Dumbfu*ks at Fox News Want to Know: What’s a Bigger Threat to America: Fake News or Russia?

The fair and balanced couch dwellers at Fox and Friends are suddenly very concerned about threats to America. Not the ones posed by hostile foreign adversaries disrupting our elections and hacking our politicians and candidates. Nor the ones saber-rattling about war with a crackpot dictator in North Korea. And certainly not the one that puts the entire planet at risk of becoming uninhabitable.

Fox News Dennis Prager

Nope. What Fox News is worried about is whether what they call “fake news” has surpassed Vladimir Putin’s Russia as an imminent threat to the United States. Bear in mind that the issue that’s throwing Fox News into a tizzy is actually real news reporting of Donald Trump and his crime family’s collusion with Russia. But just the suggestion that Trump is anything less than divinely pure qualifies as fakery to Fox.

In Monday morning’s episode of Fox and Friends, host Steve Doocy introduced a segment with sanctimonious radio talker Dennis Prager. He pretends to be a paragon of virtue and mentor to all of us inferior heathens. Prager tweeted his opinion that the media is America’s preeminent enemy.

And that led to Fox’s featured segment on the subject (video below):

Doocy: What’s a bigger threat to America: Fake news or Russia?

Prager: This may sound odd to you and many of the viewers. I don’t understand why this tweet is controversial. Putin does not threaten Western civilization. Western civilization is a set of ideas and values. When students remove the American flag from their campuses, that’s not Putin. All of the things happening in the West to undo Western civilization have nothing to do with Putin. The only thing I regret about the tweet is that I didn’t write that the universities and the media in the West are a greater threat to Western civilization.

I have to agree with Prager’s first point. It definitely sounds odd. Prager is making some sort of vague differentiation between Western civilization and the government and political institutions that uphold it. His babbling about our ideas and values being separate from Putin’s election tampering is pure gibberish. And yet he thinks that a cloth flag is a more tangible part of what makes America than democracy.

Prager went on to complain that “Half of American millennials think socialism is preferable to capitalism. That’s a result of the media and the universities.” It’s also the result of critical thinking and independent analysis. For one thing, socialism and capitalism are not mutually exclusive. In fact, the United States is a working example of a hybrid of the two concepts. Social Security and public education have not hampered the economic success of Ford, Starbucks, or Amazon.

Finally, Prager whined that “The media have gone from news media to opinion media in the guise of news. That is extremely dangerous.” I can’t argue with that. But the irony is that he said it on Fox News – the indisputable champion of blatantly biased pseudo-journalism. Fox News practically invented the modern practice of opinion media. And, in closing, I’ll agree with Prager again. Fox News is extremely dangerous.

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5 thoughts on “Dumbfu*ks at Fox News Want to Know: What’s a Bigger Threat to America: Fake News or Russia?

  1. You are so correct- they are some dumbfu**ks!! Maybe they want to go into slavery to the trump -crime -family and V Putin but the rest of us THINKING American DON’T.

  2. While my underlying concern is that those of us who avoid FOX like the plague and know how detrimental it is to those who watch it exclusively for their news and opinion, this tripe about “fake news” being more dangerous than Russia is a sly little tribute to our fake president. If he disagrees with something it becomes fake. And the web he’s caught in now with Donald Jr.,Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort isn’t going away as all three are being called to testify and subpoenas may be required. But Doocy and his guest are preaching to the choir, as it were, as all Trump supporters know he is being abused my the “mainstream press.” (I might add here that the tabloid press, the lowest of the low in England and much of it owned by Rupert Murdoch, is laughing about Trump telling P.M. Theresa May that he won’t visit the U.K. until the people like him better and she needs to take care of that. That defines and defies his arrogance and narcissism. He’s already been told that, no, he won’t be riding in the golden carriage built for Her Majesty’s jubilee as transportation to Buckingham Palace nor is there likely to be a State Dinner nor an address in parliament. But he’s a laughingstock to the Brits and they can appreciate just how fake his posturing is without FOX and Friends.

  3. Sometimes this guy thinks people actually care about what he says. He makes a ‘high and mighty’ declaration in judging Americans as he also praises Vladimir Putin. He is another Russian troll, but he desires Publicity since he realizes he has been exposed for being a Traitor by his own words. If he hates us so much he can move to Russia, please.

  4. Now, of course, Putin is on a completely different continent, while we are stuck with Fox Spews on ours.

    But let’s ask this question: what’s worse? Putin deciding to lob a few atomic bombs our way or Fox Spews lying that they are on the way? Of course, in the modern era, all Putin needs to do is hack our computers again….

  5. Fox News is unwatchable. The blatant lies they rant have nothing to do with news.

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