Trump Tries to Demonize the Protesters Supported By 73% of the American People

The most consistent principle of Donald Trump’s public relations game plan (if you can call it a plan), is to flagrantly distort reality (aka lie) in order to shape it into a form that doesn’t frighten him. For instance, he insists that thousands more people attend his cult rallies than the venues can actually hold. He claims to have built hundreds of miles of walls along the southern border where there has been no new wall built at all. He boasts about being the best thing that ever happened to African-Americans. He celebrates his “progress” with the coronavirus despite more than 107,000 deaths due to his negligence and incompetence.

Trump Fear

Trump will lie about all things great and small, no matter how easily the truth can be validated proving his obvious dishonesty. These are lies rooted in fear of being seen for the fool that most people know he is. On Wednesday Trump posted a tweet that is emblematic of that behavior in the worst possible way:

This tweet begins by chastising the media (specifically his longtime nemises, CNN and MSNBC) for allegedly supporting a frightful array of evildoers who Trump asserts the media lavished with praise. Needless to say, that never occurred, and Trump doesn’t provide any evidence of his vile assertion. All the media did was to accurately report that those committing acts of violence or vandalism were in the minority, and that the vast majority of protesters were peaceful and devoted to positive change. Trump doesn’t want to hear that because it conflicts with his paranoid vision of a dystopian society where villains have taken control of the streets and his enemies are coming after him from every direction

What’s more, Trump is disgustingly maligning the honest, concerned Americans who are protesting real injustices as “killers, terrorists, arsonists, anarchists, thugs, hoodlums, looters, ANTIFA & others.” It’s a nauseating mischaracterization done purposefully to dehumanize good citizens for whom Trump has a deep seated, personal animosity. Notice that he doesn’t allow even a hint of any appreciation for the majority of people who are lawfully expressing their entirely justified anxiety with regard to systemic racism. Trump’s loaded rhetoric that accuses these protesters of being murderers and terrorists is way beyond the pale. And his invention of an Anti-fa(scist) organization is just another figment of his diseased imagination.

All of this is being done out of pure desperation on Trump’s part. He recognizes (or more likely has been told) that his approval ratings are in the sewer. Every poll shows that he is losing to Joe Biden nationally, as well as in most of the swing states. So he has embarked on a campaign of image restoration in order to plug his leaking ship of state. It’s what produced the travesty on Tuesday when he had protesters tear gassed in order to clear his way to a faux-religious photo-op that even some on his own staff found stomach churning.

What makes Trump’s PR plan all the more inept is that he is bucking popular opinion. A new poll by Reuters/Ipsos finds that…

“Three-quarters of Americans report they support the peaceful protests and demonstrations as a response to George Floyd’s death (73%). A majority of Democrats (86%) and Republicans (59%) report supporting the peaceful demonstrations.”

Also revealed in this survey is that those who strongly support the protests (43%) far exceed those who strongly oppose them (12%%). And that “Four in five Americans (82%) report that peaceful protests are an appropriate response to the killing of an unarmed man by police.” And that “Just 33% of Americans approve of how Donald Trump is handling the protests.”

In short, Trump is wrong the wrong side of the American people on everything. Yet, in his delusional stupor, he is still cranking out all-caps tweets shouting about some make-believe “SILENT MAJORITY” that he imagines is on his side. And this is how he thinks he will improve his standing in the polls and his prospects for reelection? Sure. Good luck with that, Bunker Boy.

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6 thoughts on “Trump Tries to Demonize the Protesters Supported By 73% of the American People

  1. Then we have KayLies McInane-y….

    The First Amendment doesn’t give you the right to riot

    It doesn’t give the right to loot
    It doesn’t give the right to burn buildings down
    It doesn’t give the right to deface property
    It doesn’t give the right to assault

    The First Amendment gives the right to peaceably assemble

    Just remember, everyone, Tyrant Donnie’s minions do everything they can to DENY this right to anyone that will never worship Their Beloved God — whether by releasing tear gas on peaceful protesters or by ordering any media that don’t treat him with mindless worship to be DESTROYED!

  2. WTF!?!! (El presidente es el pollo grande loco!)
    “…killers, terrorists, arsonists, anarchists, thugs, hoodlums, looters, ANTIFA & others.”
    ~ What protests was HE watching? Must have OANN down in his “big baby bunker”. That lying asswipe POS…”Argghhh!”
    (breeeathe, Sunny)
    OK. The only word I DON’T SEE in there is ‘protesters’ ~ the 1 thing they really ARE! He actually describes the police & such that HE sent out there to terrorize, assault & violently run-off the perfectly peaceful & legal protesters! Oh & ran-off couple of priests + church members working at the church too! Real nice of him. And why? For a photo op more fake than his orange face make-up! He couldn’t tell which was front of Bible that he borrowed from someone on the fly. He just wanted to stride across & LOOK tough, after world saw him hide down in baby’s bunker with WH lights off cuz’ “paranoia prez” got scarededed.
    So fake & so STUPID!
    I doubt that God was impressed either. Would’ve been great time for a bolt of lightening from clear skies to strike hand holding up Bible! Am disappointed chance wasted.
    Would have been hilarious to see that & Trump’s reaction to it! Would have been repeated on all news, over & over…making believers very happy + picked up a few new ones too, I bet!
    LMAO at image in my head of that!

  3. The only demons here are the so called protesters who are not at all protesters. They are criminals.

    • Wrong.
      1st Amendment of Constitution provides us the right to peaceably assemble to redress gov’t. In fact, because we elect our gov’t, it is our duty to speak out, protest actions of our leaders when it does things that are wrong.
      They felt it was so important, that they put it in #1 of our Bill Of Rights. Right before #2 ~ you know that one, the right to own guns.
      The ‘enemy’ is Tyranny & the catalyst is too many people of color dying at hands of police, for little things that are NOT felonious, nor death sentence! The protesters are NOT the problem here, not for patriotic Americans!
      (I’ll bet you didn’t have ANY problem with Trump’s rallies !? Large groups of angry ppl listening to self-serving lies & hate-filled rhetoric…yelling things like, “Lock her up”. That’s ok tho, right?)
      The only criminal elements of protests were few ‘outsiders’ who vandalized, started fires, etc. & weren’t there for the protest, just troublemakers!
      Oh! And of course, other criminal act/acts were done BY the gov’t, at Trump’s orders & those were in VIOLATION, not support, of our Constitution!

      ~ Thomas Jefferson

  4. I read the one list of protests against 45 (may his given name never cross my lips) and think “after all that, he still owns us.” Guess we have to work harder. And sniff out the ppl supporting him w/ money and the law making. On that last we can start with McConnell and work our way around the halls of congress. ….And the state houses….
    My county just got another big bribe from the govt that should bring back to his side of the ballot any of the people in my county who might be wandering or wondering and considering voting for a real president, instead of a wannabe Hitler.

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