them to fund the unproductive salaries of the government class – congratulations on living off the system, but keep your criticisms of the productive in society and their desire to keep their earnings to yourself. I know you didn’t come right out and say it, but every criticism of government by you is so offensive it’s hard to take. When you get your dirty hands out of my wallet, I’ll feel differently.

            • “right to privacy from govenment intrusion in our private lives and communications
              Any rights given up under NDAA and the patriot act (which is partially noted above)”

              In that we have agreement.

              You’re not a union member and don’t pay dues. No one is forced to. Not sure where you heard that from.

              I didn’t like the Monsanto thing either but it wasn’t partisan. Repubs had the house and the dems, the senate. But we lost no rights, just didn’t agree with the policy.

              As far as the rest is concerned, it’s required by the constitution. Not sure what you find offensive about my comments or my service or what’s unconstitutional about any of that. We are a society all about laws, rules and regulation. If you want to change something, vote differently. Not enough people voting with you? That’s democracy. Anything short of that sounds like “get off my lawn”.

            • You asked…I answered. As I noted, you won’t agree because our views don’t align, but every one I noted is correct. I’m in a union state – that is the law. State and federal workers don’t follow the same rules – private industry is exactly as I note. I knew someone in the federal government who did note he didn’t need to join or pay, but that does NOT apply to private industry.

  2. I tend to believe people in America (and in the west in general) are as free and autonomous as ever. They’re just brats who use phrases like “giving up freedoms” as an ideological tool to push for or fight against policy they like or dislike.

    • I agree. What people forget is that all laws can be characterized as taking away freedom if people have that mindset. But most reasonable people agree that a civil society requires laws. The NRA types are just not reasonable. Any law is an affront to them.

      • Let me be clear – the left and right do it. The left happens to be more judicious in how they apply this tool.

          • The leftists are more judicious in how they use this specific tool, but in general both sides lack good judgement on a host of issues.

    • More and more laws doesn’t make for a better society. Maybe Marks society can’t have enough, but most of us can get through life without killing or stealing.

  3. Where were these loons when Pat Acts 1 & 2 breezed through all branches??

  4. How does it feel to have a community touched by gun violence give you’re messiah and your goals of more gun control a big F U!. Pretty funny I think. Take the hint – I think they made their feelings quite clear. Your ideas and goals are just NOT loved – how does it feel?

  5. These Christian right wingnuts are NOT under attack. They are attacking benevolent American society that believes strongly–polls show–in Planned Parenthood and the benefits it provides needy women in thiscountry. If there were a real god, not some mythical guy in the sky, would he allow such blasphemy of his alleged teachings. Hell no! They’re all phonies.

  6. There is no equivalency between “Obama is not welcome” and “God hates f#gs”. None. Zilch. Mark must be smoking crack again.

    • Scott – he is a hypocrite – just more evidence of his duplicitous positions. All of us are bias one way or another – but he is genuinly blind to his own idiocy. The abortion argument is 100% equivalent. Just because leftist haven’t threatened gun ownership overtly, doesn’t mean it isn’t the goal.

  7. This needs an edit – the Gadsden flag may be used by the Tea Party but it is NOT the Tea Party’s Gadsden flag.

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