Do Not Believe THEM! That is Trump’s Order to His Faithful Cult Followers About the Media

The messianic aspirations of Donald Trump continue to be displayed by Dear Leader on a daily basis. His reckless pronouncements of acceptable standards of obedience are made clear as he lashes out at any and all sources of criticism, particularly those that have the audacity to tell the truth about him.

Donald Trump Tyrant Dictator

In a recent tweet Trump made it clear that he opposes a common and necessary part of responsible and professional journalism. Unidentified sources are an indispensable part of collecting information that is being actively suppressed or misrepresented. They have been a factor in the uncovering of untold crimes and behavior that is improper and unethical on the part of public officials. And the information they have provided has been praised by members of both parties as well as law enforcement. But then we have Donald Trump…

This is a bizarre commandment issued by a person who is obviously consumed with anxiety and the fear of having his criminal behavior exposed. He is well aware of the criminal activities that he has engaged in and is frantic that others will learn the truths he is hiding. Consequently he has decreed that his subjects close their eyes and ears to reality and believe only what he tells them.

Notice that Trump isn’t merely suggesting that people take care to consider the veracity of what they see and hear. He is instructing them to “not believe ANY article or story you read or see that uses ‘anonymous sources.'” None of them, regardless of how accurate, well documented, and corroborated by named sources. He dictates that only stories with “an actual living name” are acceptable under his doctrine.

This is wrong on many levels. First of all, he’s not really referring to stories with “anonymous” (i.e. unknown) sources. He’s really talking about “unidentified” sources. These are sources whose identity is known to the reporters and editors, but who don’t want their identities to be made public for fear of retribution. In these cases the reporters have confirmed their credibility and suitably to provide information.

Furthermore, Trump’s assertion that “The Fake News Media makes up many ‘sources say’ stories,” is entirely unsubstantiated and as often as he has said it, he has never offered any proof. Trump just brazenly attaches this assertion to any story that he doesn’t like.

Often the unidentified sources that Trump is whining about are people in his own administration. In fact, the White House regularly holds officially, sanctioned anonymously sourced calls with reporters where they demand that the calls be attributed only to “senior administration officials.” And Trump himself routinely cites anonymous sources in his remarks to the press. He frequently prefaces his implausible comments to say that “people say…” or he asserts that “I’ve heard…” this or that nonsensical claim. He also tells stories about people without names who have come to him with ludicrous tales that coincidentally support some ridiculous position he’s taken.

A recent example includes his claim that unnamed “people” are telling him that they have to flush their toilets 10 or 15 times. Really? People who have the unique opportunity to talk to the President of the United States are telling him about their troubles in the bathroom? Setting aside that improbability, if anyone else were reporting this Trump would insist that they not be believed because the sources are not identified.

The Trump commandment that his disciples can “only accept information” under conditions that he deems fitting is just the latest demonstration that he is not leading a political party, but a cult. And as the cult leader, the only truths are those he deems acceptable. But what’s most frightening about this is that there are people who subscribe to this madness. And if Trump tells them not to believe any stories with anonymous sources, they will obey – unless they are his stories.

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5 thoughts on “Do Not Believe THEM! That is Trump’s Order to His Faithful Cult Followers About the Media

  1. Trump knows that he says things like
    ” (alot of) people are saying”, “people are asking me”, & for his biggest lies, “Everyone is saying” — Trump knows that he’s full of crap when he uses those phrases to tell his lies & his cult laps it all up. He doesn’t name names cuz’ he is lying thru his teeth. He knows that isn’t the case with mass media tho. (Far right web & radio sites are like him & do it to sound like something is a fact, when it isn’t at all.)
    Now, the days of Trumptitude & Trumpublicans, we have all seen how nasty & vengeful the bully Trump & cohorts are when anyone dares speak the ugly truth about Trump’s Regime of liars & thugs! So, of course, his aides & such are afraid to have their name used when telling anyone what they see/know, but it’s bad enuff that public needs to know of it. People who have spoken the truth about Trump doings in WH have gotten death threats cuz’ Trump got mad that truth being told & he threatens people!
    We have NEVER had a president that’s this bad of a person — mean, vile, a thug, tax cheat, threatening, liar & cowardly, big mouth bully! Used to be that someone such a horrible human being, wouldn’t have been elected in 1st place! Before cult zombies & social media hacks & lies — before voters of 1 Party went braindead & back when their Party heads gave them choices of who to vote for. Not anymore!
    When history books write about the death of American democracy & the coup that made the U.S. into Authoritarian Rule, by & for only those with the most money, billionaires & such… history will record that it was 1 Party who did the evil deeds & voters of same 1 Party who put them in office & refused to believe the facts & truth that was SO OBVIOUS, & just did whatever the liar told them to do. 1 entire Party of Republicans who let themselves be tricked, played for fools & lied to by their Party & it’s biggest asshole liar! And that, is how the USA gave up its morals, rights & freedoms, to become a loser dictatorship. And history is recording how that 1 Party, with help of MSM & big help from Facebook, brought down the US of America!
    Too bad the rest of us must suffer with results of that stupidity — indeed, the whole world will suffer too.

  2. We’ve seen a video of sean hannity which is about a dozen clips of him saying, “Some people say…” and ” Some say…. “, along with another fakes news (female) anchor saying, “You hear all these stories about….” over and over. So, in this one, single case, maybe we actually should listen to trump’s advice?

    • If watching FauxNews, that’s always good advice, as it is when Trump says those phrases ~ just like on FauxNews,,, means nothing at all. Means opposite of what they say.
      But, at this time, if NOT coming from the liars squad & huuuge liar on top, then no.
      Trump says not to believe ANYTHING because he knows that he is dirty as sin +! And that he has done so many more impeachable offenses that might also get mentioned on news, he has to be afraid cult may hear it & IF any thought for themselves, could see the truth about Trump. Let’s face it — no one in their right mind, no matter if you like the guy, no thinking person would vote to put him back in office if they know even half of things he has done! Trump must keep his voters deaf & dumb. How he keeps his Party of Congress in line to sell out Our Country for him, that I don’t know. They should ALL be removed, A.S.A.P.

  3. “The Fake News Media makes up many “sources say” stories. ” that like the situation when trump-the-fraud prefaces one of his “gems of wisdom” with “Many people are saying…”?

  4. The same crew that was pushing the bogus story about the Clinton Foundation being a bribery conduit is currently working on the fake Biden/Ukraine corruption story. Both have been stoked by Fox News coverage and both were bought hook,line and sinker by the Republican faithful who want this stuff to be true and are willing to accept any lie that proves the case.

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