IMPEACH NOW! Why Trump Cannot Be Allowed to Stay in Office Until the 2020 Election

The impeachment inquiry hearings held last week by the House Intelligence Committee revealed a case for the impeachment of Donald Trump that is – in the words of the Senior Legal Analyst at Fox News“OVERWHELMING!” Career diplomats and national security professionals provided first-hand testimony affirming Trump’s efforts to extort the president of Ukraine in order to help him smear a potential political rival.

Donald Trump

Nevertheless, Trump continues to insist that he’s done nothing wrong. And Republicans in Congress, along with Trump cultists in the press, refuse to give any ground or to acknowledge the piles of evidence against the President. In fact, in their zeal to defend Trump, they are brazenly advancing conspiracy theories concocted by Russia intended to harm the U.S.

When their reserve of talking points and slander against Trump critics run out, the Trumpian brigades resort to the pitifully weak backup argument that efforts to impeach Trump should be abandoned because there is an election next year. However, when that proposal is explored in detail it makes no sense whatsoever. So in the interest of providing a concise and logical rebuttal, what follows are three principle reasons for why it would be unthinkable to allow Trump to remain in office until the election of 2020:

REASON NUMBER 1: Cheaters Gonna Cheat
The offenses that Trump is being charged with are specifically related to his attempts to undermine a fair election. By abusing his power of the presidency in a plot to dig up dirt on Joe Biden, with the forced assistance of a foreign country, Trump has shown that he cannot be trusted to run an honest campaign. No one would play a round of golf for money with someone who has been proven to cheat at golf (as Trump has also done). And no one should expect Trump to conduct a fair campaign in 2020. What’s more, with what we know about his unsavory connections to Russia and Wikileaks, it’s clear that he cheated in 2016 as well. That’s not someone to whom you give the benefit of a doubt for an upcoming election.

Were we wait until 2020 for Trump to be voted out of office, that would not suffice as punishment. Any president who runs for reelection is subject to voters choosing someone else for the next four years. It might be due to dissatisfaction with his performance in his first term, or rejection of political policies, or even a personal dislike. Or it could be be simply because voters liked the other candidate better. But there is nothing associated with an electoral loss that can be strictly designated as punishment. However, when a president commits offenses that warrant impeachment, it is imperative that a historical record show what happened and why. Impeachment is the only way way to insure that the president is punished and that a deterrent is established for future presidents.

REASON NUMBER 3: You Can’t Trust a Con Man
The argument that we should all just a wait patiently because the next election is only a year away is an argument to be blindfolded for a year. In this context a year is quite a long time. A president inclined to breach ethical and legal standards can do a lot of damage in a year. He can issue executive orders, appoint judges and other powerful political allies, and engage in vengeful retaliation against critics. Someone under the kind of cloud that impeachment presents – particularly when it’s related to unlawful or corrupt acts – cannot be trusted to behave honorably for another twelve months in an office that they shouldn’t occupy to begin with. That time could be spent obstructing justice, maligning opponents, or just feathering his nest financially.

Those who say we should wait and let the voters decide are forgetting that the voters already decided. In 2016 they chose Hillary Clinton by a 3,000,000 vote margin. In 2018 they handed the power of the majority to Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in the House of Representatives. And all of the polling today indicates that most Americans favor impeaching Trump and removing him from office. Given that endorsement, and the reasons stated above, there really is no other path forward than impeachment. The arguments to the contrary are impotent, devoid of logic, and steeped in the cult worship of glassy-eyed disciples whose only interest is in appeasing Dear Leader.

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4 thoughts on “IMPEACH NOW! Why Trump Cannot Be Allowed to Stay in Office Until the 2020 Election

  1. And something that all of us should keep in mind: The falsely-named “Republican” Party (today, the Trump Worshiper Party) managed to get TWO “presidents” into the White House in the 21st Century, and BOTH required illegal means to obtain that office. The Minions of Dumya manipulated the vote and the ballot box. The Minions of the Tyrant required the assistance of an enemy power and the very timely release of selected documents thanks to Wikileaks and James Comey.

    Each time, the tactics used by the “Republicans” got worse — and more criminal. So, what can be worse than requiring the assistance of what the Sainted Ronnie called the “Evil Empire” to gain the office of the presidency and the total worship of those who would never have permitted any other “president” to use these tactics? We must NEVER find out if we are to remain a true Democratic Republic. Otherwise, the 2020 election will be the LAST permitted by a new Orwellian government that, having managed to reelect the Tyrant, will work to avoid having to do this ever again.

    This demonstrates once and for all that the “Republican” Party can no longer win an honest election and they KNOW it. We must therefore take all necessary steps to ensure that the “Republicans” (Tyrant Worshipers) are never permitted in a position of power ever again.

  2. I posted this a long time ago on Media Matters and a few days ago posted an edited version on Twitter (that STILL required four separate tweets). It is as true today as it was when I first posted it.

    We have now reached a point where this government can no longer function in any way, shape, or form, and it’s all due to the royally misnamed “Republican” Party. Because,
    — “Republicans” seek to impeach or remove any Democratic president whenever, no matter WHAT he or she does;
    — “Republicans” prove they don’t give a flying f*ck about our principles, our sacred honor, or WE THE PEOPLE, but claim it is unconstitutional (or whatever) to act against them;
    — “Republicans” will demand – and have demanded — the removal of ANY government official that goes against the wishes of Their Beloved God; and
    — Democrats are expected to just sit there and take this abuse, or “Republicans” will claim Democrats are disloyal, criminal, unconstitutional, tyrannical, or un-Christian. Or whatever their tiny brains come up with this week.

    And that is truly unconstitutional, but the “Republican” Party does not even TRY to give a damn anymore. The “Republican” Party again proves it is utterly unfit to hold the reins of power, and is incapable of truly acting in the best interests of WE THE PEOPLE when enemy powers grant them such power. Their only principle is to lick the butt of Their Beloved God and ensure he is named the first King or Emperor of the United States by the end of 2020, and to retain that status forever and always.

    In other words, the “Republican” Party has NO principles that can be considered “republican” or even democratic, and it MUST be REMOVED FROM ALL POWER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

    So what do we do now?

    I don’t have an answer to that question any more. Does anyone? Except to Vote Early, Vote Often, and turn this entire country BLUE. Because if the Tyrant Worshipers win in 2020, we won’t have a Democratic Republic. We will have a Satellite of Russia.

    Or perhaps Russia will become a Satellite of the American Soviet Union. Except it won’t be a Union of workers, but a Theocracy of the Almighty Drumpf. The scary thing is: this isn’t even hyperbole any more!

  3. Hey Kali! Those were both great cuz’ they are “right on the money”, so to speak!
    Anericans are so used to thinking “it can’t happen here”, but it can & it will, unless people get it thru their head that it IS happening here – right now! These times are like no other that we have known. The enemy comes from within & with much help from outside, we could become just another country that lost its freedom & democracy to Totalitarian rule!
    It is all set up in place ~ Rethugs, MSM, cult zombies, Facebook allowing Trump’s rampant lies, appointing biased judges, fatally flawed voting machines, & the kind of corruption only too many millions can buy…they didn’t forget a thing! These are evil times.
    Our 1 & only hope might be an overwhelming get out & vote of people who don’t usually bother to do so. With numbers big enuff – maybe, just maybe, their efforts at cheating could be overcome by the will of enuff people.
    Chances are slim that enuff people will see, believe the urgency & care to act, to save our democracy. But I sure hope they do see the truth & act upon it.

  4. Have we mentioned lately that F’ucker Ret@rdson is f*cking ret@rded? He seems intent on proving this will always be accurate.

    Tucker Carlson says that he’s rooting for Russia against Ukraine

    F’ucker: Why do I care? Why do I care what’s going on in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia?

    Richard Goodstein: Because – I’ll tell you why –

    F’ucker: And I’m serious. Like, why do I care? And why shouldn’t I root for Russia? Which I am.

    Dear F’ucker: You wouldn’t have said that back when the Sainted Ronnie called Russia the “Evil Empire.” In fact, you would have called anyone who DID say that a f*cking traitor.

    So, F’ucker Ret@rdson once again admitted he’s also a f*cking traitor.

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