The Ludicrous Fox News ‘3 Mexicos’ Chyron Wasn’t Nearly as Bad as What They Actually Said

On Sunday Morning Fox News set out reestablish their status as the supreme purveyors of rank idiocy. And they accomplished that goal with a graphic presentation of both their stupidity and racism. This feat occurred during another one of their regularly scheduled segments demonizing and dehumanizing immigrants from south of the border.

Donald Trump, Immigrant, Child

While the three co-hosts of Donald Trump’s favorite morning show, Fox and Friends rattled on about the alleged “crisis” on the border, there was a graphic that said “Trump Cuts U.S. Aid to 3 Mexican Countries.” Of course, there aren’t three Mexican countries. That’s just Fox’s way of disparaging all brown people in Central and South America as being the same undesirables. However, as bad as that careless foul-up was – and even given their hurried correction – what they actually said during the segment was even worse. And that can’t be dismissed as a mistake.

The piece started off with Pete Hegseth summarizing everything wrong that Fox disseminates regarding immigration:

“Cutting payment – aid payment – to El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras over the fact that those countries have been unable to contain the flood of migrants heading through Mexico to our southern border. So yesterday we talked about potentially shutting down the southern border … this is a big move. This is one of the few punitive measures the executive branch has still, to these countries to say ‘get it under control.'”

First of all, the migrants from Central America are fleeing the poverty and violence that threatens them and their children. Cutting humanitarian aid will only make it more difficult for these countries to resolve the problems they have with crime and scarcity. So any thinking person would understand that Trump’s actions can only exacerbate the problems he’s pretending to want to solve.

Jedediah Bila then added that Trump “came in strong” with his tweets threatening to close the border and gushed that “It seems to me he’s standing tall on this issue. He’s not backing down. I don’t blame him.” And Ed Henry chirped along in worshipful harmony saying “Yeah, it might take drastic measures.”

Trump’s notion of cutting aid is only surpassed in reckless ineptitude by his intent to close the border. That will in no way advance a solution to the problem, but it will severely harm American businesses and workers. Even Trump’s Republican allies in Congress have ridiculed the idea. And the complaint by the Foxies that the three Mexicos have been unable to “contain the flood of immigrants” ignores Trump’s own whining that it’s the U.S. that hasn’t been managing what he considers to be a national emergency. Hence his wall fetish.

When all is said and done, Fox News continues to say and do the most preposterously illogical things in their mission to frighten and disinform their audience of Deplorables. And sadly, at that they happen to be quite good.

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4 thoughts on “The Ludicrous Fox News ‘3 Mexicos’ Chyron Wasn’t Nearly as Bad as What They Actually Said

  1. The only good thing about any of his Dictates is,…. he’ll be out of office in less then two years. He’ll continue with his complete and total fabrications because he’s a fake salesman. He has chain-migrated both of his Foreign born wife’s Communist parents, given high praise to his Buddy Vladimir Putin. He also praises his best friend, he says he loves, another Communist Dictator Kim. He has ordered our Troops in South Korea to stand down from practising to defend South Korea since his new best friend, Kim, told him to. If we Americans ever forget how we got into this predicament, we will have thrown away America to a con man and his family. We should vote against him in 2020, or be prepared for another War.

  2. What we have at our southern border is a humanitarian crises. We need to uphold our laws and deal with it in a humanitarian manner, something this 45occupantofthewhitehouse has no comprehension what that means. Most of us living a comfortable life in the United States do not realize the trauma (extreme fear for your families safety) it takes to leave one’s country and carry (literally) your children almost a thousand miles or more to seek safety.

  3. This was not an error on the part of Fox News. They know their viewers are stupid enough to think that El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras are “Mexican countries” because they are full of brown-skinned, Spanish-speaking people. This was an attempt to tar these countries with the same brush they use to tar Mexico, which is also full of brown-skinned, Spanish-speaking people. This was deliberate because even the propagandists at Fox News are not that stupid.

  4. I knew what they meant. Funding governments that mistreat the citizens is a bad idea. France has their yellow vests. Central America needs the same.

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