Even Fox News Can’t Avoid How Badly the Trump Shutdown is Going Over with the American People

It’s day 24 of the Trump Shutdown, and no end is currently in sight. The ill effects of that are even being felt in the White House, where Donald Trump had to serve Big Macs and pizzas to the NCAA champion Clemson Tigers because much of the staff is furloughed. Trump says that he paid for the “feast,” but that really isn’t something to brag about. It’s a pretty lame “celebration” that’s catered by McDonalds.

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In the meantime, millions of American families are struggling to make ends meet due to the furloughs of hundreds of thousands of federal workers. Who’s paying for their meals, or healthcare, or mortgages? The hardship that Trump has imposed on the nation is getting worse with each new day. And the American people know exactly who is at fault.

Despite Trump’s promise not to blame Democrats, he has been doing just that for the past couple of weeks. However, his broken promise isn’t being received well by the public. And even Fox News is unable to pretend that Trump’s shutdown strategy is working out very well. An article on the Fox website carries the headline “Trump doubles down on border wall, as polls show voters turning against his shutdown strategy.” And the article explains unambiguously how badly the polling on this issue is going for Trump and his Republican Nationalist Party:

“As the partial shutdown enters its fourth week and hundreds of thousands of federal workers miss their first paychecks, fresh polling suggests the president is losing the battle of public opinion.

“A Quinnipiac University poll released Monday found that 63 percent of voters agree with the Democratic proposal to reopen parts of the government that do not involve border security, with 30 percent opposed. The same poll found 63 percent also oppose using the shutdown to force wall funding, with just 32 percent supporting.

“The poll found that 56 percent of American voters blame Trump and Republicans in Congress for the partial shutdown, compared with 36 percent who say Democrats are responsible.

“An earlier Washington Post-ABC News poll also found more Americans blame Trump and the Republicans than the Democrats over the stalemate.”

This bad news is just a portion of what Trump is having to endure as this new year is barely getting started. Bloomberg reports that at least six polls show that America blames Trump for the shutdown and opposes his exploitation of it for a stupid vanity wall that nobody wants. Trump is also fielding questions about whether he is a Russian asset. If your president has to deny that he’s working for Russia, you need a new president. And it’s been discovered that he has been suppressing information about his private meetings with Vladimir Putin.

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If Trump isn’t a Russian asset, he’s doing an awfully good imitation of one. That’s a far bigger problem than his poor showing in polls about the shutdown. But the nation’s mood isn’t going to be particularly forgiving to a president who is generally despised while also being suspected of selling out his country. This is the kind of political environment that lends itself to impeachment. Hopefully.


2 thoughts on “Even Fox News Can’t Avoid How Badly the Trump Shutdown is Going Over with the American People

  1. “It’s a pretty lame “celebration” that’s catered by McDonalds.”

    I woked briefly for McDonald’s – not in a restaurant, but at their headquarters, translating corporate and technical guidebooks for use by McDonald’s Deutschland. Every Friday, the office workers were treated to a free buffet breakfast – catered by Marriott’s. There wasn’t a McBreakfast McProduct to be seen in the breakfast line.

    So – even McDonald’s doesn’t use McDonalds to cater their own events.

  2. It almost sounds like a Jack Benny joke; the character was very likely to plan a birthday party catered by McDonalds. But everyone knew that was the complete opposite of Jack’s real-life character.

    Trump DID it.

    We ask once more, Trump Worshipers. What. Will. It. Take? What will it take for you to understand exactly what Your Beloved God IS and how unworthy of your worship he truly is? Nixon realized all was over when BOTH Democrats and Republicans announced they could no longer support him. That is STILL not happening here. And you are letting Your Beloved God get away with things you would permit no other president — Democratic OR Republican — to get away with.

    And we are still here.

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