Trump Uses Coast Guard Commencement Speech to Whine About How Bad He is Treated

With his presidency circling around him (and down the drain), Donald Trump ventured out to New London, Connecticut, to deliver a commencement speech at the United States Coast Guard Academy. It was the sort of predictably friendly audience that the President craves to feed his insatiable ego. Which must be why he was unable to pass up the opportunity to whine about how much it sucks to be him.

Donald Trump

In the course of spreading around some hollow platitudes and thanking those who supported him, Trump found time to lash out at his perceived enemies:

“I want to take this opportunity to give you some advice. Over the course of your life, you will find that things are not always fair. You will find that things happen to you that you do not deserve and that are not always warranted. But you have to put your head down and fight, fight, fight. Never, ever, ever give up. Things will work out just fine.

“Look at the way I’ve been treated lately. Especially by the media. No politician in history – and I say this with great surety – has been treated worse or more unfairly. You can’t let them get you down. You can’t let the critics and the naysayers get in the way of your dreams.”

Poor Donnie. He’s had it so bad. Born into wealth and handed everything he ever wanted without having to lift a finger. And now, as President of the United States of America, he feels that he is put upon by forces more powerful than he. Trump doesn’t have the vaguest notion that he is responsible for every hardship he’s suffering. It’s his arrogance and pitiful ignorance that has delivered him to the dregs in which he is now mired.

As for being treated worse than any president in history – is he out of his paranoia-infested mind? He personally led the assault on Barack Obama, America’s first African-American president, with accusations of being ineligible for office because he wasn’t born in the U.S. He cast doubt on Obama’s intellect, ethics, and patriotism. He even accused Obama of being a terrorist sympathizer and the founder of ISIS.

The rest of the Republican Party was no better. They obstructed everything Obama tried to do. From day one they decreed that their top goal was to make him a one-term president. And they denied him his constitutional duty to appoint a Supreme Court justice, something that was never done to any previous president.

And Obama is only one example of a president who was treated worse than Trump. Bill Clinton was impeached over a personal sexual affair. And does really Trump think he was treated worse than John F. Kennedy? Abraham Lincoln had travel incognito to avoid to assassins before one was successful. And it’s worth noting that to the extent that Trump is treated badly, it is well deserved. He’s treated precisely the way an ignorant, corrupt, racist, pathological liar, should be treated.

There’s one thing we know with “great surety.” Donald Trump is suffering from malignant narcissism. One of the prominent symptoms is his relentless whining. Although that’s something that he actually considers an asset. In an interview in August of 2015, Trump was asked about his tendency to whine. His response was to brag about it and declare that:

“I am the most fabulous whiner. I do whine, because I want to win. I am a whiner and I keep whining and whining until I win.”

Oh. So that’s his secret. Has he gotten tired of winning yet?

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20 thoughts on “Trump Uses Coast Guard Commencement Speech to Whine About How Bad He is Treated

  1. In my family, whiners are sent to their room. They lose privileges and gain nothing. And by the time they are seven, they learn that whining doesn’t work. As traitor trump was never disciplined as a child, he hasn’t progressed past age seven or so in his emotional development. A child of mental/emotional age seven does not belong anywhere near the Oval Office.

    • His father was probably never disciplined either, nor his grandfather, his great grandfather, etc. Runs in the family.

  2. Der Fooey also has problem with historical accuracy: No president was treated worse than Abraham Lincoln, but then, Der Fooey believes no one knows who Lincoln is or what party he belonged to.

    • Can you please give some examples of Abe Lincoln being treated worse than any other president (although I think Obama would be tied for first place considering the fact Republicans and the corporate controlled press attack him at every turn)? Appreciated it.

      • Lincoln was shot in the back of his head.

          • Are you asking if there was something worse that could be done to a person? Being shot in the head is not bad enough?

            • What about whistleblowers trying to find employment because, in America, Americans don’t like rat finks even if the people are doing the right thing? When people report corruption, they usually end up being blacklisted in their profession or unable to find employment outside their profession. What about people being released from prison and can’t find employment because unless you are a white collar criminal, employers don’t like to hire ex-cons and then these employers complain about ex-cons being on the dole or too lazy to get a job?

            • Well, if you are mentally and physically crippled for life due a disease, car accident, etc., that is sometimes worse than being shot in the head and being dead because of it. That is why many people support the right to die laws.

            • So Gunther, now not being able to find a job is worse than getting shot in the head? You’re starting to remind me of the kid in a elementary school class that keeps bringing up every questionable excuse for everything the teacher says.

            • When the corporations and wealthy people rigged the system to prevent you from getting a job for various reasons, yes, it is worse than getting shot because you still have to eat, pay your bills, put a roof over your head, and put clothes on your back.

      • For starters, read this. Then you can try using Google to learn something about American history. there is plenty of material there.

        • Regarding American history, most of us don’t get an in-depth American history education like we should have gotten in school because 1)American history is pretty much white washed and 2) there is so much American history out there (particularly if it has been deliberately hidden from you), that you can’t get it all when you attend elementary school to college.

      • There’s a book called “The Unpopular Mr Lincoln” that goes into great detail on exactly that subject. No one ever let up on Lincoln until the day he died.

        And the BBC went into more detail on others “more unfairly treated” than Trump.

        No Mr Trump, you are NOT the worst treated politician ever.

        • Thank you for the book and the video.

  3. The Draft-Dodger in Chief whines so mush he must be a grape! He snivels like a child and pouts like Mussolini when he is caught lying over and over. Remember to thank all the Family Value Republicans.

  4. The man/child whiner-in-chief must have been in a coma from 2008 to 2016. Maybe if he starts acting like a normal human being he won’t have anything to complain about. Ha ha. Yeah, I doubt that also.

  5. Shut the FUCK up, Donny! You don’t always get what you want by complaining! You’ve always gotten what you like without lifting a single finger, and now you’re accusing the Russia special counsel of a “witch-hunt”? Pathetic snowflake. Impotent Manwhore. May you burn in the same level of Hell as your colleague, Mr. Ailes.

  6. More proof that s**tstain, dump, has NO business in the white house.

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