Senior White House Official: ‘I’ve Never Been More Ashamed, I’m Sick to My Stomach’

On Monday afternoon Donald Trump took another step toward his aspirational goal of imposing fascism on America. He began by ordering that peaceful protesters be tear gassed and shot with rubber bullets so that he could have a photo-op in front a church that he wouldn’t bother to enter. It was a grotesque sight and an insult to everything that America stands for. But that was just for starters.

Donald Trump, White House

Following the sweep by police and National Guard soldiers, Trump marched across the street from the White House and stood in front of St. John’s Episcopal Church for a couple of minutes. He held a bible up as if it were burning his tiny hands. He never entered the church, nor said a word. Then he marched back across the street to the safety of White House bunker.

Prior to that cheesy photo-op, Trump delivered a statement (here if you can stomach it) that could have been transcribed from speeches by his Third Reich heroes. It was littered with phony expressions of machismo as he advocated deploying the military against American citizens. He cited the Insurrection Act of 1807 to justify his blueprint for brutality. And he maligned the nation’s governors who were principled enough to ignore his addled rants.

The American people are repulsed by this antagonistic grandstanding. Most polls already show that Trump’s approval rating is in decline and that he is losing to Joe Biden by double digits. But there is also some opposition within the Trump camp that is bubbling to the surface. As reported by Axios

“One senior aide was exuberantly telling friends the photograph of him holding a Bible in front of the church that had been attacked by vandals was an ‘iconic’ moment for the president. But a senior White House official told Axios that when they saw the tear gas clearing the crowd for Trump to walk to the church with his entourage: ‘I’ve never been more ashamed. I’m really honestly disgusted. I’m sick to my stomach. And they’re all celebrating it. They’re very very proud of themselves.'”

The majority of the American people can surely relate to that sentiment. However, it’s not enough for this insider to whimper about being sickened under the cover of anonymity. This person should come forward immediately and publicly and resign from the White House staff. Otherwise it is just another enabler who is too cowardly, or addicted to power and privilege, to act with integrity and decency.

On Tuesday Joe Biden delivered a speech on the same subject (video below). The contrast between the two is like night and – the supernova of the sun. Biden spoke compassionately about the need to address the systemic racism and injustice that resulted in the murder of George Floyd and many others. And he offered actual solutions, rather than just bellicose babbling and allusions to tyrannical strong-arm tactics.

It is long past time for any Republican who is uncomfortable with Trump’s toxic animosity, ignorance, incompetence, and even deliberate malfeasance, to step up and condemn him. Trump’s malice can no longer be dismissed as quirks of a diseased character, or lack thereof. He is an imminent danger to the nation and the world. And anyone who doesn’t forthrightly denounce him is complicit with immorality, corruption, and crimes against humanity.

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20 thoughts on “Senior White House Official: ‘I’ve Never Been More Ashamed, I’m Sick to My Stomach’

  1. I don’t know when there was a sadder time or lower point in American history! The sight of Trump makes me physically ill! When we finally rid ourselves of him it will be the happiest day of my life!

    • But you’re not ashamed of people looting and stealing, and destroying property. But because he holds the Bible that makes you sick. No you make me sick.

      • He held the Bible upside down, and backwards. He had to get it from his Jewish daughter’s purse. Why didn’t he carry it himself?

        • Upside down & backwards….hmmm.
          Funny thing about actually evil things is they can’t stand to have anything related to God used in proper way/form. Hence, cross is always shown upside down, if at all.
          Or, could just be that the idiot-in-chief is SO stupid that even after checking it can’t tell he’s holding it all wrong. After all, not a book he has ever looked at before!
          Evangelicals should be so very ashamed! The fact that they aren’t may be fulfilling yet another prophecy of the “end times” we’re in.

      • Life is more valuable. In a capitalist society looting is the purest form of protest. Not bothered at all by any property loss.

  2. When & IF!
    He is setting the stage now for an Authoritarian takeover, & not peaceful kind! IMHO.
    Using the facist playbook of his heroes… those of us who always wondered how Hitler, Putin & the like could just ‘take over’ a country w/o people fighting back, are about to find out.
    There are truly EVIL people at work behind the scenes & pulling the Trump-puppet’s strings ~ more like pushing his buttons ~ so EZ to manipulate a narcissist!
    By seeding the protests with disruptive, violence prone followers ~ after yrs spent fanning flames of hatred, unrest & “us v. them” mentality to prevent nation uniting in crisis. Plus, there are now 40+ million Americans out of work, broke, desperate, tired of gov’t that ignores them, inequality, racism, police shootings, corruption, greed & abuse of working class ~ that disgust & unrest is what he ran on in 2016 & fooled millions of disenfranchised ppl. The American ppl have been “groomed”, primed for this. The pandemic & his pitiful mishandling of it all, dooming him at the polls, but evil can turn anything to their advantage.
    Evil never gives up quest for power, has no boundaries of decency, no lines it will not cross & no shortage of people it can control by blinding them to the truth.
    Trump, Pompeo, Kushner, Cheney, Rove, Stephen Miller, Barr, McConnell & others, will NOT give-up on their plans & go away! “In it to win it”, no matter how many of us die in the process. They don’t care! Sadly, too many ppl refuse to see or believe what’s happening, or that it’s even possible here. But oh, it sure is!

    Like layin’ bricks for a patio; just need a few more… Using Covid-19 & aftermath + police racism, brutality + people’s anger + protests; frustration + fear of ‘violent protests’, looting, etc. ~ all perfect catalyst for use/abuse of military, curfews, clamp-downs, curtailing of rights… & authoritarian takeover. MSM & FauxNews will amplify & broadcast the self-destruction of USA to the nation & the world.
    Trump has alienated our allies & emboldened adversaries, so none will come to our rescue.
    By calling on his minions to disrupt peaceful, legal protests with violence, looting & chaos, FEAR is planted & use of violence by armed forces justified… amplified by media… anger & chaos, feeds on itself… Crushing people, our freedoms, & any hope of positive change, or being heard. The minds of regular Americans, police & military, purposefully turned against peaceful protesters, those fighting for justice.
    Playing on public fears & further dividing the nation, curfews & lockdowns will be called “necessary” & accepted by mainstream America ~ sheeple being led to slaughter. Many leaders who should know better will be part of it; be manipulated.
    The prize? No elections Nov. 3rd that remove Mr. Trump & the installment of Authoritarian Rule. The dictatorship the Trump Regime has been working towards all along will be theirs. Anyone speaking out, considered a threat to new rule of law in US, will be rounded-up & persecuted. It’s all happened before, “elsewhere” ~ in foreign lands, to foreign people. We thought it could never happen here… which is exactly how it can, indeed, happen here, in the USofA.

    “United we stand. Divided we fall.”

    The painful demise of Democracy.
    By the time most people realize it…will be too late.
    “Game over.”

    I hope to God I’m proven wrong & we stop it from happening. But, I doubt that we, as a nation, will come together & fight for America & the freedoms we now take for granted.

    • Everyone needs to vote this November. Vote the pretendent out of office. People must vote no matter how inconvenient is is for them. No excuses.

    • Unbelievable, isn’t it? Thank You for your well written and, unfortunately, true account.

    • Very Powerful & unfortunately Very True. Hope you don’t mind, but can I paste & copy this for myself?

      • I also believe that his ‘fence’ & barriers were installed because he knows he’s going to lose & those are there as a sort of fortress so no one can remove him.

        • Ooohh… Good point & sounds like reason for him to have barriers put up. So, will they be up for rest of his term? He is so stupid & chicken-shit little bully, that it makes sense that’s why he’d have such major barriers installed!
          And here I thought it was just his usual, “overkill for no reason” response.

      • Thanks so much.

        I would request that if you want to post this somewhere, please only copy a couple of paragraphs, then link to the full article. If you just want to have a copy for yourself, go ahead. Thanks again.

  3. 100% agreed!
    NO excuses!
    (Vote by mail IS BEST WAY, but just VOTE!)

    • Exactly! And 1 of the warnings (ways we would know…) is that the anti-Christ would trick many people, including wise & learned men of the church, who would fall under his spell & worship him.

  4. What a disgrace this POTUS is! He needs to be stopped immediately! I promise you if WE don’t do something to remove him right away we are as good as dead! Mark my words when he LOSES in November which he will what allot people don’t realize is he still has the power until January. I guarantee he will throw the biggest temper tantrum of all time which is hard to believe but I could see him bombing another Country the day before he leaves and WE will be left with the consequences. I’m telling you that he will not go quietly and it’s going to end up being our nightmare to fix just like what he’s doing now only worse! PLEASE somebody has to help us have him deemed incompetent and removed from the White House NOW! He doesn’t care about us one bit! He doesn’t care about the Covid-19 Virus, He doesn’t care about Unemployment, He doesn’t care about George Floyd, He doesn’t care about peaceful Protesters, He doesn’t care about the American people or American Lives! Trump must go before there’s no turning back and it’s too late!!!!!

    • I agree with yiu!
      He does not care about this country, the people living here, or what he’s done to the economy – other than as it relates to his re-election, & he does not care what shape he leaves this country in!

      Should he lose (meaning GOP cheats aren’t enuff to steal it) in Nov., there’s 2.5mos. left until physically leaves WH. That’s too much time for vindictive, nasty little man like the Trump-Chump to do alot of serious damage! I think we all know that he will do all he can in his petty little brat child anger/rage to harm America & all of us, but also to leave big problems for new prez! He will do something “unprecedented” – as in, very bad! Plus, he & staff will be super busy shredding & destroying documents & recordings, since Trump NEVER felt the American people had any right to see documents, or to know what he was doing, while he worked for us! He will destroy it all. Not legally allowed to…but he doesn’t care about laws. Never has.
      GOP said laws don’t apply to him anyway…!
      And, cuz’ he has acted as if everything belongs to him anyway & knows GOP will back him up all the way, I suggest we count the silver & check all his belongings on his way out!! No doubt, he will have helped himself to a few items that he & maybe Ivanka really like. He will assume that he can take them as a “gift” from all of us to him!
      The destruction of USA in every way is a “gift” that will keep on giving long after his stench has finally cleared out! We can’t wait for Nov 3rd! There is no telling what such a sick & mentally disturbed man will do to stay in office!?!
      He has NO LIMITS!!
      He is his people are THE WORST thing to happen to this country in well…forever!
      They will take revenge in every way they can if lose on Nov. 3rd! Barr is just as bad as Trump ~ they all are!
      After Nov. 3rd — we need special security force at WH, babysitting that bunch of assh*les — keeping an eye on everything they do until are escorted O-U-T!!!

      • I agree. What’s about to happen could be made into a movie.

  5. It happened when a Protestant church, in Florida 2016, gave him a standing ovation, in church on Christmas Day when he walked in. It was in fact Christ’s Day of Birth, yet a Golden Ass was worshiped by them. That had to happen, in order for the anti-Christ to arrive. Look back at the last 3 and 1/2 years. Ask yourself what did Christ warn about?

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