Sarah Palin: An Excruciating Combination Of Bombast And Whining

Sarah PalinThe upcoming Sarah Palin crockumentary, hilariously titled The Undefeated, has been screening before selected audiences. The reaction hasn’t been particularly encouraging. For the most part conservatives are swooning over its unabashedly reverential treatment of the former half-term governor and defeated VP candidate, while liberals note the historical revisionism that excises all of her missteps and muddle-headedness.

The most surprising critique comes from an unlikely source. Kyle Smith is the film critic for the New York Post. The Post is not only a notoriously right-wing, tabloid rag, it is also owned by Rupert Murdoch, the same person who employs Sarah Palin at his Fox News Channel. So here is what is being said about the movie from its friendliest faction:

“Its tone is an excruciating combination of bombast and whining, it’s so outlandishly partisan that it makes Richard Nixon look like Abraham Lincoln and its febrile rush of images – not excluding earthquakes, car wrecks, volcanic eruption and attacking Rottweilers – reminded me of the brainwash movie Alex is forced to sit through in ‘A Clockwork Orange.’ Except no one came along to refresh my pupils with eyedrops.”

In other words, the movie is a painstakingly accurate representation of its subject. It will be premiering in Iowa next month, followed by New Hampshire and other early primary states. And Fox News still keeps Palin on the air as if she were not campaigning. The producers hope to launch a limited release in mostly red states later in the year. Expect it to achieve success similar to that of the Tea Party-promoted Atlas Shrugged. Which is to say that it will fail miserably. And like Atlas Shrugged, the free market-loving, Randian, Tea Partiers will blame everything but the film’s shoddy production and tedious, predictability for its failure.

The prospects for this project are conspicuously weak. Despite the Pavlovian frenzy on the part of the media, Palin is actually a marginal figure with approval ratings in the twenties. That is not the sort of product that fills seats in theaters. Her books have sold successively worse, and her TLC cable show lost viewers just about every week it was on the air. So where is the audience for this outside of the waning Palin Appreciation Society?

The one potentially positive outcome of this film is that, after it bombs, perhaps the media will grasp that Palin is nothing more than a political pet rock – a gag gift that does not deserve the attention that is showered on her. And since she hates the press so much, and refuses to interact with it, maybe they will stop following her around like lost puppies.


10 thoughts on “Sarah Palin: An Excruciating Combination Of Bombast And Whining

  1. It would be refreshing if the MSM would just stop following her around. The sooner they do that she will be a nothing.

  2. I don’t understand her strategy.
    She has to know this stunt will only fly with the fringe of the party or her die hard followers,and will make her look even more like an attention grabbing fool to everybody else…
    “The Undefeated”…really?How did they figure that?
    I don’t get it.Is she too stupid to realize it?
    How many half Governors get their own movie?Being a reality star or a “contributor” on Fixed News makes her a hero?…Wtf?
    I mean the woman rents a bus with the Constitution painted on it,alerts the media to make sure they follow her but doesn’t want to talk to anyone but FNC and doesn’t wanna give her itinerary,making sure everybody has to chase her around,and all that for a “vacation”?Bitch is crazy no?
    She must be deluded.Delusions of Grandeur or something.

    • Just like Newt, it’s all about the videos and books and speaking tours she can make her money on. What else does she really have since she quit her job as governor to go off and make money. She left her town in debt and the state in debt. This movie that is coming out is nothing but a puff piece. Like Judge Judy says “Beauty fades but dumb is forever”. That is quitter Palin. She has nothing going for her. She is a bullshitter. She is a millionaire elitist making money of the poor sapps the buy her story and just like Newt when the people who worked for him realized it was all about raising money and not really running it will be the same for the quitter.

      • Exactly. I wish she were running but I’d bet that she isn’t. Too bad. But we still have Bachmann, Cain, Paul, Santorum, and the rest for our comic relief.

  3. I saw a Palin clip from her bus tour, when she was in Boston brandishing her history knowledge. Her Paul Revere commentary was absolutely appalling and sickening. My 11 year old grandaughter did a history project with her 5th grade class on Presidents and First Ladies recently and Palins’s take on history reminded me of that. Beyond a cursory bio and what they have been told the kids didn’t know a lot of history but they are in 5th grade and understand things at that level. Palin on the other hand is an adult and considered by many republicans to be a viable candidate for POTUS, and she sounds like a total dumb-ass. I literally find it difficult to listen to her for more than 30 seconds. As she exposes herself more I blieve the great majority of people will find her as tedious as I do. Remember this is the person Rush Limbaugh has called the most articulate republican out there. He must have taken an extra heavy dose of oxycontin that day!

    • When I saw her mangle the Paul Revere story I thought that her ignorance was only the second worst part of that performance. The way she spoke about Revere “goin out and protectin our liberty and guns with all the bell ringin and shootin those warning shots and all,” I thought she sounded like a six year old. How can anyone take her seriously? She’s downright embarrassing.

      • She looked absolutely pathetic when she made those comments. Unfortuneatley, for her and the rest of us who watch this idiot(which is not often in my case-30second rule), that is typical Palin. She makes comments and sounds like this all the time. I can’t understand why she is not a total turn-off to anyone with an IQ above 90. I totally understand why she will not talk to anyone in msm they might ask her a real question. Even in the safe cocoon of Fox not News her idiocy is glaring.

  4. “Pet Rock.” “Gag gift.” I salute you, and bow down to your superior blogging gifts. I’m not worthy! Bravo!

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