Deranged Trump Slams Facebook Over ‘Phony Lockboxes’ Full of Biden Votes

Sunday marked five months since the Trump Insurrection on Capitol Hill. The riots incited by the twice-impeached, former reality TV game show host were triggered by his relentless harping on the “Big Lie” that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from him. And he’s not only still doing it, he’s getting worse.

Donald Trump Angry

On Monday morning Trump visited the Fox Business Network to chat with one of his most sycophantic supporters in the Fox News world, Stuart Varney (video below). The discussion rambled into the recent announcement by Facebook that Trump’s account would be suspended for two years due to his repeated postings of inflammatory lies and disinformation. That, of course, was seen as censorship by Trump, whose reaction was typically overblown. Varney was sympathetic asking…

Varney: Why do you think they’re doing this?
Trump: Because my voice is very strong. My voice is very powerful. I got 75 million votes, which is more than any sitting president ever got. I won the election but they cheated. And by the way, Facebook and Zuckerberg with $500 million worth of phony lockboxes that he put on. some of them had 96% Biden votes. 96%. They were like just dumping ballots, it was a phony deal. And let’s see how that all turns out. But there’s a lot of litigation coming. And what they did was a disgrace.

Trump left out that his voice is dishonest and dangerous. He also continues to brag about getting 75 million votes (actually it was closer to 74 million), which was seven million fewer votes than President Joe Biden, the guy who beat him. And once again, Trump repeats the “Big Lie” that “I won the election but they cheated.” He has still never been able to provide any evidence of voting irregularities, and has lost more than sixty court cases trying to do so.

Perhaps the most bizarre allegations in this ass-kissing “interview” were Trump’s charges that Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg bought “$500 million worth of phony lockboxes” that contained a whopping 96% vote tally for Biden. As usual, Trump offered no proof for this assertion, and Varney didn’t ask for any.

What Trump was likely referring to was a report that Zuckerberg had donated $350 million (not Trump’s inflated figure of $500 million) to a non-profit group that provided grants to municipalities to help them manage their election processes. The organization was non-partisan awarded grants without regard to any political affiliation. According to American Public Media’s investigative journalism arm APM Reports

“After Congress failed to aid local election offices, a nonprofit provided critical funds — including $350 million from Mark Zuckerberg — that paid for staff, ballot-scanning machines, protective gear, and rental space that helped the presidential election run surprisingly smoothly.”

However, right from the start Trump and his confederates tried to malign the group and their grants:

“In the weeks since the election, allies of President Trump have included the Center for Tech and Civic Life grants in their voter fraud conspiracy theories. They have challenged the legality and neutrality of the grants, claiming that the funding was aimed at boosting Democratic turnout. But an APM Reports analysis of voter registration and voter turnout in three of the five key swing states shows the grant funding had no clear impact on who turned out to vote.” […]

“Trump allies filed similar litigation in at least nine states to stop the grant funding. And in every instance, the judges rejected the claims.”

Trump closed his bonkers rant by lashing out Facebook – or Biden or Democrats or aliens – it’s actually hard to tell. He babbled that…

“They are radical left crazy people and they are destroying our country. And they don’t want to hear a sane voice. And you know I was one of the top by far on Twitter, and Zuckerberg said top on Facebook. […] They’re a disgrace to our country. They don’t have free speech. We don’t have free speech anymore.”

Talk about projection. There has never been a more radical, crazy, insane voice in American politics than Trump. He has always been a disgrace to the country. And his asinine assertion that “We don’t have free speech anymore,” that he’s making during an appearance on a national cable TV network, is further evidence of his cognitive decline.

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6 thoughts on “Deranged Trump Slams Facebook Over ‘Phony Lockboxes’ Full of Biden Votes

  1. Oooh, someone getting careless there…Maybe Varney was smart not to push back since TrumpetArse in his infinite wisdom (NOT) has launched some VERY heavy duty accusations about Zuckerberg there. Well, I await the next chapter with great interest…

  2. Wow! The conspiracy to cheat donnie of the presidency just keeps growing! We know hundreds of thousand of citizens, election officials and others from both parties, the voting machine and software companies, many Republican (and of course all the Democrat) Congress persons, Venezuela, Ukraine, and China, were in on it. Now, even social media like Facebook are guilty! 😉 Who else will be implicated next by donnie? Who else is left? Wait, wait, I know! It has to be … God Herself!!!!

    • God Herself !!! Love this. ??? He hasn’t quite got around to Twitter being ‘involved’….Not to mention the fabulous flip of blatting all this out and winding it up with ‘We don’t have free speech’! HIS seems to be free and rambling around out there! ???

  3. Plenty of free speech ~ how else can Trump & his GOP cohorts continue repeating & spreading “The Big Lie” that election was “stolen” from him?!
    I really wish “Pinocchio Syndrome” was real & that everytime they lied, their nose would grow a little longer!
    Can you imagine how long Trump’s & GOP’s noses would be by now?!? They’d be poking people’s eyes out! Never fit their noses in a limo – have to ride backward in back of a truck, with red flag tied on end of it! Hell, their noses would need its own zip code!
    Trump’s 30,000++ lies… his nose could be used for a bridge & we could walk over to Hawaii from CA. Cool!

    • Well, at least he could then truthfully boast about SOMETHING being big!

  4. Why hasn’t Trump met the same fate with a Sirhan Sirhan or Lee Harvey Oswald takedown?I am willing to contribute to that!

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