Despite Preposterous Denials, Trump Has a History of Calling People (Particularly Women) ‘Nasty’

Whenever Donald Trump embarks on some foreign escapade, the prospects for his creating an international incident are impossible to ignore. Case in point, he just returned from Japan where he launched a political attack on Joe Biden, a potential election opponent, in violation of the diplomatic maxim that “politics stops at the water’s edge.” Even worse, he cited his murderous friend and dictator, Kim Jong Un, to reinforce the infantile insult he aimed at Biden’s intelligence.

Donald Trump, Nasty

That was last week, This is now. Trump is heading next to the U.K. And he has outdone himself by embarrassing America before he even got there. In an interview with a British newspaper Trump responded to a question about some critical remarks that Duchess Meghan Markle made about him in 2016. Claiming ignorance (which is believable), Trump replied “No, I didn’t know that she was nasty.”

It’s bad enough that Trump would malign an American member of British royalty in comments to the English press, but Trump only made matters worse by later denying that he ever said what he is on video saying. He really does believe that his glassy-eyed disciples will obey his edicts to ignore their own eyes and ears and listen only to what he tells them. He tweeted that…

Never mind the video evidence of his childish trash talk. Trump has his own version of reality cultivated from decades of self-delusion and narcissistic indulgence. And it’s especially comical that Trump thinks he’s entitled to an apology from the press that correctly reported precisely what he said. His behavior is completely in line with his past where his tendency to disparage women as “nasty” has been demonstrated over and over again. For instance:

Clearly Trump is comfortable characterizing strong, independent women as “nasty” just for daring to challenge his chauvinistic misogynism. That’s a sign of a pitifully weak man who is afraid of honest encounters with people who obviously have more intelligence and integrity. But just for the sake of balance, it should be noted that Trump has also cast the same insult at some of his sycophantic male suck-ups:

This is the humiliation that America is currently having to endure for the sin of allowing this cretin to get anywhere near the White House. His petulant antics would shame a twelve year old. But Trump is apparently impervious to shame. It’s that unique immunity that allows him to lie, cheat, insult, whine, and generally behave in a manner that really can only be described as pretty damn nasty.

LATE ADDITION: This is on surprise. Trump has now added House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to the list of women he says are “nasty.”

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5 thoughts on “Despite Preposterous Denials, Trump Has a History of Calling People (Particularly Women) ‘Nasty’

  1. Thank you, News Corpse, for ALL the great work you do in this horrid TRUMP era! God bless you!<3

  2. Trump is such a nasty-minded person…

  3. Nasty is what my mom called a dirty diaper. Works for me, though it’s a bit hard to say that about a mentally ill person. Which it appears this minor ape happens to be. I hope this fool doesn’t get the nation bombed to kingdom come before we kick him out of OUR white house. But I think he is going to try to stay, lest he have to face sinking into obscurity as a has-been. Get ready for an eviction. Though I’d prefer a conviction.

  4. I’d really like to know why he feels so insecure around strong women? Who coddled him as a ‘baby’, a chimpanzee? It’s imprinted his psyche, and he’s never grown out of that. Does he still throw his feces around the dining room, when unattended? Maybe he’s never met anyone smarter than him, which may explain his behavior?

  5. It’s obvious he has a massive inferiority complex..but then he’s clearly inferior in every way.

    I ran a calculation recently: based on his father giving him $500 million some 50 or so years ago, he would have been better off putting the money in a savings account, than playing in the real estate construction business…

    I’d like to see Joe Biden challenge him to a “IQ contest”: they, and whomever else who wanted to, take the standard MENSA IQ test. Let the MENSA people grade it and publicize the results…

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