CNN Turning To Andrew Breitbart And Into Fox News

CNN Tea PartyIt’s bad enough that America has one Fox News. One network that has mainstreamed lying and abandoned all journalistic ethics in favor of spreading propaganda and nurturing ignorance. Now it appears that CNN has aspirations to out-Fox Fox. They put out a press release announcing some new hires:

“CNN is gearing up for the election season with the addition of political contributors from across the ideological spectrum. Democratic strategist Cornell Belcher, conservative commentator Will Cain, and local Tea Party leader and radio talk show host Dana Loesch will appear across the network’s prime time programs, as well as other dayparts and platforms.”

The first thing that is glaringly askew in this announcement is that CNN is recruiting a single Democratic analyst and two right-wing opponents. Under what tangled, Gordian logic is that a balanced representation of views? Do the Democrats have to invent a phony AstroTurf party in order to get an equal number of seats at the table? Would CNN hire a Progressive Party spokesman to join their panel? Of course not. But because some Republicans are parading around with a different name, CNN gives them parity as if they were a wholly new party deserving their own voice.

Let’s be perfectly clear: There is no Tea Party! They have no platform and no candidates. People who profess to be aligned with this imaginary party are in fact Republicans. They run as Republicans, they vote for Republicans, and their agenda is decidedly Republican. And the stub of the GOP that calls itself the Tea Party is wildly out of touch with mainstream Americans. So CNN is a network that hires two Republicans for every Democrat.

Compounding that problem is the specific selection of Dana Loesch to represent the phony Tea Party faction. Loesch is presently the editor-in-chief of Andrew Breitbart’s That’s the same Breitbart that promoted James O’Keefe’s “pimp and hooker” ACORN smear; the same Breitbart that peddled the dishonest videos that defamed Shirley Sherrod. These and other scams have all been thoroughly debunked. But Loesch, the editor-in-chief of the lying tabloid that produces more junk journalism than any other site on the Internet, was chosen by CNN to be the voice of the Tea Party.

Loesch is just the latest despicable decision by CNN’s new president, Ken Jautz. Jautz was recently promoted from HLN where he will forever be remembered as the man who brought Glenn Beck to television. He is a hack who is more interested in ratings than journalism, and with each new day is proving that he is unfit to run a news network.

Since moving up to CNN, Jautz has formed a partnership with Tea Party Express (TPE), a corrupt political action committee that is reviled by other Tea Party groups. This arrangement called for a them to co-host a Republican presidential primary debate. It also produced Michelle Bachmann’s (R-MN) embarrassing response to the State of the Union address. Those are two more examples proving that the Tea Party is a wholly owned subsidiary of the GOP. But TPE has some dirty laundry that needs to be aired.

TPE’s chief was shamed into resigning for repeatedly making racist comments. That was followed by TPE being banished from the Tea Party Federation. TPE’s finances are racked with fraud. The Republican PR firm that created TPE, Russo Marsh, directs nearly half of the money they raise from citizen supporters to the firm. TPE recently reported receiving thousands of dollars from a donor who has been dead for four years. This is the racist, dishonest, reprehensible gang of con artists with which Jautz has associated CNN.

CNN already employs RedState’s Erick Erickson, who called Supreme Court Justice David Souter a “goat fucking child molester.” Now Jautz brings aboard Dana Loesch who said that a demonstrator who got her head stomped on by a Rand Paul supporter should apologize for the incident. These developments put CNN’s credibility at stake. Are they really so desperate for attention that they would sully themselves with known liars and agitators for the most extremist faction of the right? Are they really so stupid that they think that trying to emulate Fox will reverse their ratings debacle?

Sadly, the answer to those question is “Yes.” CNN is both desperate and stupid. They never learn. Fox viewers are not going to flip over to a Fox look-alike when they have the real thing just down the dial. Glenn Beck’s audience would not watch him on HLN, where his program was the lowest rated on the channel. But the minute he moved to Fox he was an instant hit. This proves that Fox viewers are hypnotically dialed in to their media master, and they will not wander off. Not for Beck, and certainly not for Loesch. So the only thing that CNN achieves by stumbling down this path is that they become an accessory to the disinformation that these rightist goons disseminate, while simultaneously destroying what’s left of their reputation.

Good work, CNN. You must be so proud. Ken Jautz is turning the network into an embarrassment that is destined to continue its ratings collapse. Everyone who who cares about ethical media should let CNN know that this direction is inappropriate and unprofessional. You can use this form on CNN’s web site to tell them that they are hurting themselves and the practice of journalism by associating with Dana Loesch and the Tea Party Express. Tell them that Ken Jautz isn’t fit to run the Home Shopping Network. And tell them that the last thing this country needs is another right-wing pseudo-news outlet that manufactures partisan controversies and contributes to mass ignorance.


7 thoughts on “CNN Turning To Andrew Breitbart And Into Fox News

  1. It is so sad in the name of equal time we are all losing out to the right. I stopped watching CNN during the last campaign. When they try to make every equal it comes off terrible. Sometimes the right is very wrong. I use to respect Candy Crowley. She lost allot of weight and her fair and balanced went way off. Even when she knows that the other side is lying. It really doesn’t matter they left what honor they left when they hired Erickson.

    • So true. Somewhere along the way, the media came to regard balance as the pinnacle of journalism. Balance is a false goal. If you have a spokesman opposed to child rape would you bring on a proponent for balance? If you have someone commenting on the roundness of the Earth would you bring on someone to argue that it is actually flat just so you can say you covered both sides? Of course not.

      The primary goal of journalism is not balance, but truth. And you do not need an advocate of lies to balance that perspective.

  2. CNN’s new hires following the 2 Republicans for every Democrat model reminds me of Phil Donahue’s order from MSNBC that he feature 2 conservatives for every liberal on his show. The rationale, of course, was that the host himself, a liberal, would achieve a 2/2 balance. Donahue complained about the directive but followed it and then we all know what happened. The most successful program in its time was canceled despite its ratings for reasons having nothing to do with revenue and everything to do with the inevitable Iraq invasion.

    In CNN’s case there appears to be a self-imposed mandate to stack the deck with rightwing commentators to balance out the perception that most media, including CNN, is liberal. This is where what I call the kiss-my-ass-I’ll-only-kick-yours-harder game comes in. Jautz et. al. consciously or sub-consciously believe that if only they employ not only enough rightwingers but enough EXTREME rightwingers critics will finally stop accusing them of tilting left. They will kiss hard enough that the kicking will stop, in playbook terms. On the contrary, the harder they kiss the MORE they will be kicked in response and the only way out of this insidious closed circuit is for CNN to stop trying, ie to stop playing the game. But in order to stop one must realize that the game’s being played in the first place, and that it is rigged in the second. CNN is incapable not only of coming to its senses but replacing its “we’re straight down the middle between FOX and MSNBC” mantra with a “here’s the truth whatever side it’s on” approach.

    Good luck to them. If it ever happens it certainly won’t be on Jautz’s watch.

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